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What If You No Longer Feel Physical Sensation And Pleasure?

What If You No Longer Feel Physical Sensation And Pleasure?

This is just a quick one today for my lovers struggling to achieve climax. This can happen to clitoris and penis owners and comes from age-related degeneration. Read on to learn about a loss of sexual sensation.

One of the most common issues is insulin dysregulation, Type 2 diabetes neuropathy, or medications that have impacted the nervous system, such as antidepressants and anxiolytics that a person struggles to orgasm.


I’ve recommended regenerating the tissue of the penis/clitoris with GAINSWave/FemiWave treatments and adding a PShot/O Shot as an accelerator. The low-cost option is a penis or vulva pump. And for those not near a GAINSWave/FemiWave center, the Phoenix Black and VFit Gold are at-home genital tissue regenerative therapy devices. And of course, the minimum baseline you can do is take a nitric oxide booster like our FLOW made from organic fruit and vegetables.

Now I have something new for you to try. If you do this treatment, report back to me how it goes. It’s the use of Peptide therapy to regenerate new nervous system tissue.

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Peptides are already inside you. Peptide therapy gives you more of what your body needs to perform specific functions like repairing nervous system tissue. You can take particular peptides to increase NGF, a nerve growth factor. 

“The simplest explanation for what a peptide is may be expressed in terms of levels. At the base level, we have free-form amino acids such as methionine and lysine. When you combine amino acids in a chain, you end up with a peptide, which would be the next level of development. 

When you chain together peptides, you end up with a protein, the next level of development. Proteins, as such, are typically large molecules that have particular functions. 

While somewhat specific in their function and being smaller structures, peptides exhibit many activities depending upon the need. For example, Thymic peptides appear to affect most systems within the body, not just immune function. Some are derived from plant and animal extracts, though my understanding is many are manufactured via 3d printing technology.” — Tom Meyers, Santa Fe Soul Regenerative Healing Center.


Cerebrolysin supports BDNF, GDNF, NGF, and CNTF and has been used to help people with Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), and stroke are currently approved in Europe.

If your genital neuropathy is due to inflammation from insulin issues, some peptides can help with insulin regulation, such as Semaglutide, AOD-9604, and MOT-C

And if you want to try a peptide for arousal and engorgement, PT-141 or Bremelanotide is a peptide that gives some men erections where nothing else, including TriMix, works. It’s equally effective for helping women feel aroused. This peptide has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for women with hypoactive desire disorder — women who want sex but don’t. The branded products are Vyleesi and Addi.

Many couples take PT-141 as a torque (soft lozenge) combined with oxytocin for closeness and Cialis for an engorgement boost.

There are peptides for hair growth, skin and wound healing and anti-aging, weight loss, muscle gain, exercise recovery, brain repair, and health and sleep support.

It’s a burgeoning new field worth exploring if you can’t achieve climax and want to try fixing the root problem.

You usually need a functional medicine doctor to order these formulations from a compounding pharmacy. It’s not complicated. Try it.

You’ll have to visit your doctor or local health professional to learn about Peptide therapy. Here are the links if you want to try out some of my previous recommendations. 

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