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“He decided to grow his huge penis even bigger.” Help! [Mailbag]

Grow bigger penis like a banana

Here’s a question from a fan whose partner wants to keep growing his penis larger with

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I didn’t have the heart to tell her about the new

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that accelerates the length that you get with The Whopper.

Or the

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, another penis enlargement amplifier…

Let me know what you think of my answer.

“Hi, Susan,

I love your videos, and I’m trying to understand men’s penis enlargement mentality.

My fiancé started using a penis pump a few months ago, even though he is more than significant to me. 

It took me some time to adjust to his size when we first started dating. Now I am trying to accommodate even more. 

I guess that’s something he wants, even though I don’t understand why. Why does a guy want to grow an already huge penis even bigger? 

How would you approach this situation? What would I say to ask him to stop pumping it? Thank you!

— Little Cowgirl”


Dear Lil’ Cowgirl,

Some men love women with giant boobs; others are enthralled by having an enormous penis. Often the guys most well-endowed want to be even bigger.

Are there any specific reasons why you want him to stop? Adjusting to a larger penis happens quickly over time as he grows. The vagina is a super stretchy muscle big enough to fit a baby’s head through. So as long as you are warmed up, engorged, and have healthy vaginal tissue, you should be able to accommodate his girth.

Have you considered starting an Expanded Orgasm practice with him? The manual strokes on your clitoris will get you aroused and turned on so that it’s easy to slide him in and feel so good.

And if his length feels too long over time, I recommend these

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, so he can’t poke you too deeply.

That being said, having his penis stroke you deeply near your cervix can give you cervical orgasms that feel incredible. Take it slow, and don’t be afraid. You are in for some tremendous orgasmic ecstasy.

People do all sorts of body manipulation — piercings, tattoos, breast enlargement, plastic surgery, labiaplasty — penis enlargement is a healthy designer body pursuit that will keep his penis working well as he ages. I don’t see any downsides unless you feel it’s bordering on body dysmorphia.
I’d support him in his desire to have a sea monster in his pants unless it’s physically uncomfortable. This is “his thing.” Pumping for enlargement makes him happy. And appreciating his growth and worshiping his penis will make him very happy. Here is a video on Penis Praise you might enjoy, along with my book, Dirty Talk, with new ways of telling him how gorgeous his cock is.

As someone who’s always working on perfecting a healthy body, I have a lot of heart for guys who want a giant penis.

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  1. Great response Susan. I’m right in sync with this lady’s man. Enlargement is a sexual turn on for us extra endowed men. The larger the better. When I started dating my GF 10 months ago she said it was too big especially girth. (she said it looked like an elephant’s trunk) With patience, practice, and a lot of lube, she now is enjoying every inch of it. She still can’t take all of me in certain positions but has multiple orgasms. After months of practice we are finally at simultaneous orgasm bliss! Your advice has been invaluable and good work helping us meet the challenge.

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