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5 Ways To Lower Inflammation, Avoid Chronic Disease 

I’m still interviewing experts for the GAINSWave Men’s Optimization Summit. I’ve talked to over 30 health gurus. I wanted to write up this great advice I discussed today for you because it’s as applicable to women as it is to men for longevity. 

These are genuine pearls of wisdom from my interview with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, author of You Can Fix Your Brain, The Autoimmune Fix, The Gluten Summit, and Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution. 

What kills us are chronic diseases. 14 of the top 15 are caused by inflammation. The other one is doing dumb stuff like falling off a ladder. Reducing or arresting inflammation lowers your chances of dying from a chronic disease. 

Your genetics contribute to some diseases, but you can turn down your inflammation genes by eating a rainbow of organic vegetables… as many as 50 different organic vegetables a week. 

Environmental triggers (like gluten) and toxins can be mitigated through a series of efforts, from reducing the chemicals in your home, bath, and beauty products, to the air you breathe and the water you drink.

You can fix your gut dysbiosis to eradicate SIBO and SIFO (small intestine bacterial and fungal overgrowths). When you balance the good bacteria in your microbiome, your body’s immune system works, you make hormones and neurotransmitters, and your organs and glands function correctly.

You can seal your leaky gut so macromolecules of unprocessed foods are not released into your bloodstream. And you can avoid autoimmune response by having complete integrity of your alimentary system — from nose to tail.

The bottom line is that you have taken in a lot of toxins and can’t fix your gut without removing those toxins. The easiest things you can do to build a diverse, healthy microbiome and reduce the toxins and inflammation are:

✅ Get up and pee and drink two big glasses of water. 1/3 to 1/2 oz per pound of body weight per day. Not from plastic bottles.

✅ Put HEPA filters and negative ion generators in your car and home to reduce air pollution and the outgassing of chemicals. Get some houseplants.

✅ Eat organic vegetables multiple meals daily and massively lower the amount of wheat and white flour you eat.

✅ Use hot, cold therapy to bolster your immune system and detoxify your skin.

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✅ Take chelators that pull toxins out of your body to accelerate detoxification.

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are excellent chelators.

Dr. Tom also gave five specific food actions to take:

✅ Eat as many organic rainbow-colored vegetables every day as possible.

✅ Eat a root vegetable every day for the prebiotics that feeds your good gut bacteria.

✅ Eat fermented foods like kraut, kefir, kvass, and kimchi.

✅ Make yourself some organic applesauce or eat an organic apple daily for the pectin.

✅ Drink a cup of organic bone broth to heal your leaky gut.

✅ Take probiotics, prebiotics, and colostrum daily (I put the prebiotics and colostrum in my smoothie).

Tom did a great job just laying it out plain and simple. This is a doable plan. Do what you can and keep getting better. I know there are some good things in here for you.

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