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Fingering Pleasure: Exploring Intimate Moments in Public

Seductive Red Panty Lingerie

How to touch her expertly when she’s naked…

Using your fingers to stroke your woman’s clitoris, labia, G-Area, urethral, perineal sponges, and even her anie will SATISFY her if…

…you know the right finger techniques to use.

You just can’t shove your fingers inside of her or cluelessly rub her clit, hoping to ignite all her right pleasure buttons.

You must touch her in the right spots, speed, and tempo to get her off.

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⇐ Finger Her Like An Absolute Pro

NEW FINGERING TECHNIQUES ( how to get better at fingering )

Once you know how to use your fingers to get her off anytime you want, it opens up a new world of erotic pleasure for her.

She’ll go out of her way to please you both in and out of the bedroom.

It’s all from learning how to finger her RIGHT to the point where it increases her pleasure by ten times or more than what she gets from intercourse or even oral.

Straight intercourse may bring her to a four on a “pleasure scale of one to ten,” when you add in oral, you can bring that up to 6.

But add in correct fingering techniques, and you bring her up to a 9 or 10!

Look, sometimes you can’t last as long as you want…

Sometimes, you want to get your woman off in various ways…

Sometimes, you want to make her climax before penetrating her…

Sometimes, you just want to have fun exploring her entire clitoral system and all its delicate pleasure points…

Sometimes, you just want to get her off until she passes out.

This is where your fingering techniques will be the golden road to sex that blows both your mind and hers!

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⇐ StrokeGasm Techniques At The Tip Of Your Fingertips

Module 3 of the program is Advanced Techniques For Manual Masters. 

Now that you’ve got skilled hands and a head full of potent methods to make her moan like crazy, these top-tier techniques will be your little secret moves. 

Moves you’ll use on her when she’s least expecting to take her from world-class orgasms and blast her body into a new stratosphere of peak pleasure.

Crashing through her orgasmic ceiling and taking her higher and higher as she explodes in your commanding arms.

Here’s a peek of what’s inside:

  • “Archimedes’ Arch” is a powerful pleasure lever that will send her to the moon. Her clit, g-spot, and every erogenous zone on her body will thank you for discovering this (pages 15 – 16).
  • The “Surf and Turf” technique uses your tongue and fingers to give her dizzying orgasmic pleasure she never knew existed! (pages 10 – 13)
  • The “Three Wise Men” method makes her climb the walls with a trilogy of toe-curling delights (pages 16 – 17)
  • Lloyd’s “Shivering Stub” technique gets her to ride your thumb into an eye-crossing orgasmic release. She’s never experienced anything like this before, guaranteed! (pages 19 – 20)
  • Get ready for the “Palm Springs” method to make her gush out in full-body squirting orgasms that will soak your bedsheets (page 20)
  • “Heaven’s Hook” – A never-before-seen G-spot stimulating method that puts any curved vibrator to shame! This works FAST, just a few seconds, and you’ll have her seeing stars (page 23)
  • A suite of jaw-dropped methods Lloyd calls “Trembling Tremors” to make her lady bits buzz (pages 10 – 13)

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⇐ Naughty Fingering Techniques She Can Not And Will Not Resist 

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