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The “Malfunctioning Superfood” That Forces Your Body To Hoard Fat

“Weight loss superfood in the form of a… snack? I need to know more!”

There’s a superfood you probably have yet to hear of.

That can help you drop up to 5.7 lbs of fat every week.

However, until recently, this superfood was primarily ignored by weight loss experts because it malfunctions in most people’s bodies.

When it malfunctions, instead of helping burn fat, it forces your body to hoard it.

And no matter what you do, you can’t lose weight. 

Thankfully, Harvard recently discovered how you could “reprogram” this superfood to do what it’s supposed to: help you enjoy the slender body of your youth again.

One high-school mom, Amy, dropped 46 lbs of fat. 

And now, hundreds of American women are raving over this superfood. 

The best thing about this? These ladies are dropping dress size after size simply by adding this tasty chewable superfood to their daily intake.

Want to join them?

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So what’s the secret? Salivary amylase.

The amylase enzyme produced in our salivary glands helps break down food as we eat. 

The problem is that studies have found that A LOT of people have amylase malfunction. This is caused by amylase inhibitors like cereal grains (wheat, maize, rice, barley) and legumes (beans, cowpea).

Low levels of amylase mean you’re not breaking down food right. 

And they end up stored in your body.

The superfood here is called “Beach Ready Bites.” And specifically with the ingredients inside that help regulate healthy amylase enzyme levels. 

And when your amylase enzymes are suitable, your body will naturally burn flab for energy more efficiently than ever before. This makes healthy weight management become a breeze.

So how long before you see the benefits?

According to their website, most women notice changes within the first week.

Your body’s fat-burning potential is ignited as you add this chewable to your regular diet. 

First, you’ll notice stubborn flab melting away. You’ll see your jeans slipping, and friends and family will also notice. Pretty soon, you’ll be showered in praise and admiration. 

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