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3 Sensual Tips That Make Her Heart Race (And More Sexy Stuff)

Hey there, big boy! 

Looking for a way to spice up your relationships… 

And build more intimacy and passion? 

Let me tell you, a loving and sensual touch can do wonders for that!

Imagine you’re cuddling with your special someone on the couch. Instead of just lying there, take their hand and gently kiss each finger, tracing your lips along their palm. Or, when you’re in bed together, try lightly running your fingers over their back sensually rather than just giving them a quick massage.

Little touches like these can make things super hot in your relationships. 

They show your partner that you’re paying attention to them and care about their pleasure. Plus, it’s just plain old sexy! 

Another tip is during kissing, start slow, sensual and build the intensity. This way, you are giving them a taste of what is to come. The touch and the kiss will be more intimate and passionate. 

Don’t just bob your tongue inside her mouth right away! Tease her. Make her crave your lips. Make her anticipate what you’re going to do next. Keep her guessing. 

For more hot, sensual touch secrets, check out this site I’ll link below. 

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Oh, my goodness. 

As a woman, let me just tell you how amazing it is when your man knows how to touch you. The warm and loving sensual touches he gives are like a spark that ignites the flame of passion. 

It makes you feel so desired and loved. 

It’s like he knows exactly how to turn you on and bring you to new heights of pleasure. 

It’s exciting and makes your relationship’s intimacy even more robust.

It’s like magic, one of the best feelings in the world.

It’s a definite plus when your man knows how to touch you in all the right places. It’s a surefire way to keep the passion burning and the sex sizzling — whether you’re in a relationship or sleeping with a different woman each week. 

Sensual, erotic touch hits so much differently. 

Imagine giving your lover a massage after a long day at work. You gently rub her shoulders and then slowly move down her back, tracing your fingers along your spine. The sensation is heavenly, and it’s like all your stress melts away.

Or, maybe you’re cuddling on the couch and gently kissing her neck, sending shivers down her body. Her hands wander to your waist, and she pulls you in closer, making her feel safe and protected.

Or, maybe you’re in the bedroom, and you start to tease and tantalize her with kisses and touches all over her body.

How you take your time and pay attention to every inch of her makes her feel like the most desired woman in the world.

All these are just simple examples of how sensual, erotic touch turns a woman on. 

And if you want more heavy-hitting erotic touches, you’ll want to check out this video from sexual trainer Isabella Stone.

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