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Girl, Here’s Why Lack Of Love Is Bad For Your Health

Did you know?

Women who feel loved live a whopping eight years longer than those who don’t.

It’s true; study after study has shown that women who KNOW the man in their life love them aren’t just HAPPIER…

They live a LOT longer… have a MUCH easier time losing weight… wake up every morning CRACKLING with energy, and are flat-out HEALTHIER than women who don’t…

This is great if you’re one of those lucky women who 100% KNOW that you are loved with no nagging doubt at all…

But what if you’re not sure?

What if you’re with a guy who doesn’t SAY I love you very often (if at all)?

Or you’ve just got this ANXIETY in your heart that no matter how much he SEEMS like he loves you, he might wait until “somebody better” comes along?

If you’re with a guy and you’ve even the TINIEST doubt that he loves you…

Or if you’re single and want to ensure you NEVER end up with a guy who’s just “using” you ever again…

I want you to drop whatever you’re doing and watch this incredible video by relationship expert Michael Fiore right now. 

Find out exactly why men keep secrets… and of course, why they lie… even to the women they love the most. 

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I’ve seen firsthand how lying in a relationship can not only ruin the bond between partners but can also have a crushing effect on one’s overall health and well-being.

One of the most common examples of this behavior is when a partner lies about infidelity. 

The betrayal of trust and the feeling of rejection that comes with discovering this kind of deception can cause deep emotional pain and long-lasting damage to the relationship. 

Sometimes, it may lead to depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Studies have shown that experiencing betrayal trauma such as infidelity can lead to physical health issues such as chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, and even a weaker immune system.

But it’s not ALWAYS about cheating. 

For instance, your partner may lie about their finances, personal history, or whereabouts. These kinds of lies can cause mistrust and insecurity, affecting mental health. It can cause people to question their judgment, feel paranoid and lead to more severe issues like anxiety disorders and depression.

Imagine a beautiful garden that you’ve been tending to for years. It is lush, green, and blooming. Imagine now someone came and started digging holes and planting weeds in it. This is how lies in a relationship can ruin trust and intimacy, just like someone would destroy a garden. The lies can be like weeds; they grow and strangle healthy plants, making it impossible for the garden to thrive.

Check out Michael Fiore’s video on why men lie… especially to the women they love. 

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