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Phoenix + Whopper = Super Manaconda

Fruitful Affection: Savoring Banana Kisses

“Actual intercourse feels fuller, tighter, and better too.”

This is about using a penis pump and an acoustic wave device at home to get the penis you want.

I got a voicemail from a friend of mine, Dave.

He had two GAINSWaves and a P Shot and saw early results but decided to get the Phoenix device and administer it at home. He’s been sporadically using his Whopper penis pump for several months. But lately, he’s been very committed to the process and seeing great results. 

He left me this message I wanted to share with you:


“Hi, Susan. 

Here are the results from the Phoenix HIM plus Whopper pumping.

This has been, wow, amazing for my lingam. (penis)

I’m experiencing harder, thicker, fuller erections.

It feels like the Phoenix acoustic wave goes in there and activates the blood vessels, and then they are ready to be pumped with the Whopper.

Both feel different if not used together. 

It’s like the Phoenix Him prepares the lingam for pumping. It pumps me up more when I first use the Phoenix Him.

I’ve been using the Whopper for a while, but I noticed adding the Phoenix Him is accelerating my gains.

The pump suction stays on better since using the Phoenix Him too.

I have beautiful erections. The results last for a few days.

My wife says I am way more turgid. I feel more pleasure because the pump and device engorge me.

Blowjobs have been feeling incredible. I can enjoy receiving oral pleasure. It feels better to accept it now.

Actual intercourse feels fuller, tighter, and better too.

I use the Phoenix Him once a week — it’s tempting to do more, but I am following the protocol I was given.

Thank you so much for the loving care you’ve shown us. 



By the time you’re forty, your penis begins to atrophy. That means it’s shrinking, you’re losing erection firmness, you don’t have as much blood flow, and you are slowly being robbed of sensation and pleasure. 

The single best thing you can do is to pump. Adding the Phoenix Him accelerates the effects of the pumping. If you have any noticeable ED, loss of firmness, shrinking, or sensation loss, combine the Phoenix Him or get GAINSWave treatments with the penis pump.

The Whopper is a two-cylinder system that improves both girth and length. If you are long enough, just use a single girth cylinder.

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