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One Of Nature’s Most Popular Superfoods

Greens. Grandma said they are suitable for you… I know I work hard to get greens into my diet daily. Today, I want to talk to you about a botanical that contains vitamins and minerals purported to support immune system health, contribute to healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and promote skin health. It has superfood effects well beyond your essential spinach or kale.

Like many botanicals, it is considered to have positive effects on many systems of the body that lead to good health. 

This green leafy wonder has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and promote healthy brain function. However, more research is needed to discover all its benefits truly.

This plant also has a long history of use in traditional medicine, with many cultures using it to treat various ailments.

In India, it is known as the “drumstick tree” and is commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. In Africa, it is called the “never die” tree, as it is known for its ability to survive in harsh conditions. The leaves can be used as a natural fertilizer and water purifier, and the seeds can produce oil for cooking and skin care products.

Whether you add this plant as a powder to your smoothies, cook the leaves directly with your food, or take it in its supplement form, it’s as beneficial as the other super greens such as chlorella or spirulina, but without the fishy or chalky taste.

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Did you know that moringa is said to have seven times more vitamin C than an orange? It’s also said to have 14 times more potassium than a banana! Here are some great nutrients from this “miracle” plant: Vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, iron, calcium, and protein.

The biggest star behind moringa’s amazing protective effects is its superstar antioxidants, especially quercetin and chlorogenic acid. Quercetin helps with healthy blood pressure levels. Chlorogenic acid helps to balance blood sugar.

Moringa is popular because people realize how much their bodies need protection at a cellular level. Nowadays, everyone is surrounded by many dangerous toxins, pesticides, pollutants, and cancer-causing compounds. Antioxidants can help your body neutralize these harmful substances. If you want to give your cells the gift of incredible antioxidant protection, moringa is a great consideration. 

Imagine feeling more energetic, focused, and vibrant than ever. Imagine having the power to fight off infections and diseases with ease. Imagine having beautiful, healthy skin that glows from the inside out. This plant may contribute to these effects; however, individual results may vary.

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