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Exact Words To FLIRT With Her

Hey there, handsome! 

So, you want to get better at talking and texting with women? Or getting your wife/girlfriend to loosen up and be playful (and a little turned on?)

Trust me; you’re not alone. It’s a real problem; I know how frustrating it can feel… because I’ve been on the opposite end of awkward conversations so many times I lost count. 

But imagine how incredible it would be if you could vanish all those awkward moments. You could charm the ladies like a pro, and every conversation would be an exciting game.

The secret to electric conversations is banter. Good, hot banter. 

Banter is playful, witty, and flirtatious conversation. It’s all about having fun and creating a connection. And the best part? It works wonders with women, whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in between.

It scores more engagement than pickup lines ever could. And it leaves women perky and mischievous and not defensive.

Imagine walking up to that hot woman you’ve been dying to talk to and effortlessly making her laugh, blush, and feel a spark. Or picture yourself coming home to your wife or girlfriend and making her smile, chuckle, and open up like never before.

You can also use these sayings to turn her on over texts during the day. This is super important for women! We need a lot of warm-up!

With the skill of good banter, you can create that playful, sexy atmosphere that makes every conversation a thrilling adventure. 

The question now is… how DO you get good at banter? 

My friend, Josh Pellicier, has a few tricks up his sleeve he can share with you. Check out his video presentation on his website. I’ve known Josh for almost twenty years and he’s a fantastic writer with a big heart.

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So, how does banter work? 

It’s all about keeping things light and fun. You want to tease and play with words, creating a flirty, cheeky vibe. 

You don’t need to be super good-looking or have unbreakable confidence. This works so well that even shy and introverted guys are conversing with the ladies. 

You see it on social media… awkward guys going up to girls and spitting fire with fun, light conversations that leave the ladies giggling, engaged, and interested. 

You see men with their partners, making them laugh out loud, blushing, and astonished by their man’s wit and charm. 

You can only guess what comes next after these interactions. 

And I’m betting you it’s fire. 

So why do women love it so much? 

Because it’s exciting and engaging, making us feel connected to you. It shows that you’re confident and can handle a little verbal sparring, which can be incredibly attractive.

What if you started getting good at hot banter tonight? Is there a gorgeous lady you’re thinking of using it on? If you’ve got a girlfriend or wife, wouldn’t it be fun to have a cheeky, flirty, and maybe even arousing exchange with her before the day ends?

You’d be able to approach women with confidence, knowing you can make them smile and feel that exciting chemistry. Your relationships would be filled with laughter, playfulness, and even a little bit of heat.

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