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“Lip Lock” Oral Technique (And More)

Emotion in Motion: Lady Holding Sheets

Hey there, big guy! 

Women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and your lips and tongue are one of the best ways to get her clitoris engorged for a lady boner gently. She needs her erection to feel all the pleasure possible.

That’s right — oral pleasure is a surefire way to have her floating on cloud nine. 

You’ll feel like an absolute stud when you make her feel this good. Trust me. There’s nothing sexier than a man who can please his woman.

So, are you ready for a unique tip that’s often overlooked?

Try the “lip lock” technique. 

Gently suck her clitoris between your lips, creating a vacuum sensation. The mix of suction and stimulation can drive her wild, sending her over the edge.  Just be careful not to suck too hard. Start lightly and work your way up.

If she uses a Womanizer or Satisfyer sex toy that is called an air stimulator, she will particularly love this “lip lock” technique.

Personally, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Imagine how amazing it’ll feel for both you and your partner.

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Here’s a quick tease of what you’re getting with Lloyd Lester’s “Oralgasms” program. 

  • A detailed “treasure map” to her most sensitive spots so you know EXACTLY how to get her climbing the walls and digging her fingernails into your back.
  • How to uncover her unique “Pleasure Triggers” and get her in the mood by remote control (once you understand this… sexless nights are a thing of the past)…
  • Why exceptional oral skills give you an unparalleled advantage in bed… even over richer, taller, or better-looking guys (hint: it’s in her DNA to bond with a man who gives her oral pleasure… now you’ll know exactly how to “hijack her genes” to get her hopelessly hooked on you)
  • Want her to return the favor? Use this sneaky “Sensual Swap” trick while going down on her, and she’ll practically BEG to feel your rock-hard flesh in her mouth
  • A simple “Pleasure Primer” you can do just before going down on her that will have her soaking her panties with anticipation (do this right, and she’ll climax the second your tongue touches her clit)
  • You can do a simple “Curl, Wiggle, and Roll” routine in just 10 minutes a day to achieve the stamina to deliver up to a dozen thigh-shivering oral orgasms in a row (no more sore jaw or tired tongue once you discover this exercise)
  • A foolproof method to “Read her Rhythms” so you’re always in sync with her body (even worse than not knowing how to lick her… is not licking her with the right tempo. This method ensures you NEVER deliver clumsy, unfulfilling oral again!)…
  • The “Holy Strokes!” technique for giving her heavenly pleasure that will have her climbing the walls
  • Discover the “Hands Across Her Labia” method that intensifies the stimulation she’ll feel on every square inch of her vulva while you’re going down on her…
  • The “Pump and Probe” technique alternates between oral and fingering so you give her orgasms so intensely she’ll speak in tongues
  • The “G Times 3” method to introduce G-spot stimulation and give her the most intense pleasure of her entire life (make sure she’s lying down… 9 out of 10 women pass out when they feel this for the first time)
  • “69-360” – A breakthrough variation on good, old-fashioned “69” to orchestrate the strongest orgasms you have ever felt
  • “Pole Position” – A technique to switch it up and keep her guessing so she’s always waiting with bated breath to see what you’ll do next…

Mastering oral pleasure is a game-changer for your love life. 

Your skills will captivate women, and you’ll enjoy the confidence boost from knowing you can satisfy their every desire.

Ready to become the oral pleasure king? 

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⇐ She Will Never Want To Stop Spreading Her Legs For You (Get In And Get Good)

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