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“Lost sensation to my genitals…” [Mailbag]

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If you struggle with low sensitivity in your genital area, you’re not alone. 

This can be a disheartening and frustrating experience that impacts your ability to enjoy sexual intimacy, leaving you feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. 

But the good news is that there are ways to overcome this challenge and reignite the spark in your love life.

Recently, I received an email from a reader named Bella (not her real name), who bravely shared her journey of overcoming sexual abuse, seeking sexual satisfaction, and coping with low sensitivity. 

Her supportive partner is committed to changing her mindset and embracing her sexual desires. Still, despite her best efforts, she’s struggling to enjoy intimate moments with her partner fully.

Bella’s story resonated with me, and I wanted to share it with you, along with some expert advice that can help anyone facing similar issues. 

Check out her email and my response below

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“Hi, Susan. 

Asking for your opinion and suggestions. 

I have very low sensitivity in my genitals. I tried getting an O Shot two years ago. 

I want to note that I am not on any medication and never used any.

Now I am 39. I train daily in the gym; I used to be a figure competitor ten years ago. 

I currently have low thyroid, high cortisol, and prolactin. I have low energy, metabolism, and libido. 

I never felt much from my previous partners because I always had flashbacks of being sexually abused.  

But for the last few years, I completely changed my thinking about that and decided to get stronger and not allow my past to influence my relationship anymore. 

I now have a partner who cares about my pleasure too. I have an awesome man who tries all sorts of massages on me, and I want to enjoy sex finally. 

He follows your advice on sensual massage. It feels good, but it’s not enough to satisfy me. I would wish so much to become more sensitive to the touch and become more aroused. 

I just feel my body doesn’t respond the way I would love it to. 

What do you think I should do?” — Bella (not her real name) 


Hi Bella,

Thank you for trusting me with your questions. 

First, you should have your doctor check your cortisol and thyroid. I imagine you already have. I highly recommend continuing what your doctor advises you to do for them. 

You can also check out the Vasper machine for your high cortisol. Exercising on the Vasper lowers nighttime cortisol, helping you recover from stress. Anything you can do to relax is vital for you right now. Try and let go of as much as you can so you can relax and recover. Then read about Iodine for your thyroid. Nascent iodine can help restore your thyroid naturally, rather than going on a prescription thyroid medication. Organ meats are also helpful for rejuvenation from high-stress times and low thyroid issues. You can take organ supplements including porcine thyroid.

For your sensitivity issues, you may want to consider this VIM vibrator and start using it every day on your vulva.

Start all around the outside and use it just like a massager. Run it along the top of your mons venus, down both sides of your labia, around the clitoral area, and even your groin and butt cheeks. You want to AWAKEN the sensation. Rest it on your clitoral area and let the deep rumbles penetrate far into your clitoral erectile system. This will engorge your clitoral body, arms, and legs, helping you feel more sensation.

Do this daily for 30 days, and let me know if you are starting to feel more. 

Start on the low setting and slowly turn it up to the five speeds as you adjust. Don’t start at the top speed. You are increasing your sensitivity, so blowing out the receptors by overdriving is the opposite of what you want to do. You want your body to feel light while bringing blood flow into your genital area. You want to start from the outside by using the Bullseye Touch Technique

You and your boyfriend might want to watch all the videos on that page together. And have him continue to give you massages. 

When you two have intercourse, start talking to him about what feels good, what doesn’t, and what he might try that your body is requesting. Get a real flow of communication that will calm you down and open you to your pleasure. 

After 30 days, let me know how you’re progressing. Measure your pleasure on a scale of 1-10 over the month. You will see improvement and some days more or less, but overall you will begin to feel more.

Report back.

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