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Why is biohacking so hot right now? 

Whenever I’m asked this question, I always think about the people who brought it to the mainstream and shocked the world with the potential of biohacking. 

Three such individuals stand out in this pioneering field, not just for their audacity but for their awe-inspiring results.

First, there’s Dave Asprey, the original “Bulletproof Executive.” His commitment to biohacking has transformed him from an overweight, tired tech executive into a vibrant, dynamic powerhouse. He’s managed to lower his biological age, honing his brain’s performance, and sustain a level of physical vitality that defies his chronological years. His Bulletproof coffee alone has become a staple of morning routines worldwide, supercharging cognitive function and energy levels.

Then we have Ben Greenfield, a veritable titan of physical prowess. A seasoned triathlete, he’s taken biohacking into the athletic sphere, optimizing his body for peak performance and astonishing endurance. Through a meticulous regime of diet, exercise, and innovative therapies, he’s managed to push his physical capacities well beyond the norm.

Finally, Liz Parrish, the brave woman who became her experiment. As the CEO of BioViva, Parrish underwent gene therapy to combat the effects of biological aging. Her bold steps have opened a new frontier in biohacking, illuminating the potential for radical lifespan extension and age reversal.

Biohacking in a nutshell? It’s about reimagining the limits of human potential and pushing beyond what we thought possible. 

It’s about vitality, longevity, and optimal performance. It’s about embracing the most exciting, cutting-edge advances in technology, nutrition, fitness, and medicine.

The legendary Dave Asprey is gathering the creme de la creme of biohacking wisdom and experience in one place. 

This event gathers the brightest minds and most innovative thinkers in the field of biohacking, providing a wealth of information, tools, and strategies to help you unlock your body’s untapped potential.

I’m honored to be one of the Keynote Speakers for Dave Asprey’s 9th Annual Biohacking Conference from June 22 – 24, 2023. 

Join me and my fellow biohackers to live the best life we can “co-create.”

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Join me as I take you on an exhilarating journey through the depths of human pleasure in my keynote, “Susan’s Sexy Show and Tell.”

We’ll start by exploring the intimate landscape of our bodies with a fun and interactive Play-Doh icebreaker. This sets the stage for an eye-opening lesson on the vital role of engorgement in unlocking your pleasure.

As we delve deeper, we’ll go over how you… yes, you… can have up to 20 types of orgasms in three distinct ways. We’ll uncover the locations to touch, techniques to use, and tools of desire that you can use to explore your orgasmic potential.

Next, we’ll get into “orgasmic cross-training” and lead toward the Show and Tell segment.

Together, we’ll discover eight sensual tools for the female body and 4 for the male body that will awaken untapped erogenous zones, unlocking new dimensions of ecstasy for both partnered and solo experiences. I’ll also spotlight the winners of my Quiet Vibe Awards — toys ideally suited for highly sensitive individuals, parents, and those desiring privacy in their pleasurable pursuits.

As we approach the climax of our journey, we’ll go over the differences between “sexual regenerative therapies” and “sexual biohacking.” And finally, I will guide you through a “stack” of therapies and tools designed to extend your “sex span,” allowing your passion and pleasure to intensify and improve as you age.

Biohacking is a call to action, a challenge to take control of our health and wellness. It’s a movement led by the brightest, most curious minds on the planet, continually discovering new and creative ways to explore the boundaries of our biological existence.

Are you in? 

Join me on my keynote. Your pleasure awaits.

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