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Flick Her “Master Naughty Switch”

A naughty seduction trick is coming up.

But first, picture this: a building without a master switch. 

Can you even? Instead of just flicking one switch, you’d have to dash around, turning them on and off one by one. Insane, right? 

Imagine that the “master switch” is a tiny brain region controlling a woman’s sexual desires. Any guy who can tap into that, let’s just say he’ll have ladies begging for his touch.

So, get this. 

Some super intelligent scientists at Cambridge University stumbled upon a juicy little secret. They found this itsy-bitsy brain area that doesn’t deal with emotions — just pure, unadulterated impulses. 

And when specific circuits are turned on, honey, it’s like setting off a lust-filled firecracker! Her heart races, her pupils widen, and her body is all “Let’s do this!”. 

And the cherry on top? 

This brainy hotspot is three times bigger in women than in men! With the proper “technique,” you could unleash a tidal wave of desire three times more intense than the steamiest teenage fantasies.

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⇐ Seduction Techniques So Powerful You Can Get A Woman Naked In One Night


We’re talking Instagram hotties, who have guys sliding into their DMs like it’s an Olympic sport, suddenly fixated on *you*.

They’ll be chasing you down, craving your attention, and eager to get you alone — whether in the bedroom, the bathroom, or the backseat of your car. Yum!

Here’s the real tease, though.

Lloyd Lester has a lot more naughty secrets up his sleeve that he’s going to reveal to you. Here’s a sneak peek at some of them: 

  • The 2 C’s of sexual seduction and why you must deploy them within minutes of meeting her to have any chance of sleeping with her…
  • The “Backward/Forward” method to create lust at lightspeed so she’s eating out of your hand in just minutes instead of hours or days…
  • The IIAST Formula for one-night sexual seduction. This is the proper sequence to get her in bed the first night you meet her.
  • Where to take her if you want the best chances of sleeping with her that night (Hint: it’s not a bar!)
  • The “Inchworm Technique” to get her crawling back to your place, eager to share a night of naughty passion all in under an hour!
  • Lloyd’s famous “Imaginary Pillow Fight” routine has a 78% success rate for getting girls in bed… drop this on her, and she’ll drop her pants later that night…
  • How to get away with super intimate touch even if you barely know her (one simple contextual shift and she’ll naturally feel comfortable with you touching her “sensitive spots”)
  • The “Which Finger Am I Using?” game makes her imagine being penetrated by you without you having to remove a stitch of clothing.

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⇐ Seduction Techniques So Powerful You Can Get A Woman Naked In One Night

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