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BEWARE: These Penis-Killing Poisons

Girl in Shock: Astonished Reaction

Did you know? 

If you’re a product of the ’70s or later, there’s something “different” about your masculine health and vitality. 

No, it’s not just the charm or the swag! 

Genetically, you’re different from the men of the past decades. 

Studies have shown that for all our modern men, a mix of environmental factors, specifically endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs), might have been damaging your firepower. These sneaky culprits can affect how you feel and perform and your passion’s intensity. 

People are aptly calling these “Penis-killing poisons.” 

But here’s the good part. It’s not you, darling. It does not reflect your prowess if you feel less than mighty in your passionate endeavors.

You can still be that intoxicating force in the bedroom. 

Ever heard of “Neuro-Genetic Induction”? 

It sounds technical, but it’s a straightforward method to rejuvenate and amplify that lost strength—all with just a few moments of your day. 

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Imagine the potential if you tapped into that. 

What would you do if you had all the sexual vitality and strength you used to have (and more) right now? 

Lloyd Lester’s new program, “Bionic In Bed,” turns you into an unstoppable force of a man, giving you the power to give a woman pleasure for hours upon hours, handing out delicious orgasms on a silver platter, and having the “bounce-back” stamina that will leave her breathless. 

When we ladies fantasize about our ideal man, we think of a guy who’s tall, well-built, and wealthy…

But I can also tell you… Any woman would instantly drop a guy with those traits for someone who can level her with pleasure.

If you can reliably and regularly deliver body-tingling orgasms and keep it going 2, 3, even four or more times in a single night…

Trust me, your bed will NEVER be empty…

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  • How one corrosive “Penis Killing Poison” softens your soldier with each passing day. (This so-called “all-natural” substance can destroy your manhood molecularly. Find out what it is and how to fight back.)
  • A powerful 5-minute daily hack to genetically “reprogram” your penis for hours of penetrating pleasure (you’ll last longer, come harder and recover faster than you ever have)
  • How to torch belly fat, build slabs of lean muscle, and flood your body with youth-enhancing hormones with as little as 21 minutes of exercise per week! (Once you discover the power of Neuro-Genetic Induction, your body will never be the same.)
  • The “Bionic Breakfast” unleashes a flood of powerful cellular changes for fuller erections, longer-lasting pleasure, and lightspeed fast recovery time (Your lady won’t know what hit her when you start your day with this delicious treat)
  • How to “trick” your body into a “2nd puberty” and double your semen reserves practically overnight (Plus, naturally upgrade the health and heft of your testicles at the same time)…
  • Lloyd’s patented “6 Rope Recipe” to enjoy 30% larger ejaculation within 12 hours or less. (Drink this at 7 a.m., and you’ll bust the most giant nut of your life by 7 p.m. the same night!)
  • How to make every drop of semen as sweet as cotton candy (Most nutritionists get this wrong, turn to page 28 and find three delicious foods for savory spunk)
  • A 2-minute daily exercise routine that will help you blast out full, arcing streams of semen like a Las Vegas Hotel fountain. They also allow you to enjoy up to 38% longer orgasms (Turn to page 13, and you’ll be a changed man)
  • How to create a “backup supply” of semen to blast out big, heavy loads even if you go multiple rounds per night (This technique will let you avoid “shooting blanks” after your 2nd or 3rd round)…

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⇐ Get Yourself A Bionic Manhood Starting Tonight 

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