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One Order Of Bionic Penis, Please!

Hey, hot stuff! Sloane here.

Have you ever heard of this word? BIONIC. 

No, it’s not that crazy cocktail you heard about in that club. 

My good friend and fellow sexpert, Lloyd Lester, just told me about his new program that he’s making available for a small group of our fans. 

It’s called Bionic In Bed. 

Now, if you’re thinking, “What does that even mean?” I got you. 

Cast your mind back. Back to when your mojo was cranked up to 11. Back to when a glimpse of you would send hearts racing. When you felt, dare I say it, superhuman? 

Your man-meat was unstoppable. 

And it can STILL be unstoppable even in your golden years. 

Imagine upgrading your “battering ram” to the likes you’ve never heard. 

But it’s not a clinical procedure or a device you attach to your cock. 

It’s a revolutionary, 2-step practice that starts a cellular transformation in your “beefy bayonet.” 

This process is called Neuro-Genetic Induction. And it’s when you trigger genetic and cellular changes to the smooth muscles and nerve tissues in your penis.

So you can have better, more reliable erections, vastly heightened sensitivity, lightspeed recovery time, and almost unnatural sexual stamina. 

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Want that “Bionic Manhood”? Of course, you do!

Let’s play a little game of “what if”:

What if her mind raced with the possibilities whenever she looked your way? Not because of how it looks or smells (though, honey, don’t forget the basics) but because she knows that with you, she’s in for a whirlwind, superhero-style.

What if you didn’t need to pop open that bottle of bubbly to get her jumping out of her seat?

What if the modest Mr. Slimy morphed into Mr. Exceptionally Bionic? Turning every night into an encore performance.

Imagine her raving about how long you can pound her p***y each night. 

Lloyd Lester’s “Bionic In Bed” technique is designed to do that for you… and more! 

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If you’ve ever struggled with losing control too quickly…

Or you’ve begun to notice you can’t “rise to the occasion” and deliver multiple rounds of pleasure on command…

Here’s a sneak peek of Part 1 of Bionic In Bed: 

  • How one corrosive “Penis Killing Poison” softens your soldier with each passing day. (This so-called “all-natural” substance can destroy your manhood molecularly. Find out what it is and how to fight back.)
  • A powerful 5-minute daily hack to genetically “reprogram” your penis for hours of penetrating pleasure (you’ll last longer, come harder and recover faster than you ever have)
  • The one thing you must do before anything else that will guarantee you have a powerful, sexually explosive penis at any age (page 8)
  • Three cheap “quick fixes” to help you build a better manhood starting TONIGHT! (Turn to page 10 of your guide and prepare for powerful erections and studly stamina.)
  • How simple “stimulation movements” can genetically restructure your body for longer, more substantial pleasure on demand (You’ll give the term “all night long” a whole new meaning with these)
  • How to torch belly fat, build slabs of lean muscle, and flood your body with youth-enhancing hormones with as little as 21 minutes of exercise per week! (Once you discover the power of Neuro-Genetic Induction, your body will never be the same.)
  • The “Bionic Breakfast” unleashes a flood of powerful cellular changes for fuller erections, longer-lasting pleasure, and lightspeed fast recovery time (Your lady won’t know what hit her when you start your day with this delicious treat)
  • Three simple “molecular amplifiers” to soak up every micronutrient you feed your body. (Most “healthy foods” fail to help because your body just can’t use them… this fixes all that without a single drug or expensive supplement.)

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