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 O Activation Map To Female Genitals

Lately, I’ve been telling you about the concept of “Orgasmic Activation.” 

This is the idea that in our genital systems, we have many locations that can be activated by touch to experience more pleasure. It’s like using muscles. You begin training your body to experience more sensation by touching areas that haven’t been touched, or have been touched poorly, or where you might have felt ashamed to be touched due to cultural programming. 

Stimulating these areas creates new neural pathways in your brain. Then, your brain processes this stimulation, so it feels perfect to touch that area. 

Once you activate each area, you can get them all spun up during solo pleasuring and lovemaking for much more satisfying pleasure and heightened orgasms. You can start to orgasm from different areas being touched. You can move from one pathway to orgasm to many ways to have orgasms. Then, the orgasms become easier to achieve. They become more frequent. You increase your overall pleasure. And lots and lots of different locations and types of stimulation make you come. 

The more areas you stimulate simultaneously, the more you stack and expand the pleasure. This works on penises and vulvas, but I will start today with the female genital system. And then I’ll cover the male body next.

We are all familiar with the tip or glans of the clitoris, with its 10,000 nerve endings being a prime location. And I recently explained to you how the vaginal entrance is an even more common area of pleasure than the clitoris, according to a survey of 441 women in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The backstory is fascinating

In this study, I felt that for the vaginal area to be more pleasurable than the clitoris signals, women haven’t been getting their clitoris touched well. So their clitoris doesn’t have the mind-body connection their vaginal opening does. Their vaginas were associated with pleasure and stimulation more than their clitorises. 

This proves to me (and from my own felt experience) that you can activate and “turn on” areas of the female genital system by intentionally pleasuring those spots.

We have a lot of upside for more pleasure by adding more stimulation to the various locations. And this stimulation can be fingers, tongues, penises, and sexy toys delivering lots of varied stimulation to accelerate activation. So whether you’re self-pleasing or being pleasured by a partner, you can activate all this tissue. 

Now, let’s get to how I break down the different ZONES of the vulva for activation.

Here is a pleasure map of locations to touch to systematically increase your mind-body connections to activate your entire genital SYSTEM.

Imagine if every area was as sensitive as the most sensitive part of your genital anatomy. Imagine if you could 10X or 200X the amount of pleasure touching any of these areas compared to the place that feels the best to you right now. You CAN!


I want you to memorize all these names and find these locations. Do an inventory on yourself or your partner. Which feel numb, wrong, good?  Try light touch, heavier touch, stroking, and rubbing, and evaluate what areas need awakening vs. soothing. 

Note: Never touch the anus and any other part of the vulva. You can feel the anus last or wash your hands with soap and water after touching it. Don’t transfer bacteria near her vaginal area.

If she doesn’t have any negative associations, that is great. You can begin full vulva activation. If she does, work with her or yourself to determine why it hurts. Was it damaged? Is it emotional pain? Over time, you can move through trauma response and come out the other side feeling pleasure. This takes loving attention over time. 

If it’s a physical pain such as atrophy, refer to my sexual biohacking and sexual regenerative treatment options using the search box at Remediate the tissue and then keep trying.

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Doing both manual and tool activation sessions for more rapid results is best.

Soon, any woman will be the Queen of Her Vulva!

Soon we will go spelunking inside the landscape of her vaginal cave. I will explain how to activate her vaginal interior for massively pleasurable penetration orgasms.

And remember the “Lips/Nips/Clit Axis.” The lips and nipples generate vulva engorgement from the inside out. Adding nipple stimulation and kissing accelerate the orgasmic activation.

Email me ANY questions you have by replying to this message. Or, better, post them on the site under the article’s comments section. I will answer them.

Let me know the path you choose and how your journey goes!

I used to be able to orgasm twenty years ago, barely. Now, I can come from the slightest touch and during intercourse. 

Everything is learned, and activation of the mind-body connection is critical.

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