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Probiotics Make You Happy! For Real!

I recently stumbled upon something cool to share with you. 

You know how we’re always looking for ways to feel better, both body and mind, right? I’ve talked about synbiotics before. They’re like a tag team of probiotics and prebiotics that work together in your gut.

So, there was this study where people drank a special kefir concoction for six weeks, and the changes were amazing. They felt less sleepy during the day, more into their work, and happier. Their gut health was linked to their mood and overall feelings.

Synbiotics were shown to help reduce fatigue and positively affect people’s emotions. 

That’s why I’ve been recommending Qualia Synbiotic. It’s packed with good stuff for your gut — like 3 billion probiotics, 1.5 billion postbiotics, and 6 grams of fiber. It’s supposed to help with everything from digestion to even how your brain works. And it makes sense because our gut is like our second brain, talking to our actual brain and influencing how we feel. 

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Here’s a quote from one of the study’s researchers. 

Dr Mateas asserts: “The outcomes of the study were both striking and enlightening. Participants reported a noticeable decrease in daytime sleepiness and an increased sense of immersion and engagement in their work. More importantly, they experienced an uplift in their overall life satisfaction and a heightened sense of flourishing.”

“These findings are remarkable because they are not just abstract concepts. They’re real, tangible experiences that significantly impact our daily lives and our ability to function at our best. Life satisfaction, a measure of how content people are with their lives, and thriving, a reflection of personal growth and the ability to overcome challenges, are essential indicators of mental health and well-being.

Think of it like this: when your stomach is happy, it sends little happy messages to your brain, and suddenly, you feel more upbeat and sharp. Plus, you know how sometimes you feel off and can’t pinpoint why? This could be a game-changer.

And here’s the kicker—it’s not just about feeling less bloated or avoiding that 3 p.m. slump. It’s about feeling mentally on point, too. You might even find yourself dealing with stress better and feeling more ‘you,’ you know?

It’s pretty exciting, right? If you’re curious, check out synbiotics and try them for yourself. 

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