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The BEST “Massage” Of My LIFE!

Tim so spoils me. I have had unlimited 🐈‍⬛Massages on demand for decades. So you can imagine how exquisite my orgasmic experiences are under the able hands of my husband.

Two things have taken us to the next level of pleasure recently. I am moaning sooner, squirting more, and coming harder than ever.

  1. The Pleasure Protocol
  2. The LAYA III Vulva Massager

I lie down with my legs butterflied and resting on pillows on a Fascinator bed protector sheet. That way, I can squirt my heart out.

We have this little ledge on top of our headboard. On it are sex toys, the Pleasure Protocol and Breast Oil, and stacks of waffle weave washcloths I just got at Amazon.

Usually, I pop a Melt in before I lie down. It coats my vagina, and it is perfect for squirting. It makes my vagina emollient and supple.

Then Tim applies a couple of squirts of Awaken onto my entire outer and inner vulva. Awaken isn’t lube. It’s not “slippery.” It’s a botanical CBD activator that wakes up my 🐈‍🧠 connection. It works right away.

Then he fills his hands up with Sex Oil for all the glide and slide I need. He reapplies as I request it.

He used to use his hands, but lately, I’ve been experiencing additional benefits from using the LAYA III. It seems to help me achieve relaxation and engorgement with which hands can’t compete.

Tim uses the LAYA III and his hands to make me come and come and come. The LAYA III is a third-generation technology from the world’s leading sex toy company, Fun Factory. It taps and vibrates to layer in deeper engorgement and blood flow.

The LAYA III is a lay-on vibrator with gently rounded curves and a powerful, rechargeable motor. Its shape caresses the entire vulva, so the clitoris and labia are stimulated simultaneously and intensely.

It stimulates various types of nerve endings, layer by layer. Instead of focusing on surface-level sensations, LAYA III literally dives deep, leading to fuller, richer, and more electrifying pleasure.

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