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“Quadgasm” Scenarios

Here’s a question from a guy who wants to know about stimulating the vagina and booty at the same time. There are MANY considerations and options – something for everyone. Read on!

“I am curious if it’s possible to stimulate a woman’s vaginal and anal area simultaneously?

Hi Jim,

Yes. Some women would like dual stimulation, or even triple stimulation of the vaginal canal, the rectum, and the clitoris. Even quadruple stimulation… See below.

It’s best to start with fingers so you can get a feel for how deep to go, what feels good to her, etc. And the ass really loves devoted attention to her butt cheeks first, then her anus, and ultimately her rectum. As a man, try to resist the urge to just push inside, thinking that is the best part. It’s not. Everything is equally pleasurable and relaxing her is the most important aspect of any kind of ass play.

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The bottom line (haha) is that for some women, a little fingering of the anus is more than enough, and for others sometimes we are game for sensation in every orifice. The more you practice the better it gets. Remember that the first three times you do anything like this are just “erotic playdates” for learning. After that, you get the beginnings of some experience that allows you to create actual sexual scenes. So begin as beginners together.

And let me know what you two decide to do and how it goes.

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  1. For years now I’ve performed what’s called a “Screamin’ Porpoise 🐬” on my Wife. It consists of my Mouth/Lips/Tongue licking, kissing & sucking on her Vagina but mostly her Clit, while two fingers Rub her G-Spot inside her Vagina & the other hand has a Lubed up Finger (or Toy) going in & out of her Anal Hole…All Simultaneously. GREATEST ORGASM of her Life!!! The 1st several times, she released so much built up pressure, her eyes would literally water up & tears would roll down her face. Plus, she has Multiple Orgasms, especially when riding Reverse Cowgirl & as she’s Riding I Stimulate her Anal cavity when my finger or Thumb . . . We gotta change the Sheets every time, just thought I’d Share my Technique, Thank you

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