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Can You Actually Ease The Discomfort Associated With Aging?

There’s no anti-aging pill on the horizon yet (as reported by Time Magazine). But there is a good reason why top medical researchers, Harvard longevity scientists, and celebrities are all paying attention to NAD+.

Growing older is a weird bird.

On the one hand, you feel better than ever. You’re more confident and sure of yourself.

You’re motivated to stay healthy because you value vitality more than ever. You eat less (and better) plus you realize the importance of a good night’s sleep.

You want to be active for many more years — raking leaves and cleaning up the yard going for hikes or to pilates class. But on the other hand, you’re not 38 anymore.

You know: in some ways you’ve already “peaked”.

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It takes way longer now to bounce back from stress. Whether your spouse is struggling with health issues or you played a hard game of pickleball on Wednesday.

Your energy is not what it used to be. No matter how many healthy habits you adopt.

And you worry (although you try to accept) that maybe this is just how it is now.

Then, one day, you see somebody you hardly recognize looking back at you in the mirror.

You look in the mirror and staring back at you is someone who is old. Deep inside, you don’t feel like that gray-haired person with wrinkles staring back at you.

Your soul isn’t aging but… you can’t ignore those hands with spots and sunken skin.

But do you have to seem so old?

Whether or not you’ve wondered: is this just how it is now? …keep reading. There may not be an “anti-aging pill” on the horizon… but new nutritional science offers hope.

Try a 90-day NAD+ experience and tell me how much more energy you feel. I tend to pulse NAD+ 90 days on and take a month or two breaks then pulse again.

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