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Crop It Like It’s Hot

I have a fun new Erotic Playdate for you today.

Kaira says, “My boyfriend got the Liberator sex wedge and tied me up on it. OMG. I love being tied up so much! I run a $100 million business, and I want him to do things for me so I don’t have to make one more decision.

Wedge sex is more fun, and a little more titillating. You don’t know what will happen next. Instead, you give up your control and ability to direct or even be an equal partner. Submit whatever is happening. Sometimes that is what I want. I don’t have to do anything. I am excited that somebody will do something to me, and I don’t know what. With my consent, it’s super sexy to surrender.”

Her boyfriend, Ali, shares, “We love using the toys on Kaira while she’s strapped in. It puts her in a slightly different position because she’s tilted upward. So the insertion feels different because it’s coming in from a different angle. She says everything feels fuller. It hits different spots with the “lift” from the wedge. The adjustable cuffs can be set very loose for a beginner. As you get more advanced, you can choose whether to be more restrained.”

Today my technique for the orgasmic intercourse series is called “Liberate Her.” Now I’ve combined it with some new sensation play!

She will be restrained on a sex wedge (safe bondage sex). A wedge is a made-for-sex piece of home furniture. You don’t need to buy one. You can fashion something from pillows and bolsters and neckties. 

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This is a fun, playful couples experience. The more new experiences you have together, the more you create a super passionate sex life. Tying her wrists and ankles to this cushion has many benefits: 

Why you want a sex wedge:

  1. She can quickly get out but feels secure.
  2. It’s exciting for her to surrender to your lover’s ministrations.
  3. She is in full receive mode to relax and receive sensations.
  4. You get perfect angles to penetrate her, finger her, and go down on her.
  5. Going back and forth from penetrating her with body parts to stimulating her with toys creates a spicy variety.
  6. Punctuating her experience with a G-Spot wand between her body and toys can get her ejaculating.
  7. You can also blindfold her and add sensation toys as above to add up the experience.
  8. Masculine/feminine polarity is created because you are in charge of the decisions.
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Take a risk. Try new things. Have some fun.

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