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Keep Her Coming

Keep Her Coming

Seduce Her Tonight


Features and Benefits:

Think on a grand scale when it comes to giving your woman multiple orgasms.

Discover How To:

  • Set up your “lover space” in the way that allows her to relax and surrender to your lovemaking experience.
  • Find “her spot” when it’s a moving target.
  • Keep a whole body orientation during sex.
  • Use refractory periods and peaks so she can orgasm time and time again.
  • Recover from trying something new to which she does not at first respond positively.
  • Handle the potential increase in the level of intimate bonding  that comes with giving her ecstatic orgasmic experiences.
  • Verbalize appreciations and talk about what you notice during lovemaking with a focus on increasing her arousal with your words.
  • Adjust when it doesn’t feel good to her, her energy is dropping, or it doesn’t feel like progress is being made.
  • Fight off the desire to have quick sex until she’s ready and her genitals are fully engorged with stroking and attention.
  • Be completely comfortable with what ever happens during lovemaking session, including any emotional or physical situations that arise.
  • Let go of your “goal orientation” during lovemaking.
  • Have your own complete “stroke portfolio” developed that moves her  up her climactic curve.


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