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Female Liquid Orgasm Home Study Course

I recommend starting with the Main eBook first and then watching the videos. You can listen to the audio files at the same time you are learning the Main eBook content.

There are progressive lessons which build on top of one another, and it is helpful to take them lesson by lesson.

When you have watched all the videos and read the Main eBook, read the second eBook, the Stroke Guide.
This is your end game, your goal. You will know what you are going for. But please, start with the main exercises in the Main eBook first! Do not try the Stroke Guide until you have done the exercises in the Main eBook.

Listen to the Bonus Interviews at any time. They are incremental information and other viewpoints from respected peers.

And remember, you can post questions, triumphs and issues in the Forum at any time.

Main eBook. This is the heart of the course.
Main eBook – Female Liquid Orgasm

Stroke Guide. This is the step-by-step tutorial that puts it all together.
Female Liquid Orgasm Stroke Guide eBook

The audio lessons and video tutorials are valuable supplementary material. I recommend that you listen and watch them when noted in the main course material.

Audio Lessons:

The audio lessons accompany the eBook and are helpful to play along with the lessons in the eBook. The audio lessons are meant for hands-on participation and correspond to the exact exercises in the eBook. I recommend spacing the hands-on exercises apart over a series of days or weeks to integrate and practice what you have learned.
Audio Lesson 1: Yoni Massage
Audio Lesson 2: Clit Boner
Audio Lesson 3: Finding Your G Spot
Audio Lesson 4: The Blended Orgasm
Audio Lesson 5: PC Muscle Exercises
Audio Lesson 6: Putting It All Together

Video Lessons:

The video clips can be watched in one sitting or as a corresponding lesson to the eBook and audio lesson subject. For example: If you are reading about PC Muscle Exercises in the eBook, you will notice that there is a corresponding PC Muscle Audio Lesson as well as a PC Muscle Video Tutorial. If you read, listen, and watch all three in succession, then you will get a full spectrum tutorial about the PC muscles from several different angles–hands-on/participatory, reading about them, and watching the video demonstrations.

Video Lesson1: Introduction
Video Lesson 2: What is Female Ejaculation?
Video Lesson 3: Awakening the G Spot
Video Lesson 4: Why Women Don’t Ejaculate
Video Lesson 5: The Blended Orgasm
Video Lesson 6: PC Muscles
Video Lesson 7: Giving Birth To a Squirting Orgasm
Video Lesson 8: A Beautiful Couple
Video Lesson 9: Solo Scene and Conclusion

These videos are from an actual “squirt date” under Tallulah’s instruction.

Video 1: Anatomy
Video 2: Warm Up
Video 3: Clitoral Stroking
Video 4: G-Spot Strokes
Video 5: Second Finger
Video 6: Free Form Squirting
Video 7: More Free Form Squirting

Bonus eBook:
Toy Resource Guide

Bonus Audio:

The bonus audio interviews are great to play anytime and give a man’s perspective about female ejaculation with Eric Amaranth, an anatomical/scientific perspective with Sherry Winston, a newbie/first time and comical perspective with Monika Thomas, and an interview with Dr. Patti Taylor and Yours Truly.

Bonus Audio Interview 1: Eric Amaranth
Bonus Audio Interview 2: Sheri Winston
Bonus Audio Interview 3: Dr. Patti Taylor Part 1
Bonus Audio Interview 4: Dr. Patti Taylor Part 2
Bonus Audio Interview 5: Monika Thomas

Ejaculatory Stories:

Sloane Fox intimately interviewed Me and 5 other squirtilicious girls who were very open and have a lot of sexual experience. Plus, she also had a complimentary audio interview with Miel, a smart woman and so full of heart to share her intimate life with you in hope that she’ll inspire and educate you to create powerful experiences for your woman.

Ejaculatory Stories: Sloane Fox Intimately Interviews Tallulah Sulis and 4 Women Who Squirt
Ejaculatory Stories: Audio Interview With Miel On Female Liquid Orgasm