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Erotic Vs. Sensual Massage – Can You Tell The Difference?

Erotic Vs. Sensual Massage – Can You Tell The Difference?

Tim and I are just back from NY where we enjoyed a delicious Carnegie Deli meal with our friend, Gabrielle Moore.

We shared a pastrami reuben, ricotta cheese blintzes, cole slaw and a scrumptious chicken salad, family style, while Gabby told us all about her newest program, Erotic Massage.

Because our top-selling course, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, teaches the power of female genital massage for arousing your lover, we told Gabby we wanted to make sure you had a chance to get Erotic Massage when she launches it Tuesday, August 30th 2011 at 6:00pm CST <<<

If you are not getting the quality or quantity of physical intimacy you desire…

If she is not multi-orgasmic or you want to help her go from clitoral-only orgasms to full-body orgasms…   nipple orgasms…

Your new found sensual massage techniques will have her squirming to get you to touch her intimate pleasure zones in no time.

Why I Love and Recommend Sensual Massage

  • Extends foreplay, arouses a woman slowly
  • Her body expands its natural sensitivity to your touch
  • Engorges all her erectile tissue network, so your touch feels exquisite
  • Relieves her performance anxiety about the act of sex
  • Opens her to pleasure throughout her body Awakens her “sensual grid” – the 12 channels or meridians of sensual energy the Taoists have mapped for centuries
  • It relaxes BOTH of you
  • Fill her with your love through your heart and hands
  • Delight your own hands by feeling her velvety skin, stroking her lush body

Even if you are already a great sensual masseuse, there are new techniques and moves in here that we are adding to our repertoire and so should you.

… to discover how to knead, stroke & tease every inch of your woman’s naked body…

… by giving her a FULL-BODY erotic massage.


It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to make a woman orgasm without turning on her MIND and BODY first.

And there’s NO BETTER way of doing it than by giving her an erotic massage!

So what is the difference between erotic vs. sensual massage?

Sensual gets her aroused and helps her body’s feeling receptors relax and get her in the mood.

Erotic techniques start to actually turn her on and take her to orgasm.

It’s of utmost importance to first deliver sensual strokes and wait for her to signal to you that she’s ready for more erotic touch.

Click to watch this new, sensual Erotic Massage video.

To Give Is To Receive!

With Love,
Susan Bratton

Download this FREE eBook to get more sensual erotic massage tips!


  1. Don’t see any ‘free’ video? I don’t wish to order the product to get to see a free video.

  2. Yes, the thing is that this kind of massages open somehow your mind about different ways of giving and receiving pleasure, and that´s very important for couple´s sex life.

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