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Single? [Brothels] Am I Being Played The Fool?

Single? [Brothels] Am I Being Played The Fool?

“It’s at times like this I know why lots of men ‘give up’ and just try to keep themselves ‘sane’ with regular visits to brothels.”

Hi Susan –

How do you suggest I find a women of the calibre for myself {I am totally single – you have seen my photos} as you showed in the recent email out.

I do have a Internet profile out there on and, but I am yet to meet up in person with any real quality women.

Any women at all as a matter of fact.

A lot of liars and online cyberspace players abound and that is the sad truth. I am NOT one of them.

I’m paying good money on these sites and even with a coach helping with profile writes.

I feel at times I am being played for a fool.

The idea or concept of a really successful marriage or relationship for me with a good women is, I feel, becoming more of a fantasy than anywhere near a reality as I become older.

It’s at times like this I know why lots of men ‘give up’ and just try to keep themselves ‘sane’ with regular visits to brothels.

– G

Dear G –

When I read the verbiage of your email, I feel the hopelessness you are experiencing.

Your song sings to me of longing, frustration and downheartedness.

“totally single” – not just “single”

“liars” and “players” and “being played the fool”

“giving up”

How will you find a woman of your calibre, G?

What is your calibre? One of sadness? One of fear of being taken advantage of? One of being downtrodden?

If you want to meet a woman, stop using those dirty brothels as an outlet. What high calibre woman wants you to be inside her after you’ve been with prostitutes?

What kind of a high calibre woman would consider being with a man who is in fear of being taken advantage of by other woman? Can’t you take care of yourself? If you can’t, then how can you take care of a her?

Are you projecting this negativity in your interactions?

What kind of man are you being so you can attract a woman of quality?

What do you have to offer? What are your gifts? What are your passions? What are you doing in this world to make it fun, good, pleasurable for yourself and others?

Perhaps a 180 degree turn around on your current mind set might be a great place to start?

Instead of coming from fear and lack, can you come from joy and bounty?

In that change of mindset, you’ll begin attracting higher quality women.

We women love strong, solid, confident men full of love and pleasure who are capable of keeping us safe, bringing us joy. For that we open our hearts, our minds, our Yonis… and love you back.

Get out into the world and find some workshops, some classes, some cause-related projects and start giving. Start giving your talents, start spreading pleasure. Practice flirting. Flirt your buns off everywhere you go. Spread compliments (ones you mean) to every woman you see. Find things to appreciate in the women around you.

See how they respond positively to a man who is confident enough to get out of his own misery and be a delight in the world.

That “Law of Attraction” is powerful – what you put out comes back to you. It’s a simple rule of the universe.

Buck up. I have seen your pics. You are a big, strong, masculine, solid, well-intentioned man full of love to give.

Start giving it. Without expecting anything in return.

And it will come back to you.

As far as Revive Her Drive and how that could fit into your new lease on life. I say, get it. It’s all about romancing and seducing women. Though I position the product in my marketing writing on my website toward men IN relationship — it will be invaluable to you as a single man as well in understanding how to be that masculine man women crave, how to romance women the way that thrills us, how to slowly awaken a woman to her sexuality.

Listen first to these modules within Revive Her Drive:

Alpha Masculinity with Carlos Xuma

Sustaining Attraction with John Alanis

Lifelong Passion with Alex Allman

Dance of Polarity with Christian Hudson

and the most important of all for this situation…

Seducing With Integrity by Karen Brody which will show you how to be honest and up front and confident about asking for your sexual desires with women.

All the info in Revive Her Drive WILL serve you well as women start flocking to you because you are irresistibly positive, masculine, loving and complimentary – focused on them with your attention and presence – which is the most rare of all male talents and the one we desire the most.

Go, give your love. Let yourself be loved.

Start there.

With Love,
Susan Bratton


  1. As a pastor of a church, I just want to say you gave excellent, excellent, excellent advice.

    Keep up the good work.


    Gary Palermo

    • Thank you!

      • Hi Susan, What you said to that man who sounded so bitter and defeated, is very good advice. I have gone through stress myself, and I always rise above it. Thank you for what you do. If I can contribute in any way, I will be happy to do so.

  2. Hi Susan first of all thank you for your advise. I have used your methods and ideas WOW is all I can say what a change it has made. It has taken our love life from ready to pack the bags and run to can’t wait to get home and see what is install for me tonight. my wife is orgasming better than she did 20 years ago. I have come across a snag in that after she has an orgasm (which she has said are that good she can’t believe it is possible)the problem is she has not orgasmed more than once as it is far to sensitive to let me keep going to give her another to the point that she says it is almost putting her off from continuing we have waited a little while but that can lead to not continuing or it is not as intense as it was at the start. what do you suggest

  3. HOwdy Susan
    Well you have said it with truth and conviction
    You are right on and I thank God for you
    Unfortunately it seems to be just all about sex these days
    and that is pretty sad as that soon collapses
    Keep up the good message and stay strong
    You are the kind of women that a man of integrity seek
    to find as a life long partner,lover friend and yes just a good mate to be around
    God Bless

  4. G, you owe it to yourself to reread Susan’s advise. Several times. Let it soak in and believe it. In the words of Pogo “we have met the enemy and it is us.” You my friend are your biggest problem. Some wise sage said “You are what you think.” I might have said that. Once you get your head on straight you will find that the world is full of quality, loving, sexy women who want what you want. We are all human and most of us have the same desires and needs. I don’t know anything about the dating sites where you have a profile but there are many quality women on the site, Match. You become a quality man as Susan advises and they will find you. Picking and choosing will then become your problem. Good luck and take it from one who knows, it is well worth the effort. Nobody said it would be easy. So persevere.
    Keep in touch and share you progress.

  5. I feel Gs pain. Im an honest, good looking, giving, loyal, passionate man and in my experience finding a quality woman can be extremely difficult and frustrating to say the least. Im not discrediting the advice given however after putting yourself out there many times being open and genuine and finding again and again and again nothing but dishonest, immoral, immature women i think it makes a man a little more hesitant and eventually feeling the way G does. I feel all the blame was being placed on him but we dont know that hes in fact projecting negativity i felt more that hes just venting searching for some advice because of all the negativity hes been met with. Does no one seem to notice this attitude that seems to be growing among women of they did it to us for years and now its out turn to do it to them? I dont even want to call it role reversal because i myself have never in my life ben a liar or a cheater or anything but a quality genuine good man and not a sappy weak pushover but a strong man with a good heart yet finding a quality wonan has been close to impossible. Im sure they exist and maybe one day ill find one buy until then i feel it is women themselves who have actually forced me to change my way of thinking and my behavior just to keep from being mistreated and hurt. These days it would take a really good woman and a long time before i would fully trust someone and truly let her in. I mean how many times can you stick your hand in the fire before you get tired of being burned. I do agree with the advice though because i feel this guy may need some healing time and just to put himself out there more. Not even necessarily to meet more women but in life in general and work on yourself and find happiness within yourself and dont be so focused on finding the right woman because its up to us to find our own personal happiness and stop searching for it within someone else and i think somewhere along the way we just might find that woman and that deeper connection we truly are seeking and wanting to find.

    • G:
      I was once in your shoes. Lonely, frustrated, and convinced that there were no decent women left in the world. My life is completely different now, and all I had to change was my attitude. Presently, there are at least two beautiful sexy women who will crawl through broken glass and kill kittens to be with me. They treat me like a king, and they know deep in their hearts that they are each my Queen. Now let’s get right to the point. It is guys like you, G, who keep hookers in business. If you think your photo is more important than your personality, you will have to continue to pay for sex. Women do not care what you look like, but they do care, and can tell instantly, if you are capable of making a warm emotional connection and give her all of your attention, at least for the time you are interacting. Women crave that feeling of connection and will do all kinds of crazy stuff to get it. Including give you her warm tender heart and sexy body. You obviously want that feeling of connection too, or you would not be paying another person for their services. If you just need to get off, Vaseline and porn are much cheaper, faster and less risky. You are apparently a normal guy who likes what women have to offer. Figuring out what you have to offer to women is the key to successful dating. Get to know your true self (The hardest thing you will ever do), what you want and do not want. Get down off your high horse and treat women like human beings with their own hopes, dreams and passions. Figure out what you have to give, and give it. Maybe next time you go to see your favorite working girl, ask her what she honestly thinks you can do to make yourself more attractive. She will likely tell you some of the same things I have. If you keep your mind and heart open, you will be pleasantly surprised at what the Universe will generously give you in return. And it won’t cost you a hundred bucks a pop.

  6. I feel for G’s heart, I had a online relationship for two years I thought it was just the best thing my arthritis pretty much ease off for the two years, I had almost forgotten I had it, back to my story we talked 4 to 5 times a week we first started in August 2012, in November she let it slip that she loved me, I’m 20 years older then her so I was taken aback, a couple of days later I said that I loved her, and we had-dent even meant yet our trip to the beach had to be canceled because her dad got sick the day we were to meet, there went my $350 deposit witch I never brought to her attention, we were still talking her dad had a heart attack, that’s not her fault, so after talking for over a year I had asked her for her cell phone number witch she refused to let me have, her excuse was her last boyfriend harassed her till they called the police, she said that was her excuse for not given it out even after a year of talking so much from 6 to 8 hours a night into the day. But we still planed on being able to meet the there was the car accent dent which crushed her thigh bone and she was layed up in the cast for nine months, I was discouraged because that pushed our time back before we would be able to meet. I mention to her that baby it cost a lot of money to talk on here have the Doctors said any idea of how long it would take, she said they haven’t by this time I was in love, deeply in love and stay with her online through I even though of having a date night to help get her mind off her leg and she was so happy and excited she couldn’t wait till Friday and we sometimes move our date night up a day or two, we pretended to go out to eat then find a place to make love. Her excitement was so high she had me giddy too. But still after 2 years no telephone number and waiting and waiting for her leg to get better. Then one day it was off but she needed to fine a replacement for her where she worked. They found one and it wouldn’t be much longer now, but according to her when she was with her friend who had a baby she started to feel like time was passing her by and she wanted a baby to plus finish school to, so after her promising me over and over with don’t worry baby we’ll meet your such a worrier I typed the words of a song and she read it to mean I was breajing up with her I told her I had no such thoughin my head almost two weeks later she broke up with me and getting mad because of my disappointment we wern’t ggoing to meet after a ll and I felt so betrayed I talk to another girl on the same dating site and she got so mad that any body would do that to me she wrote her a e-mail asking if she was fat and how many kids did she have then to top it off she wrote her I was going to send a PI to find her and she believe her this person she didn’t know over me who I thought she knew better then me myself , so she complained to the dating site I was harassing her because she though I gave her name to this busy body, I want to let her no I didn’t give her name to anybody then she threaten to call the police on me if she even though someone was following her, I was totaling devastated to say the least,I’d loved this women so much I would have married her but she had all these evil thoughts about me I just could not comprehend what I did except stay by her till her leg w as healed she even ask me way I did that I told her because I love you, something we have been saying to each othr for more then a then a year and a half, this is a sample of one of the last things she wrote me and it’s word for word about a trip e hd been planing she wrote me this “it is going to be simply amazing my love. I can’t wait.God I love you so,so,so,so,so,so,much my love:-)” then a long kiss MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, talk about a confused broken heart, and hurting

  7. With respect to the original post. Having spent over 12 months on a number of on-line dating sites I can agree with the shift in female perspective towards a more predatory and male pattern of behaviour. That of itself is not necessarily a negative thing, if the shift is expressed honestly. Sadly this is not the case.

    The effect of this semi=role reversal is that the man is emasculated, and the balance of a relationship is lost.

    Regarding the use of “seedy” prostitutes (and this is probably my most important point) – The clues to the way forward are scattered through the totality of material produced by Susan, Gabrielle, etc.. Constant references to Tantra, and spiritual and emotional matters give the clue. Men in this desperate situation must find a solution which meets their holistic needs – body, mind and emotion…

    The solution is to obtain the services of a “Sacred Intimate” (Dakini) who practice a system of feminine intimacy whereby a man can be led to find himself in mind, body, spirit, and emotion. I can testify that the experience is unique, safe, and fulfilling at all levels. Much more deeply satisfying than a superficial sexual encounter with a standard “paid companion”.

    Love and Light to all


  8. Why all the dissing of prostitutes? Is it because you are American puritans… They wouldn’t exist if men didn’t need them. They SELL SEX, pretty obvious boys, they don’t love you. Buy their services if you want to but don’t then claim that they are somehow dirty or evil. They’re women doing a job.

  9. I’m impressed. I thought you were going to soothe his little heart and tell him to be patient. Instead, you gave him the truth–get your (stuff) together. Stop blaming other people and circumstances.

    *thumbs up

  10. most important fact is, every individual have to make himself happy. build your self-esteem by falling in love with your person.
    Don’t engage your source of Joy on a mere human. Cos they are bound to imperfection.
    live life,love thyself, fear God, and enjoy happiness.

  11. The best thing that has come to our country ,to get the services required God Bless them in the work they do … its not an easy job

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