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Single? [Brothels] Am I Being Played The Fool?

Single? [Brothels] Am I Being Played The Fool?

“It’s at times like this I know why lots of men ‘give up’ and just try to keep themselves ‘sane’ with regular visits to brothels.”

Hi Susan -

How do you suggest I find a women of the calibre for myself {I am totally single – you have seen my photos} as you showed in the recent email out.

I do have a Internet profile out there on and, but I am yet to meet up in person with any real quality women.

Any women at all as a matter of fact.

A lot of liars and online cyberspace players abound and that is the sad truth. I am NOT one of them.

I’m paying good money on these sites and even with a coach helping with profile writes.

I feel at times I am being played for a fool.

The idea or concept of a really successful marriage or relationship for me with a good women is, I feel, becoming more of a fantasy than anywhere near a reality as I become older.

It’s at times like this I know why lots of men ‘give up’ and just try to keep themselves ‘sane’ with regular visits to brothels.

- G

Dear G -

When I read the verbiage of your email, I feel the hopelessness you are experiencing.

Your song sings to me of longing, frustration and downheartedness.

“totally single” – not just “single”

“liars” and “players” and “being played the fool”

“giving up”

How will you find a woman of your calibre, G?

What is your calibre? One of sadness? One of fear of being taken advantage of? One of being downtrodden?

If you want to meet a woman, stop using those dirty brothels as an outlet. What high calibre woman wants you to be inside her after you’ve been with prostitutes?

What kind of a high calibre woman would consider being with a man who is in fear of being taken advantage of by other woman? Can’t you take care of yourself? If you can’t, then how can you take care of a her?

Are you projecting this negativity in your interactions?

What kind of man are you being so you can attract a woman of quality?

What do you have to offer? What are your gifts? What are your passions? What are you doing in this world to make it fun, good, pleasurable for yourself and others?

Perhaps a 180 degree turn around on your current mind set might be a great place to start?

Instead of coming from fear and lack, can you come from joy and bounty?

In that change of mindset, you’ll begin attracting higher quality women.

We women love strong, solid, confident men full of love and pleasure who are capable of keeping us safe, bringing us joy. For that we open our hearts, our minds, our Yonis… and love you back.

Get out into the world and find some workshops, some classes, some cause-related projects and start giving. Start giving your talents, start spreading pleasure. Practice flirting. Flirt your buns off everywhere you go. Spread compliments (ones you mean) to every woman you see. Find things to appreciate in the women around you.

See how they respond positively to a man who is confident enough to get out of his own misery and be a delight in the world.

That “Law of Attraction” is powerful – what you put out comes back to you. It’s a simple rule of the universe.

Buck up. I have seen your pics. You are a big, strong, masculine, solid, well-intentioned man full of love to give.

Start giving it. Without expecting anything in return.

And it will come back to you.

As far as Revive Her Drive and how that could fit into your new lease on life. I say, get it. It’s all about romancing and seducing women. Though I position the product in my marketing writing on my website toward men IN relationship — it will be invaluable to you as a single man as well in understanding how to be that masculine man women crave, how to romance women the way that thrills us, how to slowly awaken a woman to her sexuality.

Listen first to these modules within Revive Her Drive:

Alpha Masculinity with Carlos Xuma

Sustaining Attraction with John Alanis

Lifelong Passion with Alex Allman

Dance of Polarity with Christian Hudson

and the most important of all for this situation…

Seducing With Integrity by Karen Brody which will show you how to be honest and up front and confident about asking for your sexual desires with women.

All the info in Revive Her Drive WILL serve you well as women start flocking to you because you are irresistibly positive, masculine, loving and complimentary – focused on them with your attention and presence – which is the most rare of all male talents and the one we desire the most.

Go, give your love. Let yourself be loved.

Start there.

With Love,
Susan Bratton


  1. As a pastor of a church, I just want to say you gave excellent, excellent, excellent advice.

    Keep up the good work.


    Gary Palermo

    • Thank you!

  2. Hi Susan first of all thank you for your advise. I have used your methods and ideas WOW is all I can say what a change it has made. It has taken our love life from ready to pack the bags and run to can’t wait to get home and see what is install for me tonight. my wife is orgasming better than she did 20 years ago. I have come across a snag in that after she has an orgasm (which she has said are that good she can’t believe it is possible)the problem is she has not orgasmed more than once as it is far to sensitive to let me keep going to give her another to the point that she says it is almost putting her off from continuing we have waited a little while but that can lead to not continuing or it is not as intense as it was at the start. what do you suggest

  3. HOwdy Susan
    Well you have said it with truth and conviction
    You are right on and I thank God for you
    Unfortunately it seems to be just all about sex these days
    and that is pretty sad as that soon collapses
    Keep up the good message and stay strong
    You are the kind of women that a man of integrity seek
    to find as a life long partner,lover friend and yes just a good mate to be around
    God Bless

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