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Take This "Multiple Orgasm Skills" Strengths Benchmark Quiz Free

nullScore Yourself: 13 Question “Strengths Benchmark” [pdf]

Give yourself 1 point for each Novice check mark, 2 points for each Intermediate check mark and 3 points for each Advanced check mark.

Download this free, private Strengths Assessment Benchmark Questionnaire from Tallulah and Sloane’s “Making Her Multi-Orgasmic” webinar and rate yourself.

Score your skills in three areas:

- Anatomy and Body-Based Expertise

- Emotional Support Ability

- Skills and Techniques

Making Her Multi-Orgasmic “Strengths Benchmark” <=== Free Questionnaire

Tally your score before – and then after the webinar – to appreciate your immediate progress.

Use your Advanced skills as a platform for becoming a better lover and add your new areas of knowledge from the webinar to give your lady multiple orgasms.

With love,
Susan Bratton


  1. I like to continue getting this.

  2. Seemed like advance class material to me.

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