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Take This "Multiple Orgasm Skills" Strengths Benchmark Quiz Free

nullScore Yourself: 13 Question “Strengths Benchmark” [pdf]

Give yourself 1 point for each Novice check mark, 2 points for each Intermediate check mark and 3 points for each Advanced check mark.

Download this free, private Strengths Assessment Benchmark Questionnaire from Tallulah and Sloane’s “Making Her Multi-Orgasmic” webinar and rate yourself.

Score your skills in three areas:

– Anatomy and Body-Based Expertise

– Emotional Support Ability

– Skills and Techniques

Making Her Multi-Orgasmic “Strengths Benchmark” <=== Free Questionnaire

Tally your score before – and then after the webinar – to appreciate your immediate progress.

Use your Advanced skills as a platform for becoming a better lover and add your new areas of knowledge from the webinar to give your lady multiple orgasms.

With love,
Susan Bratton


  1. I like to continue getting this.

  2. Seemed like advance class material to me.

  3. Those key points were so insightful and helpful for my better understanding of the female body. Thank you!

  4. The text was well presented and easily understood. I actually thought we were having it shown with real pics or diagrams?


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