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Squirting Tip #3 Straddle You

Squirting Tip #3 Straddle You

It’s FLO Week! And here’s a squirting tip for you:

When you are hard, lie down on your back on the bed. Have her kneel on one knee and straddle you.

Then she can hold your member and rub the tip of it back and forth as fast as she wants across her clitoris and urethral opening (under the clit and above her vaginal opening) quickly enough to make herself squirt all over your body and soak your cock.

This gets me off every time and makes me gush all over my man. Of course he LOVES getting soaked so much that he also likes when I squirt on him while we’re in 69 position. There I am, devouring his manhood as I am squirting all over his face as he’s orally pleasuring me. I’m getting off on both ends, from both orifices.

I cannot even tell you how turned on this gets us. Ejaculating makes me feel like a sensual goddess.

Ejaculate is safe to drink and it tastes different depending on where I am in my cycle. Sometimes it tastes like sweet hay, sometimes it has almost no taste.

My lover and I find this wet sex very hot! Do you?

Now that I’ve tantalized you, I have to deliver on our promise to send you to this explicit video Tallulah and I made.

This is not me in the video, it’s Ripple and Robert. Just listen to Ripple MOANING. It’s  a huge turn on for me every time I watch and I narrated the darn thing.

This is my double triple warning that this video is wet, sexy, full of moaning and squirting.

If you don’t want to see explicit video, don’t click on it!!!!

Click on the link below to watch this squirting video:

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If you liked one, then watch the other too. The videos for Wife and Girlfriend are different, as are the stories about Ross (single) and Mark (married) and what they did with Tallulah’s Female Liquid Orgasm.

And hey, although FLO is my favorite program for guiding your lady into her ejaculatory ecstasy, I believe in a solid education and highly recommend two other excellent programs on the market too:

Squirting Orgasm Mastery 2.0 has been completely redone. This is the online video series with Marcus London and beautiful adult stars which is great fun to watch for even more ideas like animalistic squirting and deep impact positions for men of a smaller size.

Watch it here:

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Jason Julius’ Female Orgasm Blueprint is another highly recommended training for G-Spot orgasms. When you opt-in (safe) for this video you will learn all about finding and stroking the G-Spot in this EXCELLENT free video:

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You decide what appeals to you.

Porn stars. (Marcus London and Girls)

A young male coach. (Jason Julius)

Tallulah’s female perspective.

Or get all three! My lover did and now I sometimes squirt a couple of CUPS of ejaculate which is the most transcendent, releasing experience of my life.

When you’re in the learning stage it’s a luxury you both deserve to own all three. What’s more important than the deep intimate connection you share with your lover?

Here’s the link again for you. Remember I warned you.

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 And if you haven’t yet downloaded and read Tallulah’s complimentary report called, The Truth and Myths About Female Ejaculation, grab it now here:


  1. I myself experience squirting orgasms. The amount depends on the day, and how much stimulation I get, so it can go from a trickle to a huge gush, there are times when standing that there is a huge puddle under me. Your tip #3 is right on, my man also does this to me when I am laying and he is knelt between my legs and I have my legs either up around his shoulders or pulled up as if I were squatting. He teases me rubbing my clit with the head and then enters me which in that position hits my g spot perfectly. After doing that back and forth he then takes the head and rubs my clit and right below, I squirt and gush like crazy. I do have one question. There are times when my cum is tinted yellow, not as dark as pee but a light yellow color. Most of the time it is clear, could this just be a little left over urine in the urethra?

    • Hot love play! Thanks for sharing. Though ejaculate and urine are both dispelled through the urethra it is highly unlikely their is urine in your ejaculate. Ejaculate can take many colors and changes based on your hormones, what you eat and other variables. Ejaculate can taste, smell and look different throughout the month on any woman. Bottom line, I’m confident it’s not pee.

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