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Squirting Tip #4 Flooding

Squirting Tip #4 Flooding

It’s FLO Week! And here’s my squirting tip for you.

The reason female ejaculatory orgasms are called, “The Ultimate Orgasm” goes well beyond the dramatic experience of seeing the watery liquid squirt out as PROOF that she had a sensational orgasm.

Squirting is ultimate because it GETS YOUR LIFE MOVING.

Every human ejaculates – every man AND every woman are physically able to ejaculate during orgasm. As a matter of fact, any woman can flood the bed with her ejaculate if she just learns how. It’s just that much of our culture isn’t yet aware of this fact so we miss out on our God-given right to experience this exultant release. . .

Unless you discover the easy techniques in Female Liquid Orgasm that allow her to feel that sweet, flooding release.

What Is Female Ejaculation

If you haven’t yet downloaded and read Tallulah’s complimentary report called, The Truth and Myths About Female Ejaculation, grab it now here:

The Truth And Myths About Female Ejaculation <=== Grab Your Gift

 Go here to watch Tallulah’s stroke patterns in this explicit video of Ripple ejaculating.

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Did you know the quality of your and your lady’s health is in large part based on the quality of your orgasm? If you’re holding your body tight from the stresses of life it’s like you have body armor on. And that muscular tension has a death grip on your energy.

The root cause of disease has been tied to sexual stasis* combined with oxygen hunger conditions in your body.

Orgasm is a function of letting go.

When you loosen the tension – the armoring – you have more ability to feel freely and express yourself. When you ejaculate you get healthier and have more orgastic potency. You breathe more deeply. Your energy starts to move. You find more joy in life. Less tension. Sex gets really good. You feel more expansive, more open. Your life begins to MOVE.

Whatever you’re doing, however you’re making money, relating to others, everything gets better. Your life is reflected in your body.

When you start feeling again, it’s not localized just to your genitals; it floods your whole body. You’re not thinking, you’re FEELING. And that mindlessness allows energy to flow through you like the rebooting of your computer system. It’s an absolute transcendental experience.

So after 20, 30, 40, 50 years of contraction, these ULTIMATE ORGASMS can get you open, flooding, feeling, breathing, connecting again with yourself  and your lover. Both the male and female body are designed to ejaculate. Everyone can.

The ejaculate that comes out of a woman is no more like pee than the ejaculate that comes out of a man.

If you do not know how to help your lover release… check out this links!

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It’s easy to coax the nectar from her flower, once you know how.  And having multiple resources will get you to mastery faster. It’s simply a matter of learning together how to give and receive this MOVEMENT.

Imagine leading your woman to levels of orgasmic ecstasy that has her releasing her Amrita (another word for the ejaculate) and really letting it all go. How powerful and masculine would you feel when you saw her showering you with her nectar? How much would she love you for coaxing this exquisite pleasure from her? How much MOVEMENT would this create in your relationship?

Tallulah’s course shows you how to open her up, petal by petal… As well as her trademark stroke patterns, inspirational audio coaching, explicit stroke videos and even a series of videos you can watch together, as a couple, that are female-focused.

And speaking of explicit video…

Here is a link to two videos Sloane and Tallulah made so you can see some of the stroke patterns in action, strung together by Robert, a master stroker.

Don’t watch this if you don’t want to see Ripple ejaculating right in your face!

Watch how far squirting can take you into immense joy together. There are 100 full memberships available right now for half off the regular price of FLO.

Get yours now before they are gone.

You have our 30 day money-back guarantee as insurance to get inside and see for yourself how beautiful learning to give ejaculatory orgasms to your woman can be.

Who knows… Once you see the quality of her ejaculation it may upgrade your own orgasmic sensation too. You could have stronger, longer orgasms just from leading your woman  toward what is already inside her waiting to come alive.

Here’s that video again.

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Let me know if my explanation had a positive affect on your opinion about female ejaculation.

*Medical Definition of STASIS: a slowing or stoppage of the normal flow of a bodily fluid or semifluid as:

a. slowing of the current of circulating blood
b. reduced motility of the intestines with retention of feces

Susan Bratton

I’d like to thank Michele Newmark, a Reichian Therapist from San Francisco, CA whom I interviewed for the Revive Her Drive Mastery Coaching series called Reconnecting To Your Orgastic Potency. She taught me much of what I’ve written above. I was enjoying my ejaculatory orgasms for the sheer pleasure and personal empowerment they give me until Michele taught me WHY I feel that pleasure and power.


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