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“If I could meet a man who could f*** my mind…”

“If I could meet a man who could f*** my mind…”

Erotic Hypnosis is not magical and it doesn’t require special powers. Hypnosis is a consistent and reliable gateway to sexual trance states of bliss.

Inside of trance, a person can imagine very vividly and actually feel sensations from the imagined scene. With Erotic Hypnosis, you can lead her to create more realistic and sexually exciting fantasies than she has ever experienced before.

So her fantasies can be experienced in a VERY exciting new way… with you!

It’s easy to do:

– Find out one of her favorite fantasies
– Lead her into trance
– Describe it to her with sensory rich detail
– Amplify the sensations she’s feeling
– Anchor the peak state
– Bring her out of trance and ask how does she feel?

Don’t be surprised if she jumps on you and wants to tear your clothes off! So your key take-away for today is to lead her mind. Or as a woman once told me…

“If I could meet a man who could f*** my mind, I would want him to f*** me.”

There are many ways to do this, I have given you three. The most powerful of the three is Erotic Hypnosis, because you learn how to speak directly to her subconscious mind.

Speak To Her Sensual Mind.

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