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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: Bonus eBook – Centerlines

Dr. Patti’s Favorite Center‐Lines: I recommend that you scan this e‐book before starting the program. Center‐lines are rapid ways to get centered (or to return to centeredness) when you find yourself drifting off course during a date. This is a common scenario when learning Expanded Orgasm (which is a life‐long path); there’s nothing like using Center‐lines to snap yourself back to the present moment with full awareness on the mutual creation of extreme pleasure.

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One Response

  1. On a smaller scale I can recall occasions when pleasuring my partner that I did drift off “center” and temporarily lost my concentration on what I was doing — pleasuring my partner. At those times I was probably unaware that my partner was sensing my attention was not 100 percent focused on her. I can appreciate the need to stay centered although the word “focused” also seems another way to convey what needs to occur. This is a more important concept and practice than I had previously realized.

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