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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight – Expanded Orgasm Revealed eBook

Expanded Orgasm Revealed: An encyclopedia of everything you always wanted to know about Expanded Orgasms. What are the sources of orgasmic energy; why do we focus (initially) on manual clitoral stimulation; what are the three brains and the power of heart, mind, body integration; and the unique benefits and distinguishing features of Expanded Orgasm.

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  1. Hi Dr Patti,
    do you have any specials coming up on your expand her orgasm tonight? in my currentcy it works out to be $588.06BBD. any bonuses for members? for a short time rather then life time?
    let me know.

    • Brian, We do periodically have sales and special promotions. The best way to make sure you don’t miss out is to join the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight mailing list.

      You’ll also want to join Sloane Fox’s mailing list too since she’s really good about letting her readers know about special offers.

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