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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight! The 21‐Day Program for Partners: The main program e‐book

This contains the instructions for every day of the entire program as well as the E‐Sensual Prep Section. These instructions frequently refer to specific supplemental content in your other program materials, especially from the workbook. You will want to begin reading this as soon as you are finished with Open Me First!

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4 Responses

  1. I was pleasantly surprised with my wife’s acceptance and open mind to experience this program together. Any suggestions on music for “setting the space/lover’s space”? Lyrics? – no lyrics?- specific song titles would be helpful. Eric Clapton’s – Wonderful Tonight can only be listened to so many times. Thanks – Tim

    1. Yay for your wife, TimV. If you are willing to share how you approached and communicated the concept of Expanded Orgasm and the 21 erotic Sandbox dates to learn how together, we’d all appreciate your advice. Though every woman is unique, it helps other guys to know what worked for you.

      As far as setting the loverspace with sexy music, here are my top recommendations.

      If you want updated sexy music that is only a step away from unplugged rock, try Sade and Morcheeba (earlier works such as Big Calm, The Sea, Parts of the Process – not there current work).

      What I’m recommending now for lovemaking music is OM Harmonics. It’s a beautiful blend of classic/newagey music without lyrics that has breath sounds and heartbeat synchronization interleaved within the music. Very sexy! It’s meant to put one in the trance brain wave state we achieve in meditation and in passionate bliss. You can get a [Free] sample audio download here.

      Here is a list of “aural pleasures” including Deva Premal and Jaiya’s Sexy Games [Free] audio.

      Here is a Special Susan Bratton Podcast Playlist For Awakening Your Woman’s Sexual Potential. [Free]

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