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Meaning Solution EGuide1: Live Deliberately

We are on the threshold of really understanding a shining idea: that each
individual life can have meaning, even if the universe has none. Each of us
comes with appetites, genetic predispositions, and everything else that
“human being” connotes, and still we are free to choose what meaning we
intend to make. This nature has granted us.

We make meaning according to our understanding of what principles and
values we want to uphold and in such a way as to make ourselves proud of
our efforts.

Creating your life purpose vision is a three-step process. First you
begin by creating a life purpose sentence or statement. Second, you translate
those words into a feeling in your body and a message in your brain.
Third, you begin to lead with that body feeling and that brain message,
making your daily meaning choices based on their congruence with your
life purpose vision.

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2 Responses

  1. Reading this first section and completing all the accompanying questions brought a big surprise. I thought some things in my life lacked meaning. It turns out that I had all along been assigning meaning to things, but without realizing it–meanings that were discouraging and self-defeating and virtual dinosaurs. Yikes! What a relief just to become aware I’ve been doing this and to discover the specific beliefs, and then to create instead meanings that are nourishing and energizing.

  2. My favorite part of this is the exploration of my value system. Eric, thanks for the list. It helped me get real clarity around my priorities.

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