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How You Can Make Her Come For 2 Hours Straight

Nobody believes me when I say I can be “in orgasm” for 30 or 45 minutes. I get snickers, laughs, eye rolls…

It feels lonely waaay out here in sensation-land sometimes. But you’re not going to feel sorry for me, are you? Not when I have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, sometimes for hours on end.

I don’t blame you. You shouldn’t feel sorry for me. It’s a fantastic life I lead. Great sex and sharing it with YOU, so you can know that it’s possible and have it in your life too.

So, let me tell you about last night. First of all, hubby was away on business and I took a little trip to see a girlfriend. I got back a day before he did and got the house cleaned up and made delicious broiled halibut, saffron rice and green beans for dinner. It was in the oven when my man arrived home.

I met him at the door in ridiculously slutty high heels.

And a waist cincher. My double D breast were swinging free, no panties on, just the shoes and cincher.

Oh, and I had a martini, chilled, two olives, in my hand for him.

First we enjoyed dinner together, catching up on each others’ trips and building sexy energy. Then as my man showered and shaved, I made the bed up with plenty of towels. I had the feeling it was going to be a night where I really wanted to let go.

He joined me, fresh from the shower and we stroked and kissed each other, but frankly, I was ready to unleash some orgasms and was edgy, and kind of anxious for him to touch my pussy.

Hubby is the best pussy toucher in the world. Maybe I should call him “The Pussy Whisperer.” The dude is SOLID. He knows exactly what to do, and if he doesn’t he knows to give me a choice of two options instead of asking me open ended questions like, “where do you want to be touched.”

How the hell should I know? Everywhere? Seriously, don’t ask your woman to think… it only eludes surrender.

So husband asks me, “do you want me to massage your back or belly?,” “or do you want me to start straight away on your pussy massage, since you seem so desirous?”

I asked for a little low back massage to start. If I’m going into a big orgasm session, I need to be really loose. My hips, back, legs, everything needs to be stretched out and loosened up. Often, I writhe around on the bed, getting into my body, totally relaxing while my man is getting the room warm, music on, lights just right…

You know those striptease dancers who do a lot of floor work? Well, all those moves come from naturally turned on women who are so hot to have great sex they have to writhe around impatiently, waiting to be touched. I love it when a stripper knows how to give a great floor show. It’s HOT. The pole dancing is interesting, and athletic, but it’s not a real turn on for me like a floor show.

Anyway, I’m writhing around under his hands, he’s massaging my lower back, my ass, my hips, my stomach. And once I’m opened, I settle in for a nice genital massage.

My man is “trained.” He’s been taught how to give me “Expanded Orgasms.” We’re lucky, we live in the Bay Area and have taken classes from two More University graduates, Dr. Patti and Nicole Daedone.

Both Patti and Nicole teach this stroking technique that lets a woman be in orgasm for extended periods of time. Instead of one orgasm, or a couple of orgasms, a woman has orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, all expanded in time and sensation, just be getting stroked on her clit in exactly the right way.

Patti calls it Expanded Orgasm, Nicole calls it Orgasmic Meditation. They have slightly different styles and once you learn how to do the basic stroke, you can move on from there to G-Spot and Ejaculatory orgasms as well as Deep Spot orgasms and as your body gets more and more trained to come, you start having orgasms from just being touched, nipples, or simply from the anticipation of having an expanded orgasm session.

We took classes at One Taste together, but I could never fully relax in front of a group of people. It wasn’t private enough for me. That’s why I preferred Dr. Patti’s “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: 21 Day Program for Partners” online course. All the material (ebooks, audio and video) are on a private membership site where we could read, watch and listen and then do the 21 Erotic Play Dates together to learn.

You can get 3 Free Pleasure Guides and an “Orgasm Techniques Mini-Course” here from Dr. Patti:

In a separate blog post, I will tell you more about my personal experiences with Expanded Orgasm. For now, I’ll keep telling you about the hot sex I had last night. OK?

So, I’m all warmed up, loose and ready for my pussy to be stroked. Husband puts in thirty to forty five minutes just massaging my genitals. I don’t have to DO anything. I just get to lay there and come. And come. And come. And come.

We are talking, between my orgasms and moaning. I am touch his back, holding his cock, stroking him. We are energetically connected. He’s riding my sensation, tapping into my orgasmic energy. He’s taking me higher and higher, very slowly. There’s no rush. I can come as long as I’d like.

When you give your woman the freedom to get turned on slowly… To enjoy every last bit of her orgasmic potential… To know that you will give her your full attention for as long as she wants it… That’s sexual mastery.

The beauty of getting my man’s full focus is that it allows me the time to get fully engorged, so my pussy swells with blood (like your cock, when it’s tumescent) and then I can really feel all the sensations. Every touch, every stroke feels so good.

It takes me about 20 minutes to get warmed up. If hubby strokes me for 20 minutes, my clit “pops.” It actually gets a little clit boner, a little hard on. And then it’s easier for my man to stroke exactly the right spot, at about 1:30 under my clitorial hood. (Dr. Patti taught us all this detail.)

Then when he rubs my clit, I just come and come and come. And since he’s already gotten me very warmed up, by stroking my outer labia, my inner labia and resting his thumb on the entrance to my vagina (this is called grounding) I really start to get turned on.

Sometimes my pussy feels like it’s sucking his fingers inside. About this point, I really want him to add G-Spot stroking. He starts with one finger, then over time adds two. The times I’m totally crazy for it, he’ll even go to three fingers.

We followed the Female Liquid Orgasm program by Tallulah Sulis to learn all the finer points to G-Spot orgasms and to female ejaculation. I’ll tell you more about that in some upcoming posts.

By the time I’ve started having squirting orgasms, I’m so happy. It’s such a great feeling, indescribable! The deep release that comes with ejaculating is a thousand times better than just clitoral orgasms. It’s like the difference between how good it feels when you get a soothing back rub versus how good it feels when she sucks your cock, really, really well and is totally into it.

Once I’ve had orgasms, then squirting orgasms, I am ready for his cock. Dying for it. I’m going to skip one part of what we do here and save it for another post. We have this most amazing thing around cock sucking and finger fucking that I can’t wait to share…

On to the fucking. It’s unbelievable…

I am so hot, so juicy, so warmed up and I want him to fuck me. The intercourse is amazing.

To be continued…

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  1. You are one hot lady.I wish I could find a girl like you. I have the same problem as Jerry. I am 77 and I can’t go out to the places where all the young hot girls hang out.I have tried the dating sites but I don’t think these girls are real. So how do I find a hot young thing?

  2. That was very good reading. Got to make some plans. Now if you’ll excuse me, gotta hit the cold shower.

    P.S. Don’t wear yourself out.

  3. I am Dallas’s partner, Lady D and we cannot find your article on “this most amazing thing around cock sucking and finger fucking that I can’t wait to share.” Where can we get a copy of your techniques about “cock sucking and finger fucking”??? I can hardly wait to learn all you have to teach me so I can surprise Dallas with your speial amazing things around cock sucking and finger fucking!!!” Lady D

  4. Wow, you cooked for him and cleaned the house? Don’t let the feminist hear you did any of this for a Man Sloane, you could get in big trouble HaHahaha!

  5. Thank you, Sloane! As a member! I have practiced diligently, and I romise, my wife appreciayed your input in not only EHOT and orgasmic pleasure for 30 minutes, 45 minutes and even longer! She begins her rollercoaster ride of pleasure quickly now and we always end by cuddlinng and sleeping well!

  6. All is good that you send even when they are three years old but at my age and looks it doesnt help,I like to get DVD but I don’t even have a mate. My problem is meeting them because ice been hurt to many times so its hard to talk to them or know what to say. This would help me then maybe ill be able to buy your hot steamy DVDs. You don’t have time for me but I had to get it off my chest. Thank you very much.

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