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Your Prescription for Sex-Sess in Life

Your Prescription for Sex-Sess in Life

For many men and women, it’s a long hard road to get to the point of feeling really sexy, confident in bed and living “in your turn-on” during your everyday life.

Like many women, I had to overcome some abuse. Yet I still had a reasonable amount of pre-marital sex. However, with the exception of a couple of mediocre lovers, the sex in retrospect, was grossly amateur.

No wonder I could never understand what all the fuss was about sex. I’d never had GOOD sex.

When I met my husband, we had good chemistry.

But it wore off. . .

He didn’t grow his sexual skills. It never really entered his mind. He thought he was pretty good in bed, because I could have an orgasm. (Now I want 20 orgasms!)

Imagine how platonic we became in our quest to build our careers and family.

I’m not unique.

Remember, this is the most common refrain of couples who drift apart and often, end up in divorce.

I invite you to think about how your friends’ marriages have been dropping like flies. Right?

That we wrestled our relationship back from the brink is testament to our willingness to get deeply humble, truly honest and know that though we might change partners, we could never do better than the spouse we chose those many years ago.

We were on a mission to rekindle our sex life.

I say with total conviction, that focusing on having great sex is the smartest thing I have ever done in my life.

I am happier now, more grounded, and more in love than I have ever been.

Take a moment.

Read it again.

Because of the intimate bond we’ve created by working on our sexual communication and sexual skills, we are happier than we’ve ever been in our lives.

When you hear my story and apply what I’ve learned to your life, does it begin to feel like I can make a difference in your world?

  • No matter how pissed you are.
  • No matter if you don’t have a lover.
  • If your mate is checked out.
  • You suspect them of cheating on you.
  • You don’t think you can even talk to them about your frustrations.
  • You’re not sexually satisfied.
  • You have health issues.
  • You feel like you don’t measure up or she’s faking it.

Name it.

Isn’t it interesting how the mind works?

Because as you even consider these two fundamental areas of focus that will truly affect your situation, your path becomes clear.

1) Learn how to communicate your sexual needs. (this includes finding a partner)

2) Learn about male and female anatomy and master advanced sexual skills.


Make Love.

It’s that simple.

Talk and technique.

As you realize you can overcome nearly any obstacle to getting the great sex that will make you happy (with the exception of mental issues where you simply need a professional).

Perhaps what I did will work for you?

Remember how I told you about our Expanded Orgasm practice (my “Yoni Awakening Tell All)? Then I told you about how I learned to have squirting orgasms?

When my man put time and attention on making me have fabulous orgasms, our world turned around.

It didn’t stop there.

  • Once the Expanded Orgasms woke up my genitals and I started feeling arousal…
  • Once my man learned how to get me to let him pleasure me first…
  • Once I began having all kinds of wild-assed orgasms, from clitoral to ejaculatory to vaginal… finally! (I had gone my whole life not coming during intercourse. You can imagine how frustrating it was to have intercourse with my man – he’d come and I wouldn’t.)
  • Once I trusted that he loved me enough to make me feel this good…
  • He started getting filled up himself from the great sex and his anger receded…  and he began mentally engaging in our relationship again…

Our whole relationship, then our whole lives, got exponentially better.

Now I am so turned-on I actually crave having his beautiful penis in my mouth, loving it up. Imagine how happy that makes him?

And now that he can properly warm me up, get me fully aroused, I can have amazing orgasms during intercourse. Yippee!

And we’re working on our intercourse techniques where I give him tons of feedback and he tries many different strokes.  Plus I’m learning ever-more about oral sex.

There’s always a new area of sensual growth and pleasure. It never ends, and you won’t want it to.

The advice I give my friends is to start either with communication or technique or both.

So you can communicate easily with your partner, there’s the Seduction Trilogy framework.

For multiple orgasm technique, there’s Expand Her Orgasm Tonight (start there) and Female Liquid Orgasm (if you are already a pretty good comer and want more).

As you click on all these links and get the generous free advice Dr. Patti and Tallulah offer right now, I promise, you will feel good about taking action. Often, it’s just the first step on the journey that reinvigorates you.

If you were to post a comment below, right now, with any questions you have about all this, what are you going ask?

And finally, let’s end on a laugh, ’cause that was a pretty intense.

Hey, Manly McHardon.  Read this: “Just Fucking Fuck Me, Already.” [best of craigslist]

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  1. Thanks, Sloane, for posting the article from the best of craigslist. It sums-up what I believe.

  2. It would be great to see some articles about relationship skills.

  3. You didn’t give a solution for you don’t have a lover.

  4. Sloane-
    I hear you. Thanks for being vulnerable.

  5. My wife and I have had a great life together, however, things really accelerated for us when I was in Asia for a month and my wife was at home. We talked about a lot of things daily by email and phone. Sexual conversation became part of each day. We planned my return home in detail; the lingerie, the foreplay, the positions and more. From that return home on, we have talked daily about our lives together and what we enjoy sexually. The sex is really good, but so is everything else now that communication is so good.

  6. Sloane – My wife of 16 years isn’t as interested in sex or doing anything sexy, like wearing sexy clothes, because she has gained some weight over the years and she says that she doesn’t feel sexy and she can’t fit into her sexy clothes that she used to wear. She has gained roughly 30 pounds but she still looks good and as her husband, I tell her that I still find her attractive. Would you have any good tips that you could share to deal with weight issues? I’ve never once said anything negative about her weight or her body in general but she said that the weight that she has put on makes her feel disgusting.

  7. How did you learn to have vaginal orgasms?

  8. your free eBook link to good sex did not work

  9. Great site. I look forward to making women squirt multiple times. With y po ur help!!!

  10. I know you are going to think this is really silly…. I am really new at all this and your work has help free me up to enjoy this part of my life. I thank you for that. Now, t am wanting to have some fun times with my honey. I’d like some ideas for when he comes in from work. I’ve sent sexy emails, met him at the airport in a coat where I was naked underneath, and met him in the garage naked with peanut butter on my boob…he loved it. Can you tell me where I can go to find more ideas to surprise him? Thanks again for all the ways you have helped us turn on our love life!!!

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