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I am Dr. Patricia Taylor, author of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and the Seduction Trilogy with Personal Life Media.

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  • Energetic MAPS
  • “Sandbox” DATES
  • The “2-Minute” Rule
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All this and more with no charges, no fees… simply to introduce you to my life’s work.

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What is an “Expanded Orgasm” and how does it compare to a regular orgasm or multiple orgasms?

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  1. Best sensual material on the net. Comprehensive courses excellent.

  2. WOW!!! I really love this

  3. Good day, my wife reeeaaallly, want some insight how to turn a man on, what he likes, can you please assist her?

    • instruction on how to turn a man on? really?, just get undressed!

      • Sorry, I submitted a bit too soon and didn’t finish my reply…. Most men are turned on by knowing their partner is interested and willing. Sex doesn’t have to be a series of exercises… just play, tease and ask each other how they like what you’re doing. It’s supposed to be fun, not work!

      • Yeah that’s right. Just show up naked and let the fun begin!

  4. Very thorough and concise – a delight to read!

  5. Will be very useful.

  6. Dr Patti, You are a great, generous, sassy and empathetic educator and I love you for who you are. John.

  7. Only the first of your three reports was I able to download.

    • Hi Roy. Thanks for the question. The other two reports will be sent one per day over the next few days to email address you used when you signed up. Make sure to whitelist “[email protected]” and/or check your “junk mail” folder to make sure that the emails are not getting caught in your spam filter.

      Personal Life Media
      Support Team

  8. Dr Patti-
    Are the you the teacher with whom Susan & Tim studied to improve their sex life?
    Suz mentioned that they got help. Am I guessing correctly that it was you?

    Matt Donnelly

  9. Thanks Dr. Patti for shareing all the info on a better sex life.

  10. Want information to turn on a man with new and different techniques.

    • Crystine, My answer will seem like no answer at all if you are looking for specific steps to take and certain techniques to apply. In my opinion a mechanical, one size fits all is not the best way to go. Instead, use your feminine imagination. Tune in to how your partner is responding to you, your touch, your voice. Pay attention to what happens when you make an effort to give him pleasure. You will know if he feels pleasure and if so, continue or try the next thing you think of that would be exciting and stimulating for him. His emotional and physical feed back gives you the clues to what is turning him on. Before long you will find yourself in the “zone” where anything and everything increases his passion and desire. It becomes magical. You can do no wrong and you will sense exactly what to do and what the results will be. It’s amazing. It works for me.

      • I like every women

      • Exactly what I needed to hear! Exactly what seems to be happening with my lover! Lucky me!


  12. they work wow!

  13. am glad

  14. Thanks Dr. Patti for shareing all the info on a better sex life.

  15. just so amazing I wish I had this knowledge 30 years ago
    Thank you

  16. Thanks doc! you made my day

  17. i have been searching for erotic hypnotism fortunately i got from i hope it will work.

  18. Dr. Patti, thank you for the information. Im going to give this a trial. Even though I am not in the early stage of marriage but married some 50 years. so I would love to be able to make our loved life better.

  19. My wife is not only very intelligent and analytical (brain always working) but she has ADD. Do you have any advice on how to best deal with those distractions? Relaxing her mind and focusing on the present is a challenge. Should she try more to concentrate on her senses in the present, or should she engage her mind in sensual/erotic visual images or ?? Thank you.

    • All of us with ADD have hyperfocus. Do the small offers, it’s utter genius. Mine knows when he’s on to something when I turn into an instant cavewoman. The roof could be on fire, I wouldn’t notice & I fairly sizzle with ADD. Best part? He came up with that all by himself…

  20. how to suduce a woman without touching her

  21. Realy good

  22. I like to please a woman. Thank you for the additional information.

  23. love this site

  24. very interesting,
    please keep sending your lovely interesting emails

  25. Hi dr patti you are so beautiful I love your grate handey work of explore a full oatomy of a women
    Vagina ” I call it the hole of creation ,baby I love you ‘what a wander work and year dedication and true love of your heart ” baby you are for real ” you avery nice woman may god bless, you truly ublan’o

  26. I will not use crude names in having sex from foreplay to success. My deep
    rooted feeling is that if your women do not achieve orgasms with you.. it is all a sad waste of time. I especially love lovely, fit 40+ year old ladies, past the age of doubt and games. Have sex sex ladies…feel the
    the burning scalp and tingling feet and shuddering body…plus more. Le petite mort.

  27. very interesting,
    please keep sending your lovely interesting emails

  28. If the material is as good as it sounds it makes my 70 year of successful love making look like I was an a matu

    • The information is better than you can even imagine until you experience it. It’s never to late to learn. And you are not an “amateur,” we are all amateurs unless we’re professionals. And there’s no shame in not knowing, just in not learning! Glad you are here. Take the next step. Expanded Orgasm is an incredibly life affirming experience for both partners.

      • Susan you rock. My girlfriend & soon to be wife says I hung the moon! Says she never thought she could orgasm in so many different and incredible ways. You and your gang fought me everything. Your teachings are amazing, you changed our sex lives dramatically ! Now she wants to know the secretes and lessons on masturbating me and giving good head and maybe things she doesn’t know. I try and teach but I’m not a teacher I guess she just can’t catch on to what and where to touch me! I’m not conveying something right! Can you help her with things to do to a man. Oh many many thanks again your my ROCKSTAR!!!

        • Kirk,
          You and your GF rock!
          I suggest you guys read this next:
          The Blow Job Secret

          • ” I would love to read this book,you guys are question is where wer you all-this time,I should have met you long-time ago.


  29. Thank you verymuch, this a great work that has been done with love and care.

  30. I love what is happening on here I would like some more so that I can gain more experience on my own satisfaction but at present I have no women to satisfy me or love me on me desires and pleasures and let me make a comment I masterbate every night on my own on my bed in front of ladys in the basques and skimpy clothes waiting for them to enjoy myself with them and have a great time with my hand and my cock so it makes me feel aroused and I finish too early can someone tell me if im enjoying myself but without a sexy lady in my room

  31. I love your lessons and want more

    • Your ebooks are very informative and enlightening. Thanks a million times.

  32. Where can I download the this program,the click here link has a pdf that doesn’t really hav much material,seems like an introduction to the program though,kindly provide me a link please

  33. Great Contributions! Thanks may not just be the word to express my gratitude1 warm Regards!

  34. Very informative and educational my wife really squirter a lot when we make love now, and to imply learnt this at the tender age of 48 it’s just unbelievable

  35. It’s really great…

  36. SHE Is on sedative pills sexual interest is almost null or no desire
    How can resolve her problem she is about 58 yrs

  37. She LOVED the heightened sensation your program revealed to me. She thoroughly enjoyed how it made her feel and was very very grateful in showing me how much she enjoyed the experience. Keep up those terrific ways to shower my partner with enjoyment.

    • I’m so pleased our techniques are helping you give your lover more pleasure! That’s the beauty of sexual knowledge. It keeps making sex better and better your entire life.

  38. I can’t wait to read this. Omg. Thank you in 76 and in sure this will be great. Would like something on how to blow a mans mind off Lola.

  39. This was really great

  40. do inform. enlighten me

  41. I had my woman climbing the wall backwards I gave her about seven toe curling orgasims.

  42. Excellent info and I KNOW it will work in practise

  43. Good so far…

    I was wondering when I will be seeing the next report. I have looking in my spam and nothing. I am very excited to learn and apply these new techniques, please let me know, thank you.

  44. i thought my partner was the best but after these reports, he
    has excelled beyond description

  45. Thanks very for your consistent emails and advice. Accept my greetings for the X-mass and New year 2017. Also wish you more grease to your elbows and many more years in your works to us on earth

  46. Hi I enjoy so much all the tips on learning how to increase lovers enjoying each other. I am in my late 60’s healthy & enjoy pleasing my girlfriend so much. She had very sensitive skin, to a point where fingering using my penis , or my mouth, she does not like direct touching of her Clitoral. I am very gentle & will kiss her softly & as long as she wants & let me all over her vaginal area.She gets very wet & drives me crazy. I drive her wild with gentle kisses, where she yells out for me to stop, at times. . But, she won’t let me kiss her Clitoral. How can I get her todo this , so I can take her to a higher level of enjoyment ?

  47. Thank you so very much for the time, effort and kindness you have put into your work.

    John R Davis

  48. ### Thank you so very much for the time and effort invested in this material. I’m looking to stay out of the Doll scene, value health, goodness, care and safety a great deal.

    I applaud your work k and hope to offer support in any way I can.

  49. How to sexually satisfy your man??

  50. Perfect for any great man who loves to treat a woman with love and praise

  51. V good sex tips learned. Thx. Pl send us more

  52. Thank you Dr. patti you know I can not afford your tapes right now so I appreciate your kindness offering a tidbit of information.


  53. SO far I’ve heard many superior techniques in theory but nothing about the actual movements and how and where to apply this…

  54. Hi Susan!
    I have learned so much from your videos and books
    I come from a catholic family we’re talking about sex was tabu. I am 46 and I am dating a 65 years old guy. Maybe because of the way being raiSed I am very shy talking about this things to my partner. But I would love for him to be more strong role model and explore so many things you talk about. How can I approach him?
    I am healthy and he has herpes and he always needs to use a condom I have a hard time having an orgasm
    Thank you

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