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"More Sex More Often" Keys to Seduction Revealed

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I am Dr. Patricia Taylor, author of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and the Seduction Trilogy with Personal Life Media.

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Enjoy this free report with my compliments as an introduction to this new series of 3 ebooks (+ audio books) about SEDUCTION.

More Sex More Often reviews the first of the Four Keys to Seduction, “A String of Yeses.”

Want enthusiastic “yeses!” to your sensual offers?

Every seduction expert and intimacy coach will tell you that women get aroused more slowly and need small offers to get warmed up. Only I tell you how to “right size” your offers to get excited, turned-on “yeses” from your lover.

Learn about “running menus” and using “biofeedback” even when your woman isn’t verbally communicating her level of interest or arousal.

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More Sex More Often

Next up, an interview with me by Sloane Fox about the Four Keys to Seduction.

94 Responses

  1. I want to be a student for all the right reasons and learn how to be the most passionat lover my wife will have had after your hot sizzle boooks.

      1. i’m a widower,and well the women i’m totally into ,seem’s as if i’m invisable to them,they don’t know i even exist ,been online looking to attract a new wife since my last 26 year old wife died in 2010;i’ve been unable to meet women,i’m a non drinker so don’t go out much,been single for last six years,this March 4;my wife will have been gone six years and she was the one whom proposed to me & pursued me since then,no women are interested i’m about to be 49 on March15th,2016;how can i get women like me dead wife to pursue me and propose again? sincerely anthony Gomillion of Las cruces N.M. eagerly waiting for good advise from you on my personal problem’s.

        1. IF you’re in a big city area – I think with today’s internet and variety of “dating” sites that range from Christian singles to F**buddy you just need to lay out in your description who you are and what you want. That might take some introspection – DeAngelis and Hendricks might be good reads during that process. Stay healthy.

          1. Also I think the couple of books (reasonable cost) by David DeAngelo may be of help in actually putting your operating scenario into place. Personally, I prayed and looked overseas to a country of similar values and faith as me and older man is viewed as respectable and established and desirable.

        2. Stop trying so hard to find a perm-a-wife to replace your deceased wife
          The first thing you need to do is rebuild yourself, meaning letting go of the past.
          No I’m not saying forgetting your wife I mean letting her go because there is no one out there that will replace her
          You cannot hold other women to your deceased wife’s standards
          If you are than your not fully recovered from your loss.
          You cant move towards the future if your holding on to your past
          I do hope I’m not being to abrasive
          But your message is very clear that your looking for your wife in another woman STOP
          you will never find her. You need to look at other women as they are ,themselves
          But start with looking in the mirror and yourself then go find someone else or maybe by then she might just find you first

    1. I truly wish you success, because some of us are still working on the meaningful relationship. So, your tentativeness to finding ways to meet her needs should prove beneficial to you both.

  2. Hi, need help

    My wife has been going through menopause for the last three years and have no desire for sex,how can I get her to be interested in sex again. I am a sex starve guy need help quickly.

      1. Patty left a good reply that got a bit hijacked by the reply to this.

        That really could be worth trying for a week, a woman feels sexy when she feels desired.

    1. Let’s keep it simple… Have you ever give your woman an orgasm? I mean one that she did not fake? Eyes rolling back, clawing into your skin, spasms or even squirting?

      If you did, you’d have no problem to invoke her desire for it.

      Learn about the foreplay. Learn all there is about woman’s orgasms. Plural, there are generally 6 types. When you unlock her potential once, you may be surprised that she will want sex far more often than you.

      1. You have the right idea. Foreplay is everything. With women, it’s all mental. You have got to get that brain of hers moving towards overdrive. Take your TIME with the foreplay, and start it simple, like lightly running your fingers over her skin on her arms then shoulders, then the sides of her back, etc. When you feel the skin tightening and the breathing getting heavier, you know you are on the right track. I don’t know how many times I’ve just got to the “good part” and she’s already having her intense orgasm, so it’s round two, then three, then four. No BS. By the way I’m 64.

  3. I will look forward to this information. I am 63 and still function sexually and want to keep it up as long as possible.

  4. This is nothing but educative and real help on building strong relationship. It’s restorment of broken homes and a happy family. I’m happy to say that Mr Patti was divinely commision to create a joyful life for both couples and singles. Thanks for not keeping it to yourself alone.

  5. Looking forward to reading all your material so I can continue to surprise my wife of 16 years now and still keep her on the edge of her seat so to speak. Love all the material so far and hungry for more so that I can be the best lover and husband to my awesome wife.

  6. Just received Patti’s video Expand Her Orgasm Tonight! which was very very good …. very well done…. and very informative!
    When I went looking for more information on Patricia Taylor…how to contact her with my questions …. found your web site and glad I did. Now, not only with more of Patti’s great information but along with the other information and courses, the education can continue. It’s never too late to learn more and more …. life will just get better and better! Thank you!

  7. Thanks for this.

    I am now with the woman I want. We have been going out once in a while for the last month. For her, it has been 8 years since been in a nasty relationship. Ours has brought up many issues for her. And a few of mine. We will work on this.
    To properly seduce her is an interest of mine. I want it done right. Not using her as she has had in the past.

  8. Exceptional advice. It’s rendered in a style that is easy to comprehend. I had to wait to discover these items until my mid 50s, so this is not new to me. But for many guys, it will open a Pandora’s box of understanding and remove a lot of puzzling questions that do not seem to get any sensible answers from their respective partners.

    Women’s wants change like socks. Women’s needs that are encoded deep within and hidden below the surface remain the same.

    Any decent mature (I do mean mature mentally and emotionally, not “aged”) woman will respond to these elements like a Stradivari violin in your hands.

    Even if you are just at the stage of looking for a new relationship, the advice helps. It puts you in a different state of mind, changes your inner frame if internalized. Women have some sort of a radar that can sense it. You may find yourself in a situation that there is no shortage of women that would give anything to have you as a life partner. I am now 60 and sometimes it is still surprising how many good quality women of any age are keen to get me. Most of them are between 20-36 years old. Older women seem to be intimidated for some reason. Maybe too many skeletons rattle in their closets when they are confronted with my honesty about everything, or they bought too much into idealization. But younger women have less baggage and the are drawn, and they can’t explain it. Even their social preconceptions vanish, they will endure a rebellion with their family if necessary to get what they feel they can no longer live without, and shortcomings become in their eyes endearing traits.

    A couple more elements to add. if I may…
    Confidence (there is a lot of misconceptions what that means, especially when the term is used by a woman, perhaps authors here can address it–it would take a bit of writing to explain it.)
    Decisiveness– somewhat complex topic but a nice example in the context of the article was the presenting of choices to a woman. It seems like she is making the choices, but the fact is she is making a selection of your choices. “Do you want red wine or white?” gives only two selection. You already decided that wine it is. The woman is glad that you decided about a direction of something and that she can have a choice–in a simplified analysis.

    This all is very powerful stuff, please don’t misuse it!

  9. I am trying to download this offer but it is not downloading. Please help me. I want to try this with my wife, as I am battling to get her hot and ready

  10. What happens when the guy is the one with the reduced or non existent sex drive? Even after a hysterectomy, though my sex drive is reduced, it is still off the charts some days. I don’t expect or want mind blowing sex every day but any sex at all would be good. Especially if it’s the kind you are trying to educate these men on. Hearing that sex is not everything in a relationship or that women are sex fiends like it’s a bad thing is bad for my self esteem and I don’t want to have to look outside my marriage to get the touch and intimacy I need. Sex is not everything but it is important

  11. Sex was the thing that drew me to my wife. Pressing her breasts against my back and things went only up. She started with a erotic kiss and soul kissed only. I was married at the time and she was our secretary. My wife died of a broken heart. Then we got married. Sex left the marriage. Now 13 years later and dozens of books , I still am looking for the right way to seduce her. She told me, I did not know how to seduce women. How many men do? That is the reason for all these books.
    Now, she is ill and uses that excuse as having no cuddling and especially sex. We made love, if you call it that 2/14/13 and she told me she regretted that too. I met someone in a casino, who took my breath away but was too shy to ask her name, email or phone number. I have been crying ever since. I live 3000 miles away from the casino. It is like looking for a fish in the ocean. Hearing that women love sex which is normal, is a slap to my face. Don’t say go back to that casino. I don’t know if she will be there and I would have to go there every day. So looking for someone who desires me as i desire her.

  12. Sex makes my life more meaningful, and for me it is an art which can be learned and i am a student of it. Daily I strive to improve my performance. Thank you!

  13. you have given me hope for a better sex life then some of your friend have. thanks and i know my girl friend will be scream thank you as we soar higher and higher because of your teaching

  14. I have been going through all the books and other various literature attempting to get my wife interested in sex with no success. I think that because she can’t enjoy coitus because she may have what I thing is called vaginismus, which means involuntary tightening of the vagina when attempting to penetrate. Any of the last times we were successful in intercourse she said it was too painful. I wish I could help her correct the situation, it just kills me not to have the intimacy.

    1. Depending on how long it’s been since the “the previous time (don’t like to think “last” time) – you may need a build up of trust, comfort, connection mental, physically, emotionally, and then yea soft erotic touch, there’s words of connection and words of what’s being felt and words of influence, there’s erotic touch with palms, fingers, mouth, nose, tongue and perhaps you can rest your staff parallel to her yoni lips and see what she likes to do with that and her mouth.




  16. Since discovering how to give my girlfriend squirting orgasms she likes one after her multiple orgasms. Yeaterday was a record she had 3 in about 3 minutes and was so ecstatic. Thank you for showing me the way to a womans heart.

  17. I get an error number and have otherwise qualified for your offer.
    I am 82 years old and really would like a relationship after 3 wives last two of which died from cancer within 10 years of each other. Please help me on my road of successful marriage relationships. Thank You.

  18. My wife had a hysterectomy and doesn’t want to have sex anymore. I’ve tried everything.What can I do.

  19. I have never had a problem giving my wife multiple orgasms during sex. I have even learned how to make her have a squirting orgasm. But there are so many ways to pleasure a woman, and I want to learn them all. We have had amazing sex together since I have known her. But I have also learned an incredible amount here, how to penetrate her deeper, different oral techniques, we can even have anal sex now thanks to the tips and suggestions I have read. And when the time comes, and I am sure it will at some point, I will have all these tricks and tips in my arsenal to use to re-egnite our passion.

  20. Thank you in advance. Can you please include a bit about love between seniors? I left my question in your question box.

  21. my partner has quite a few medical problems and one is discs that are bone on bone and very painful…also is o/weight..he can orgasm am helping to hold on longer….the thing is I am enjoying being with him and to avail can I reach an orgasm….is this because of overweight….would appreciate if you could give me some suggestions on this….men are pretty “touchy” when it comes to overweight……thankyou..Ritamarie

  22. hello dr pattie. can how tell me how to passionaty love to my partner for us together and enjoyed it we do liked making love . and happy about it any way it good for us both. thank u so much

  23. I would like to know if there is anyway to enlarge the penis and if so how I see all the gimmicks and fake pills are any of the the real deal. Thanks

  24. This only tells men how to get their lady to say yes, I need to know how to get my man to say yes to more! We’ve been seeing each other for 6 months, when we started we’d have sex every time we met, every day or every other. Now its only quarter of the time, he is happy to cuddle, which is nice, but I want him all the time, he is rather good at what he does, when he does it! Although, we have got stuck in 3 positions, with no chance of variation! Please help! I love him dearly but am starting to get a bit frustrated sexually.

    1. Susan Brandon has/had that Valentines day series of movie time lessons… Not sure if it needs to be his idea or yours though – some guys are like that. Sounds like a great way to have “date intimate” time and explore other realms of being sexual and close with each other..

  25. Hi,iv been with my partner now for almost10yrs
    And the sex has always been good,over the past 6/7months it has been out of this world,I will dress up for him and even dance on occasion amongst a few other things.I just want to know how to keep things spicey,and keep him interested in me

  26. I find Susan to be an attractive and sassy lady, i would love to go on a date with her, im sure would be fun… maybe i give 3 choices…

  27. Hai,i am a medical student and married,my school is about 500km from where my wife is schooling,we usually meet about twice in a month and every time we meet we both are expectant of a great time between the sheets but mostly am the only one satisfied even if we do it 4 or more times a night and that leaves both of us feeling low coz she didnt get there,am hoping your articles will help me a better man in this line and make my wife happy

    1. Hi Fitzgerald,
      I think you are saying you have sex four times but your wife does not have an orgasm?
      If that is so, the next time you meet, try spending much more time pleasuring her and playing lightly with her clitoris. Try giving her oral pleasuring. And play with her breasts and nipples while you kiss her.
      Run your hands all over her body. Tell her what you love about her and what you think is sexy.
      While you’re apart, make sure you are in communication with her and telling her what you love about her and what you think is sexy too.
      See if this helps and email me directly if you have questions.

  28. Iv always known my wife’s fantasy ov enjoying 2 cocks wile I go down on her any advice how I can make this come true for her

  29. you do indeed give great content in all your work I have been with my wife 16++ years your brilliant articles are about keeping things hot for a couple together for a long time with one or more children in the home ,those ones i like to look out tell me if you have any more about that due out :cheers

  30. Hi. I’m 75, been married, have been complimented on my intimacy. I find your information very valuable, and I’m glad to know that my instincts have always been on target, but now I know so much more. I have been alone (celibate) for the last several years, but I am in love with a lady six years younger than me. I hope, if it comes about, that I get to show her how much I love her. But she is scared of a relationship and keeps running away. We have not even kissed, let alone have sex. But I think that would be a turning point. I have no interest in anyone else.

  31. I want to make love to my wife, but she’d rather slerp. Sometime is wrong never right. I because ED Because of my diabetis. She won’t and can nor relax. I had apenile implant now my penis head is unary used and cold. Kind like my wife I am 72 and she is 69 any kind of help for me or should I just forget the idea of sex we have been married for 21 years.

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