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Seduction Stealth-Moves of the Master Sexual Genius

Seduction Stealth-Moves of the Master Sexual Genius

This is an excerpt from Dr. Patti Taylor’s “Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses.”

Your partner will always be your best teacher of what she likes!

The true Master Trainer employs the art of getting her to discover — and reveal — her deepest secrets!

The skilled Master Trainer is a true “pleasure-seeking device” that never fails, because he is operating on the biofeedback she’s giving him.

You’ve experienced feedback: information that comes back to you when you do something–for example, you step on the gas and the car moves faster. If it’s going too fast, you ease on the gas, in which case the feedback is that the car slows down.

Biofeedback is feedback in the form of biological signals like her heart beating faster, her breathing getting heavier, her skin becoming warm and flushed.

As she becomes sexually turned-on she’ll be giving you biofeedback signals in a steady stream. Learn to read her skin color, the fullness in her face and the lips of her mouth and pussy, her heart beating, and her breathing. As you become skilled with this kind of reading, you’ll learn how to feel her signals as a steady stream of ‘energy’–a kind of presence that’s hard to define but very impressive to feel. I suspect you’ve already had some experience of women becoming sexually hotter or colder and can think back to what those experiences felt like to you, in your body.

Learning how to give and receive sexual biofeedback guarantees that what you’re doing is heading in the right direction and leading toward those special happy endings.

How to conduct sexual training

There are (at least) six ways to train a woman. Let’s look at these six important distinctions: Conscious vs. unconscious, one-way vs. two-way, and verbal vs. non-verbal.

Conscious vs. unconscious training

Remember Super Secret #1?  You “train” (or entrain) your partner every time you give her feedback, consciously or unconsciously. Realize that your training starts from the moment you meet… and it never ends. Your only choice is actually how thoughtfully and deliberately you wish to train her. So the best time to consciously (or deliberately) train your partner will always be NOW!

One way vs. two-way training

One-way training: Train her without her even knowing it. Sometimes, it does not make sense or feel like the right time to have a discussion about sexual training in advance of a sexual date. (And by “date”, I mean any sexual get-together between two partners, regardless of how long they’ve been together.)

What can you do? Simply proceed to train her consciously, but without her knowing specifically that you are doing so.  Use appreciations, non-verbal communication, and your part of the training cycle – all of which we’ll cover soon–with your lady. This is conscious training without her overt cooperation.

Two-way training: Train her with her overt and enthusiastic cooperation. This is for when you feel comfortable initiating a dialog about training and she is excited to take this journey with you. You will teach her what you’ve discovered about the training cycle, and also about non-verbal communication, and appreciations. This may also be the perfect time to show her how to train you, consciously and deliberately.

You can teach her to feel more pleasure by having her acknowledge very specifically the pleasure she is already experiencing from your actions.  At the same time you can also notice specifically what you did to her, and for her, that she liked. You can also show her how to make requests. And, when the time is right, you can also let her know how to give you more pleasure, too, by making very specific requests.

Verbal versus non-verbal communication

You can also train her sexually using either non-verbal communication, or verbal communication.  I’ve often started a date using non-verbal training, only to “shift” into a more verbal coaching mode once the energy heated up. Every date is a little different in that respect.

So here’s the deal: Once you have set your mind to it, and have decided you will travel down this path, you’ll be observing, communicating and eliciting feedback… now you’re consciously training her!


  1. Thank you Dr. Patti.
    I always learn from you.

  2. I appreciate all of your important messages and your expert teaching. Things are moving slowly, but she is warming up more and more as she feel confident in me. I know that since she is A victim of Rape before I met her. Thanks for all of your help.

  3. There will have to be a great deal of one-way non-verbal training in the case of my wife because she is unwilling to have a verbal conversation with me about our relationship as a couple and she especially avoids any conversation about sexual activity. On the infrequent occasions when we have intercourse I make it a point to express my enjoyment and appreciation and her non-verbal response to me and our lovemaking indicates it is enjoyable and pleasurable for her also. She usually experiences multiple orgasms. Any mention of variation in our “routine” is taken as criticism when the intent is variety and a deeper exploration of her feminine sexuality. There is a lot of woman hiding in her body.

  4. Thank you Dr. Patti. I appreciate all of your important message and teaching your expertise.

  5. Thank you Dr. I honestly need and desire and ask for all the assistance and training I may be able to have from all of you please. I have 2 steel rods along each side of my spine , from my neck o almost my tailbone. I also have other metal and fusions as well. I have not had an intimate or (respectfully to you ) sexual time at all in 14″ years. Feel like damaged goods. Every word you say will ho me. Thank you and all of you there for your help and for all you do for all f us. God bless each of you and your company.

  6. I love every article,it works like magic and perfectly thanks keep it coming.

  7. Incredible thing

  8. I want information about guys and how guys work

  9. You are too good a communicator and a good teacher I have had more experience to the little I have before and I have actually practice and discovered that my wife is responsive and enjoyed my actions and she is asking for more. She now initiate sex discussions now I think I should say a BIG thanks

  10. Thanks,

    I am so grateful to you for teaching me how to love and pleasure my woman


  11. Thank you, Dr. Patty for your valuable advice! I tried to turn-on my sex-reluctant wife by stroking and massaging her softly. I got some sort of bio-feedback when her skin became a little bit wet, but I cannot distinguish wether this tells me that she is afraid of me intending to initiate further sexual activities or wether this a sign of her starting arousal and I should continue. Could you please give me an advice?
    Thank you so much

  12. hi Dr Patricia , you are doing great job of teaching valueable tips to the guys those need this very badly in their married life , so keep it up , Thanks ,


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