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Stroke Techniques Workshop – Overview

This 10 minute video gives you an overview of the core strokes you’ll use in your Expanded Orgasm date.

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13 Responses

  1. Why will the video not come up in any of the ehot downloadable videos get all the way to the black screen hit play and never downloads put in password and still nothing

  2. Can’t download the video files – I get a popup asking for my username and password instead. I have downloaded the PDF and audio mp3 files with no problems. Also checked to see if I had an email purchase message with a password – nothing so far… The video plays OK online – just can’t download it to my computer. Will you be sending the program on CD/DVDs by snail-mail as well ?

    1. Well, I can see your point, that she might get bored, but that does not happen at all, especially if all you focus on is her pleasure, I discovered about stroking techniques quite by accident. After 24 years of marriage, discovered my wife had another side of her as did I. Currently she has no problem with boredom at all, she looks forward to our dates, she has become multi extended o and this course is refining our love life to higher and higher levels,

      One thing I have found your partner needs is to be told by the giver it is ok to let go and your wish is for her pleasure and not on performance, we enjoy many times each day no boredom at all, she can’t get enough …..

      1. Romeo Phil,
        You have discovered the great secrets about women. We are insatiable once you know how to fill us up orgasmically without expectation. And the first step is getting us in the frame of mind to simply receive!
        Good work! Yay for you! I’m so happy you posted your comment.
        The best way for other men to achieve what you have is to follow the steps in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.
        When you click this link you can get 3 free pleasure reports, the first of which, Touch For Rapture is where to start.
        The 21 erotic play dates teach her to receive and you to give her these expanded orgasms that make her happy to have sex every day.
        Keep on keeping on!

        1. Phil has hit the mark.
          Forget about your own performance, only be concerned with your partner and her pleasure. You’ll find after that, the rest falls into place. It has for me.

    1. Hi BillyKid,
      The “anie” is the anus and rectum. There’s a sponge of erectile tissue up inside our rectum that is erotically sensitive and can give her orgasms if she’s open to anal stimulation.
      Some women like anal sex, some women like the stimulation of a finger, some women like nothing up inside the rectum but do like the anus stroked from the outside – the anus specifically being the anal sphincter area and the perineum, the skin between the anus and vaginal opening.
      If you want to stimulate a woman’s “anie”, you can even simply rest your finger on it lightly. That can be very erogenous to a woman.
      Always use lubrication. We like organic, edible oils, such as avocado or coconut, for women’s sensitive parts like this.
      Let me know if you have more questions.

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