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What Orgasm Training Video Would Help Me The Most?

I have been studying female orgasms and squirting for some time now. I know about about the G -Sot, A-Spot, PFE, AFE* and I use grape seed oil like it is going out of style. I use my fingers to make her orgasm before intercourse. One nite my partner had 20 O’s.

What I would like to know is what video that you sell would help me the most?



Hi Jeff,

I’m Sloane Fox, sensual ambassador at Personal Life Media.

You sound fantastic and very skilled!

I’d actually recommend Expand Her Orgasm Tonight  for you and your partner. Because she’s multi-orgasmic and you are so great at manual stimulation, I think you’d really LOVE an expanded orgasm practice.

Do you like connecting in with your lover energetically? Do you like taking her on an orgasmic journey? I know you love having her come and come, and I think Expanded Orgasms are perfect for you two.

The product includes a 21-Day program for partners with really sexy, fun erotic play dates that teach you HOW to give her these expanded orgasms.

Also, there’s a  new video series – 10 training segments – and a high level overview video that are hands-on with Robert and Camilla. The video is of her Yoni and his hands with Dr. Patti talking you through the whole expanded orgasm ‘date.’

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*The AFE and PFE are also known as The Deep Spot by David Shade.

The AFE Zone

The anterior fornix erogenous (AFE) zone is the area from the end of the vaginal canal downward about two thirds to the opening.

The PFE Zone

The posterior fornix erogenous (PFZ) is similar to that describe above, but on the opposite wall.

With love,
Sloane Fox

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