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How To Nail a Cougar [Clan of the Cougar Audio Part 1 of 2]

How To Nail a Cougar [Clan of the Cougar Audio Part 1 of 2]

Warning. This audio interview uses “dirty words” and talks about how a younger guy can sleep with a more experienced woman aka a “Cougar.”

Click here to listen to me explain: 

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  • What is a Cougar?
  • Why does the media make fun of an older woman with a younger man and not vice versa?
  • What is it about a sexy older women that some guys find so    HOT?
  • Are there really women who keep young men around for sex?
  • How can you spot a Cougar? Where do they hang out?
  • When you find her, how do you pick her up? Are there SIGNS? Do typical pick up strategies work?
  • Should you sleep with a married Cougar?
  • How do you escalate to sex?

This is part one of a two part audio series I recorded for you for FUN!

Click here to listen the part two of the audio series >> How To Nail a Cougar [Clan of the Cougar Audio Part 2 of 2]

There’s nothing to purchase.

It’s my gift to you for being with me.


Part 2 is even hotter.


Clan of the Cougar… Revealed


Roar! ;=)


  1. If part 2 is even hotter then I am ready and can hardly wait to Roar!

  2. Hi George,
    I’m glad you like the Cougar series. I appreciate the feedback!

  3. That was awesome. The hardest part for me is introducing myself to women and I think you’ve made that a little easier for me with this audio series. Thanks!!!!

  4. This advice was good cool and at times humourous I’d like to hear more
    and down to earth, oh and believe it or not most men are expecting women
    to have some cellulite.
    Hey you have a sexy voice Foxy hot stuff baby xxxxx

  5. how can a prostate cancer suvivor get help to have sex with an older?

    • Hi Robert,
      Congratulations for kicking cancer.
      What kind of issues are you dealing with regarding your post-cancer condition?
      If you can be more specific, I can likely help you navigate your situation.
      You may have to make some work-arounds and compromises, but there are surely many things we can suggest.
      Let us know.

    • Hi Robert,
      I’m glad you survived prostate cancer.
      Since the treatments can have many outcomes, you’d have to explain your current situation before I can give you some ideas. Are you able to get an erection?

  6. Thanks maybe helpful

  7. Fantastic! One of my ultimate fantasies! Having a cougar. The cougar is a tigress… Great stuff Foxy.

  8. good

  9. WOW , YES THANK YOU Susan THANK YOU SO MUCH your so helpful in your programs ,my wife is 61yrs old and says she doesn’t want sex anymore but wants friend ship ,me I have always been a very Horney guy and very open as to sex and very liberal I am 61yrs old and life is so hard sexually ,I LOVE SEX ESPESALLY ORAL OMG what can I do I like sex 3 or four time at least weekly xx

  10. your suggestions are focus on young persons they he no problem of errction defunction .i am 72 now i need suppliment of one pill week.before actucul work

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