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How To Nail a Cougar [Clan of the Cougar Audio Part 2 of 2]

How To Nail a Cougar [Clan of the Cougar Audio Part 2 of 2]

Warning. This audio interview uses “dirty words” and talks about how a younger guy can bed a more experienced woman aka a “Cougar.”

Click here to listen to me divulge this:

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  • I give an inexperienced guy a “Sex Plan.”
  • How can I have the most fun possible in a one-night stand?
  • My best tip for being a lover who gets a call back for MORE.
  • What should a guy know about seducing a sexually sophisticated woman?
  • What is a “safe sex and boundaries” conversation like?
  • How do I know what she wants?
  • What are the advantages of a younger man/older woman dynamic?
  • How did I get to this level of sensual communication?

This is part two of a two part audio series I recorded for you for FUN!

Click here to listen the part one of the audio series >> How To Nail a Cougar [Clan of the Cougar Audio Part 1 of 2]

There’s nothing to purchase.

It’s my gift to you for being with me.

Roar! ;=)


  1. Sloane,
    Wow. Hard core, to the point, no words minced & powerful! What else can I say? This is not just a treatise on relating to a cougar. Your concepts apply equally to intimate/sexual relationships that are truthful and from the heart. I admire and have infinite respect for your knowledge about and skills to verbalize EXACTLY what a first rate relationship with a woman should be all about.

    In my 70 years (yes, I’m a sensual senior), only two or three times have I made love to a woman where they were up for this sort of open, honest and straight forward approach to sexual pleasure. More often than not, in leading my lady in the bedroom, I’ve had to actually scale back the totally open and honest approach and try to lead her from where she was at. This is almost always the challenge us guys face.

    It seems many women are just too shut down to move freely into this sort of pleasure. I have a suspicion that maybe no more than 10% of them will ever achieve this level of clarity and openness.

    At any rate, thank you for the word pictures. You’re right on target. You should work on a presentation for women to steer them in these directions.

    • Hi Dick,
      I’m glad you are game for honest communication. That’s what it takes to have deep intimacy and passion, because honesty creates trust and trust allows surrender.
      We have a “presentation to steer women in the direction of honesty and asking for what she wants.” It’s called, “Her Sexual Trainer.” It’s an ebook and audiobook for men to lead their women into a safe, honest, surrendered relationship of sexual growth together. It’s part of the Seduction Trilogy. Check it out. It shows you how to have an honest relationship explicitly or implicitly.

  2. do you have green eyes?

  3. men that I’ve definitely learned something about pleasing a woman I know 54 and want to learn more

  4. I’ll say this … 1) it’s about fcking sexual confidence and the energy she senses around you that turns her on and how attentive you are to her . I have sex with moms that I don’t plan on having sex with . Gessh .
    I listened to 10 secs of this and didn’t have to listen to any more because I know what she is saying …. Jacking off is like man just don’t do it before a date you kill sexual tension .

    And women love to do their shit test , stand your grounds don’t give her your balls . Just don’t respond to much to her shit testing ..

    Good articles by the way

    Don Juan

  5. I have a problem with my husband even trying to please me. There is No foreplay towards me! Our foreplay is me giving him oral & I got to hurry up n get it in if I want to get off. Iv asked him to do something for me, he wants to know what to do n he doesn’t know what I like. I thot that wld b part of the adventure, exploring! Me telling him what to do takes all of the adventure out of it for me. I feel like its Always All about him!! We have been married almost 18 years & he doesn’t even know what I like, what to do, he makes No attempt of anything!! Why is this?! What shld I do?

    • Hi Shelly,

      Thank you for taking the time to post this. I appreciate how personal a share this is and how hard it must have been to write it.

      After 18 years of wishing for more adventure, you must be quite upset. So I am glad that you are still willing to learn and try to teach your husband how to bring you more pleasure.

      First of all, I ask you to forgive him. Until companies like ours at Personal Life Media and some of our partners started creating online home study programs about sexuality, the only place a man could learn was through trial and error or reading a book. Men are given no instruction, so it’s really not anybody’s fault.

      The good news is that our bodies have an immense amount of wisdom about what turns us on. You can follow your body’s wisdom.

      Also, every day is different and women, being cyclic in nature, appreciate different experiences every time they make love. So it’s not about your husband learning a set routine that will be the perfect foreplay pattern for you — it’s more important to establish good communication skills that set a foundation for discovery and learning.

      Why not begin as beginners together? Strike a “deal” with Mr. Shelly that you would like to try and guide him as best you can, and give him feedback so he can improve.

      Make a list of things that might be of interest to you for foreplay such as:

      — a shower together where you suds each other up and dry each other off
      — an oral pleasuring “sandbox” date where he goes down on you and tries a bunch of licks, sucks and nibbles and you tell him your favorites
      — a sensual massage with a happy ending

      Click this link and read our article on Sandbox Dates now to fully understand how this works best.

      I highly suggest the 21 Erotic Play Dates found inside Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. You and he can just follow the date guide and you will learn so many new skills and discover so much more pleasure together.

      Speak up for yourself. Get your guy enrolled in giving you pleasure. Lead him there until his confidence is great enough that he starts to feel safe trying new things. And teach him the golden rule of being a masterful, sexual leader: “There is no such thing as failure, it’s all only feedback to get better and better.”

      Let me know how it goes.


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