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If She’s Too Stressed To Want Sex

If She’s Too Stressed To Want Sex

We’ve been talking about stroking, engorgement and creating energetic connections.

All of these are things you do to “get her in her body.”

That means, slowing her down, relaxing her so she craves your touch and being with you intimately… physically.

Sometimes women who are not yet fully in their turn-on, awakened to their sensuality, can be nervous, high-strung or even emotionally shut down because of their fears.

It’s hard to make love to a woman whose in one of those states of numb, or fright or flight or feeding (some overweight women eat to soothe).*

So by bringing pleasure into her life, romancing her with the Stealth Tricks, using some of that Voice of Authority (Sexual Sticking Points module from Revive Her Drive) you are getting her to remember how nice her body can make her feel.


If she’s nervous or stressed out…

You might consider our program called Masterful Techniques. <== No Opt In

Masterful Techniques teaches her how to lower her anxiety through a series of exercises and practices like:

— How to release thoughts and get back to the present moment with Mindfulness Meditation Practices

— Tonglen, a Buddhist practice using breath and focused thought to change her experience in the moment

— Alternate Nostril Breathing, a yogic breathing technique that rapidly calms her body

— Emotional Freedom Techniques that instantly calm high emotion and release debilitating thoughts

— Develop her ability to courageously speak her needs with Compassionate Communication

By a woman, for a woman, check it out and give her the 5 free samples… <== Sign Your Woman Up FREE

And see if she might be ready to proactively reduce her stress and get more grounded in her body.

This will make the application of romance, pleasure and seduction techniques YOU’RE doing even more effective.

Alissa, the creator, is an amazing guide into the esoterics of relaxation and conscious expansion.

I hope that this hasn’t been too trippy for you, or too new-agey.  I understand that is how much of this sounds until you’ve had the opportunity to see that listening to a woman talk you through a beautiful visualization can be a lovely experience for you too.

Or learning to breathe deeply, or using EFT Tapping to calm one’s nervous system can provide immediate and beneficial relief from life’s strains.

With Love,
Susan Bratton

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