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Structure Opportunities and Issue Challenges

Structure Opportunities and Issue Challenges

Ross Jeffries is a famous seduction teacher known for his excellent NLP Patterns.

He encourages men who want to pick up and seduce a woman to “Structure Opportunities” and “Issue Challenges.”

There’s a parallel between Ross Jeffrie’s strategy for singles and Dr. Patti Taylor’s 4 Keys to Seduction from her Seduction Trilogy program.

Two of the four keys to seduction are Small Offers and Vision.

Small Offers parallels Structured Opportunities and Vision parallels Challenges in the following manner and can be used on wives and girlfriends to create a more frequent rich emotional/sensual opportunities for connection with your woman.

When you run your lady a menu of Small Offers and do it with Vision you are taking the lead in a masculine way and by initiating and having a plan – which is the meaning of vision.

And by running her a menu, you are structuring not just one, but a few “sizes” of offers so you can judge where she is in her arousal by her response to your choices.

By allowing her to choose from a few Small Offers, aka Opportunities, you get more feedback about her status and it removes any neediness you might show because you are less dependent on any specific outcome.

When you offer sex it’s a BIG Offer to a woman. Even a highly sexual woman.
Instead, when you run a menu of Small Offers, she has the luxury to scale up the Offers you’ve made if she wants more.

When Ross encourages you to Issue Challenges, he’s helping you maintain Polarity – a masculine feminine balance. By Challenging a woman, you show that you value yourself and your offers to her and she’s going to have to do a little work to take you up on your Opportunities aka Offers.

Here’s how to apply the 4 Keys to Seduction model.

Note: This example uses only Small Offers and Vision. It’s much richer and more powerful with all four keys, but I’m keeping it simple to best support this analogy to Ross’s concept.

Honey, if you are in bed at 9:30 tonight (Vision/Challenge) you can have your choice of a massage on any part of your body or we can snuggle and talk about our day or I will read you a bedtime story – a chapter from The Tao of Sensual Massage or the book of your choice. (Menu of Small Offers/Opportunity)

Depending on your relationship around sex with her, you can either escalate from there, or if you are still earning her trust and awakening her sensually, you’d deliver on your promise and no more. That way she’ll feel comfortable letting you touch, massage or snuggle her without fear that you’ll try to turn it into sex.

Here are more stories of Robert using the 4 Keys with Karen and Tom using the 4 Keys with Lisa.

With love,
Patricia Taylor


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