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Special Report: Female Genitalia: Anatomy and Engorgement [Free]

Here is the new Female Genitalia: Anatomy and Engorgement free Special Report, courtesy of Revive Her Drive.


Engorging Your Woman Is The Key To Arousal, Orgasm And Satisfaction

SERIOUS WARNING (Over 18 Only): If you are sensitive to explicit photos of human anatomy, please do not download this special report. By downloading this report you are agreeing that you are comfortable viewing explicit pictures of everyday women’s vulvas and genitals.

We normally charge for this special report, but we are making it available for our female members for free for a limited time.

It is our intention to educate men in the service of women to enjoy more pleasure and intimacy, but this book is written for both men and women to enjoy and learn about female anatomy.

This is version 1.0. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below.

Thank you so much for being a quality person who wants to learn and apply more knowledge to lead a happier, more fulfilling life!

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25 Responses

  1. Hi Susan,
    I have What I can only describe as ‘alien’ protruding from my vaginal opening. I am seriously embarrassed about this and wonder what’s wrong as looking first hand at a few others and talking to friends, they either don’t look at their lady parts to know the difference or say I should get it checked out. Sexual health clinics do not entertain anything that is not health related and have been told I’m having superficial fears without any investigation on their part. I am coming to terms with the shape and size of my lips as they are on the ‘large flappy’ side. But this extrusion is a massive concern. I have good muscular strength which is often commented on and I don’t feel like my womb/vagina is falling out but I still can’t understand, what looks like pincers coming out of my pussy. I do not feel normal and I don’t know where to turn for understanding. Hope you can help

  2. How do I tell if she is engorged when she is a heavier woman?
    She is always puffy down there.
    She doesn’t like to kiss with tongue. She is so different than everyone else. She doesn’t like foreplay, when I get her a roused she just wants me to put it in.
    I try all the things I’ve learned from you and she turns me down or just wants to feel me on the inside. She has had many squirting Orgasm’s.but unlike other women she always seems to cramp in her abdominal muscles just before ejaculations.
    Is it her medicines or just a rare case.

  3. thanks for these information I thought I was good at it but now I know the different hope she will find it useful and learn more from this experience thanks

  4. I can’t find a way to down load Female Genitalia: Anatomy and Engorgement [Free] – thank you for your help…

    ~ john

  5. Hello ‘SUSAN’
    I could not down load the photoes So I could not see all the good bits Sorry , But I would like to make a comment , OK here goes I have found that most women I have been with want to get it over as soon as possible , But if the women you are with dont uder stand their own body and parts , what do you do , a womans body to me is sencitive to the touch and needs to be explord to every detail from head to toe , but untill now at 75 I feel that the wowan I have found has got that something that makes love and love making all worthwhile I am not there for my pleasure alone | But to give the pleasure to her makes me feel good I do suffer from ED so the touch of the lips fingers and tounge are most important for Me to use hope you understand and can guide Me in this way yours truly { shifty } < nickname ok love your program .

    1. Hi Shifty (love the nickname),
      You should be able to right click and “save as” to your desktop so you can click and open the .pdf eBook and see the pictures. Try again.
      Lips and tongues are amazing and fingers are the utmost in dexterity so even if your ED prevents you from using that blunt instrument of your penis, much fun can be had without it.
      Learn well and teach your woman.

  6. Thanks Susan, you are filling a long awaited need for Senesible and Senstive couples to embrace togetherness. Because “IF THEY NEVER GO, THEY WILL NEVER KNOW”. How to overcome and get around the Fear by too many Women not allowing “Visuable and Internal Toutching” explorations towards engorgement needed fot them to Experience, Expanding and Exciting enjoyments?
    77 year young male

  7. Susan,
    As a Revive Her Drive subscriber I have just reviewed your Female Genitalia: Anatomy and Engorgement pdf. What Sheri Winston did with words and art work (Ipurchased and read her book at your recommendation) you have successfully expanded upon with this product. You have created what may well be the most lucid tutorial ever created for the sexual pleasure of women and men.

    I have long admired your communication skills with words – both written and spoken. (Your interview with Adam Gilad for his “Ignite The Spark Telesummit” was nothing less than first rate.) The Anatomy and Engorgement pdf does not disappoint in this respect. Well written throughout – utter clarity.

    The quality of the photographs is not on a par with the writing. I would encourage you to view this as a work in progress and continue to refine and update the images. It may be that some could be improved with skilled Photoshop manipulation, but I honestly feel that most should be re-shot. Several of them are too dark, a couple are not sharply focused and all could be improved with a more critical use of good lighting.

    Am I being hyper critical? Well, perhaps a bit. I had done advertising photography for 40 years prior to retirement. It would be wonderful if the illustrations were as well executed as the writing. I can well imagine what it took to get things to the level that you have achieved. Perhaps it would be best to seek out someone with professional level skills in what you require photographically (Hmmm, a “Genitographer” ???). It could be that a skilled bio-medical photographer – someone with plenty of experience photographing in operating rooms – would be attuned to proper techniques for this project.

    Susan, please take my comments as constructive. You have created something vital to the human race. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be developed out to be required reading for every college student taking a human relations course. What a contribution that would be.

    Thanks for all you do.
    [email protected]

  8. Hi Susan,

    Brilliant report! This is my new bible for female anatomy. Sheri Winston’s drawing on page 14 is the best I’ve ever seen! The picture on page 4 is the best “pleasure map” and guide I’ve ever seen as well as it shows everything in color on a REAL woman. (Love those sensitive cheeks and belly) I now understand the true purpose of foreplay and arousal…engorgement. I guess I never really knew about all the erectile tissue available for stimulation on a woman’s body. I though the clit and g-spot were it and I figured if I had succeeded is getting her nice and wet, she was good to go. Now I know better and foreplay has a whole new purpose for me. I can’t wait to begin exploring. Thanks for this fantastic resource!

  9. Great information in here Susan! I do have to ask: the striking picture in the middle of page 16 shows her inner lips matching her fingernail color. Is this body art or natural coloration?

    1. Hi Steamy, The pic on page 16 that you reference shows a woman with purple/blue fingernail polish and it does seem to match the tinge of her very engorged skin. Every woman’s genitals darken in color as blood engorges the tissue. And the color changes in hue from day to day. That “purple” color you see on her genitals comes from the engorgement. It’s not a perfect match with her polish, but it is in fact, her natural skin tone in that state of arousal. The photos in this Female Genitalia Special Report are not retouched.

      Next time you are arousing your lady, I suggest you describe the changing colors of her genitals to her in words that express their beauty to you. I have found that women love to be told what is happening and that it’s beautiful to our guys. We underestimate how gorgeous an engorged vulva is to our man. Use descriptive words like “pink tinged” and “butterfly” and other concepts found in nature.

      If you listen to the Erotic Communication module by Adam Gilad in Revive Her Drive:

      “If you’re in an intimate relationship over time, if you’re not connecting her inner beauty to whatever appearance her body happens to be exhibiting, I mean you can look at a woman’s laugh lines and if you’re with her long enough you’ll feel every laugh she’s ever had, all the joy she’s brought people if you’ve had children together. This is a beautiful thing and it’s an intentional thing by the way.

      If you’re just looking at her skin, yeah, it’s going to suck. But if you look at the woman you love and that you want to love – and I want to underline that – if you’re choosing to love somebody then when you see those wrinkles it’s your job as a guy to connect it to who she really is. This is a woman who has spent a lifetime bringing joy. Suddenly those wrinkles are the most beautiful things in the world. That’s number one is to be able to see through her body into who she really is. Great practice very early on by the way.

      The ability to see past the surface into what’s actually happening beneath, and this is a lifelong process. That’s number one. One is to connect her inner beauty to her outer beauty. And the other, this is very erotic, and I don’t think we can get into it very deeply. It’s in my work. People can definitely find it there. But to connect a woman, and particularly during sex by the way, her body and who she is to natural forces is something very, very powerful that you can do. If you get caught at the level of “You have a beautiful pussy”, it’s very nice, it’s a nice thing to say, but to be able to refer to her wetness as “I want to drink from your rivers” is very sensual. To be able to talk about her butt and her breasts as soft rolling hills, to talk about her hair as wheat or however you want to do it, there’s a million ways of doing this and it’s very hard to just jump into right now.

      I’m kind of getting a little turned on myself, but when you can attach a woman to reattach her, I would say, to the natural forms and to the beauty of nature, ‘cause women really are pretty much the most beautiful thing in nature to us as men and to plenty of women as well. Again, it takes her out of the smallness of her anxieties, and the worry about her body. And this is a side note, when I teach women I teach them never ever, ever to bring out any flaws in their body, ‘cause we generally won’t see them but once you mention them that’s all we’ll think about. I don’t know why this happens. She can be the most beautiful woman in the world but she’ll be worked up about the mole she has on her cheek or something. I mean women have, “What about this thing on my back? Doesn’t it bother you?” “No, I didn’t even know it was there. I wasn’t looking, and I really don’t care.” It takes them out of the kind of anxiety of who they are as just an individual mind inside a sack of flesh, to be able to connect them to natural beauty is a beautiful thing to be able to do. “

      1. I gotta tell you that my woman was NOT thrilled with using a verbal description of what was happened. I had hoped it would be exciting and help her understand more specifically her own parts. After cuddling, I posed the question- Did you like it?…. “No, not really hon! It was like a ‘play by play’ I could not relax, I just want to enjoy it. Could not get into that. I really don’t need to know. You know what seems to work with me and I leave it to you so I can just enjoy myself” So that is a different view. We are 66, and maybe a 30 year old with a highly active sex would be a better example. I have learned a lot. There should be a required course on all the intimate details that you teach before a marries or even turns 21. While my wife has said that I used to be knowlegable, I have learned a lot from you and your colleagues. Thanks, C.

        1. Hi C,
          Good feedback. Not everyone likes auditory feedback during lovemaking. Good for you for trying!

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