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Would you like to "come" within minutes of having a man touch you?

This is for the Ladies. . .

Gals, do you “come” within minutes of having a man touch you?

Would you like to?

Being orgasmically responsive has something in common with being physically limber or emotionally skilled — it’s something you can achieve with practice!

What are the benefits? Not only will you shiver with delight upon first contact with your beloved’s touch anywhere on your body but ultimately, your entire life becomes turned on and orgasmic. Really!

Can you imagine walking around in an entirely lit up frame of mind and body? Your walk will have a spring to it, and your smile a glimmer, and your eyes a glint that is indescribable! You’ll look – and you will inwardly feel – aglow.

Secret tip:

You want your genitals to be soft, relaxed and receptive before your partner touches them. Practice relaxing your body and mind before the date begins. This is essential to offset nervousness that is wired into the female brain that dates back to our female need to pick the right partner.

You’ll learn some very effective ways to relax and soften in my 21-Day Program, but a quick method is to take several slow and deep breaths, feeling the delicious spreading sensation as you do. I strongly recommend both partners do this. It’s part of entering that extraordinary realm of lovemaking together.

It’s a fact that women come very differently than men do. I talk about this in your free report, “How Expanded Orgasm Can Take Your Love Life to the Next Level… And Beyond!

And, here’s another tip. It’s been proven that as far as sexual apparatus is concerned, it really is all about using it or losing it. But that’s the good news. I’ve never met a woman who couldn’t develop your sexual function and become way, more way more orgasmic with training and practice.

Add to this a partner who knows just what to do, and I’ll show you a couple who is well on the Royal Road to a lifetime of Expanded Orgasmic pleasure!

Want to learn lots more about how and why a woman’s orgasms are different (and how to use this for big pleasure)?

With love,
Patricia Taylor

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