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New "Mastery" Interview Series Transcripts Posted To Revive Her Drive

Susan Bratton's Podcast Hosting

New Transcripts Posted to RHD

I just posted transcripts for three of the Mastery Interview audio series for Revive Her Drive.

If you prefer reading to listening or just really want to wring out all the excellent advice in these monthly mastery dialogs, feel free to download and print out these well-done transcripts.

Trust, Honesty and Listening” A Dialog with Otto Collins How to talk to her about your needs while protecting yourself from drama, stonewalling or anger.

Identifying and Changing Her Limiting Beliefs About Sex” with Morty Lefkoe Is it time to update what she believes to 21st Century conscious, open, sexually positive thinking? Learn how you can help your woman overcome negative family programming, societal guilt, religious shame and other limiting beliefs about sex.

3 Steps To Help Your Wife Access And Express Her Sexuality” with Calle Zorro. Turn the tables and watch as your wife magically begins to pursue YOU with these simple techniques that leverage natural human behavior. Find out how to dismantle her non-sexual perspective and to plant the seeds of sexual expression so she blossoms into the woman of your dreams.

I recently posted Month #5 with Ariel White.

Did you listen to it yet?

I’m always telling to you first romance her, then awaken her sexuality…

Well, in this dialog, Ariel and I give you a multitude of ways to do this.

I just finished Month #6 and it’s about intercourse.

It’s time for you to get really, really good at making her wild with coitus.

Dr. Patti Taylor (my personal lovemaking mentor) and Billy Sunday Mars share things they’ve never divulged before now. Just for you.

It will go live soon.

So catch up on your listening while you await Month #6 on Lovemaking!

With love,
Susan Bratton

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