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The Four Kinds of Touch

As a spokesperson for

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, I write a monthly column for Gentlemen’s Way magazine, distributed in doctors’ offices nationwide.

The March issue was a good one!

The Four Kinds of Touch (And How To Use Them To Maximum Effect)

Often, when obstacles to physical intimacy come into play, couples stop touching entirely so as not to “start something they can’t finish.” Instead of solving their issues, they lose that vital connection in their relationship. Over time, they lose the nervous system regulation, the hormone and neurotransmitter cascade of pleasure molecules, and the oxygenation of their brain lighting up from that closeness and pleasure with another who loves them. This creates a chasm. It leads to platonic relationships. And it reduces healthy aging. 

That’s why it’s imperative to increase the amount of touch you have even when your activities are slightly limited in the bedroom. Hugging, massaging, petting, and cuddling provide similar benefits to all-out physical intimacy. And once you amp up your touch repertoire, your partner will seek you out for more and more. 

If you’re reversing atrophy and aging through

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you’ll soon be back to an even more physical connection if you cross this healing chasm with a focus on the four kinds of touch you can use to delight your lover. Knowing these distinctions can make you a better partner and keep the intimacy high in your long-term relationship.  

1. Nurturing

There’s a touch that makes us feel nurtured and accepted—the touch you would give a baby. 

2. Healing

Therapeutic touch is used for healing. This can be done with a deep tissue massage or the lightest effleurage to move lymphatic fluid.

3. Sensual

There’s a sensual touch designed to delight our senses, which helps us enter a sensual trance state of relaxation.

4. Sexual

And then there’s sexual touch, a touch that’s specifically designed to arouse and stimulate.

Try these time-tested touch approaches:

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