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MFM: "My Husband Fantasizes About Me Being With Another Man." [Mailbag]

Red Lips Lady: Timeless Beauty

Hi my name is Rachel.

My husband likes to talk about and fantasize about me being with another man, is that normal?

I did have an affair about 10 years ago for a couple months and he knew about the sex part and he really got turned on by what happened and what I told he we did.  We used to have really good sex together during that time.  Does that mean he doesn’t love me because he like me to be with other men?

Yes, Rachel. It’s perfectly normal and more common than you imagine.

Everyone harbors specific fantasies that evolve over time and this particular fantasy is called, “Cuckholding.”

Some men like their wife to enjoy making love to another man and hearing and fantasizing about it and even more commonly, participating in the experience either by watching while in the room or even lying down beside you two and being present to the experience as you and your lover include your husband visually and with conversation.

“Your articles are very informative and everybody should take the time to ensure that their lover is sexually satisfied. One cannot have too much knowledge when it comes on to satisfying ones partner. I’m loving your daily newsletter!”

— Damian

Further, there are many men who enjoy sharing their wife with another man with all three actively involved in the lovemaking. This can be a beautiful, soul-connecting experience where you share your humanity and sexuality together in a joyous union.

One of the most common situations in this category of sexual play is called, “MFM.” It means Male|Female|Male and connotes the two men pleasuring the woman but they are straight/heterosexual and do not actively stimulate each other.

A lot of women LOVE to be made love to my two men simultaneously. There are many fun things that you can do together in a triad.  Being adored by two men at the same time can be a real turn on.

If you think this might be fun for you, and your husband obviously gets turned on by it, I’d suggest you consider trying it.

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is the place to “advertise” and find a lover for a threesome.

The net net is you two can find a sweet spot between your desires and his that supports you both by talking about and exploring what excites you.

I personally think it’s hot and adorable that your man finds you so sexy he gets off sharing you with another lover. He loves you, Rachel. I’ll be he’d even find you sexier if you explored this together. But only do it if you find it exciting too.

There’s a world of exciting sexuality you can explore together. Why not see what you might find exciting and discuss your boundaries and desires together as a place to start? Even TALKING about these fantasies will spark your desire for each other.

Feel free to ask me any other questions you have and I hope this was helpful.

With love,
+Sloane Fox

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66 Responses

  1. I have been reading all the comments and decided to share a bit of my fantasies. I am F 29, married for 5 years. The other day my husband and I were talking about what turns him on.
    He started telling me that recently he has been thinking a lot about seeing me fucking (that’s the way he said it ) with a stranger. I was a bit surprised but we did not talk about any more.

    What is bizarre is that a few days later I started thinking about it and it turned me on, a lot. I started making scenarios in my head during sex and during the day about meeting a stranger and making out. That made me have very strong orgasms.

    I did not talk about it with my husband but I think I will just to see his reaction.

  2. i sent an important question to you earlier on the subject of seeking to have a cuckolding relationship with a younger woman due to my being older and now a widower and exploring this type of relationship due to my age and due to getting back in the dating again and getting so much attention from younger women and thought this would be a solution to me perhaps having stamina issues that comes with age and now being older and me understanding women so much better now and being much more open minded in the area of a woman’s sexual expression and her fully exploring her sexuality and making sure a woman is happy and a satisfied woman. Just looking for thoughts on this.

  3. I had no idea my husband fantasized about it, we got married in our early twenties and about 5 years later he bought it up.
    His fantasy was about me being with another man but (his words) with a way bigger cock.
    This unveiled when he discovered a crush I had when I was a teen.
    One of my closest friends, her brother.
    The rumors were that he was quite well endowed. This got into some heavy talk during sex, I eventually said okay.
    My husband had gotten to know the brother and well, it happened.
    The result after was my husband seemed uncomfortable, he would not talk about it for months.
    Strangely our sex-life was amazing in that period.
    Fortified with some drinks he bought it up again and had us looking online. Finding the right male takes some work but well worth it.
    I enjoy that new excitement.
    It made our relationship even better, our sex-life is amazing, the attention my husband pays to me,
    I could go on and on and on.

  4. A lot of woman will have more than one sex partner. If in the past—is she with you now? As long as she comes home is what counts. It may hurt your pride, but maybe need you as her life partner, but also needs more from sex. Some look at sex as sex. Love is completely different. You know you can love other with or without sex being part of it.

  5. I thank God I found this site it a load off my shoulders ,jus to talk to other men like myself
    There’s is so much more deeper into this that I want to share my experiences ,but I want something from all you guys ,what I don’t know but I’m going to be honest I got a hard on
    My problem is5 inches ,she want saw but that’s what it is ,when she thinks I’m not she
    Looks at every black guy she can and she loves those long locks , but getting back to
    It .she want let me eat her ,if I was told that’s all I could do I would be in love

  6. Me and my wife watch porn before having sex and also wile having sex.My wife fantasize of me fucking that big booty in porn, just like hers, and I fantasize of her sucking on Big Cock. When she reach orgasm, she used to touch the screen on the laptop and moan whispering to me that she is imagining this BC is going in and out of her while looking at this hard and tells her to lick the with picture of a big penis and she does that. This makes me crazy that my penis kind of erect like iron rod and I fuck her hard and faster and cum quickly. We are black couples from Papua New Guinea. Would like to Invite someone over for a holiday in our country for a MFM or FMF in a hotel room to full fill our fantasies. In Our country, people are not open minded to do such activity so we desperately need an overseas guy or lady. Would be quite a good experience. Ask for email if interested. Thanks

  7. I will NEVER understand the so-called “cuckold” lifestyle, as I am a DOM, with two girlfriends, whom I,and ONLY I, give INCREDIBLE pleasure to! I learned quite a while ago about how to give women absolutely AMAZING pleasure, and that this is an EVER-GROWING, LIFETIME process! I mean, we’re talking foreplay, continuous, multiple orgasms, orgasms-on-command, etc. I truly ENJOY doing so!!!!!

    My women’s thoughts are consumed with me, and me alone, and have no desire whatsoever to be with another guy, so why any man would want to either watch, listen to, or hear about his woman with another male is totally beyond me, but I guess to each his/her own.

  8. A few years ago my husband admitted to me that he had fantasies about me having sex with other men. We talked about it and I could see how turned on he got when I told him about my lovers from before we married and some of my fantasies. One that really turned him on was me seducing my boss to get a raise.
    Of course it was all fantasy and I had no intention of ever going thru with it. Then one night we where out having dinner and this really hot guy walked by. I openly checked him out, watching his tight ass walking by. I looked over at Tom and he was just smiling and he said I bet you want him don’t you? I said of course, thinking it would turn him on. And yes the thought of doing that guy was a turn on.
    A few minutes later I went to the ladies room and when I came back Tom was smiling from ear to ear then Jack came up and asked me to dance! I was so shocked I didn’t even answer. Tom said go ahead, enjoy yourself. I got up and danced. He held me tight and all I could think of was is this happening?
    Jack walked me back to our table and Tom invited him to sit down. I was wedged between them and getting turned on. I wondered how far this would go, not sure how far I wanted it to go and being really scared along with being really turned on.
    A few drinks later and feeling Jack’s leg next to me I took a chance and laid my hand on his leg. Tom could see what I was doing and he didn’t stop me. Then Tom suggested we go outside for a “smoke” I knew that along with the drinks was too much for me. I knew if we went outside I would lose control and what then?
    We went to the far end of the parking lot where we had parked and fired up. No one was around and I felt it hit me. Tom suggested we go for a drive but opened the back door for me and I got in followed by Jack. Before we got out of the parking lot Jack was on me and I wasn’t fighting it. We where kissing and he was pulling at my clothes. Tom was looking way too much in the rear view mirror and I could see his eyes as Jack finished undressing me. He took my hand and put it on his erection. It was super hard and big, not huge but bigger than Tom’s.
    I dropped down and put it in my mouth and suckled on it. Jack just sat back and at that point I decided to do that and hopefully he would cum and I planned on letting it shoot all over but not swallow. I guess I was coming to my senses.
    Then he pulled me up and in one swift motion he pulled me up and on top of him and then he was inside me. I went at it and loved it. I came over and over until Jack finally finished. I just sat there with him still inside me as Tom pulled back into the parking lot. Jack carefully lifted me off and dressed. He said goodbye and got out.
    I just laid down on the back seat as Tom drove me home. I began to get really scared about how Tom was going to act. He pulled into our garage and closed the door. He got out and opened the door. I had tried to pull on my clothes but had given up. He looked down at me, naked, stoned, drunk and just been fucked.
    He picked me up and carried me to bed and we made love. I woke up the next morning sore and confused. I would never enjoy Tom being with another woman so how was it a turn on for me to have sex with another man?
    He got up and hugged me and told me that was the hottest night he ever had and that he loved me so much. Fast forward to now, we have had several experiences with other men and I am loving it. Tom is still turned on for weeks afterwards and our marriage is stronger than ever.

    1. That’s a dream many men’s dream including mine,,,
      My problem when we met she was 40 ani 40
      But now she is 70 and hot but she don’t like sex none
      Period, I would be her slave ,anything thing
      Now we no Ineed sex ,need to go down on any woman
      That’s how desperate masterbation is over radeted ,I done want a divorce ,after 323 years ,

  9. Me and my wife often rolled play during sex. One night out she even said to go ahead and surprise her without her knowledge. So i planned it out and got a room near a weeding we attended. I found a younger guy then us who i knew she would find handsome. To my dismay she found him to young. So his role was to pretend to be a massage guy.He arrived and she got ready. With only wearing a white lace thong she came out her shower only wrapped in a towel. Then she laid on the bed and he began to rub her back. My wife of 16 years is hot at only 36. I immediatly seen his reaction to her huge ass. But to my dismay He rushed and try to touch my wifes kitty to quick. He didnt not take his time to calm her and relax her as she began to become reluctant because after all its always been more of my fantasy. So after a while i was rubbing her nipples under her towl and he was rubbing her legs she asked him to leave already. Then we had amazing sex. I felt bad for the poor guy but He should have played his game right. I gave him the plan but he didnt follow the rules.

    1. I’m 45 my wife is 34. To spice things up after 11 years of marriage I started telling her about my fantasy of another guy giving her an erotic message and possibly penetrating her. She played along for two or three times then started to become uncomfortable. She didn’t come out with it but I sensed it. She started asking my why I wouldn’t feel jealous! This killed all the fun for me. I must admit though, I wouldn’t probably act on my fantasy if she was ok with it. Many years ago before we got married I went to nude beaches a few times. She gets wet listening to my stories from those days…

      1. Moe,
        I am glad you have a good fantasy life. I think your wife just got insecure. She just needs to understand how many people, both men and women, find it incredibly sexy to have their partner make love to someone else. That it’s not a reflection about how much you love her, it’s just a very common fantasy that turns people on. It’s taboo, which makes it hot for many.
        Explain that to her and start exploring your fantasies together again.

    2. Hi Big Dave,
      Good for you and your wife for trying to act out a hot fantasy. And good for the guy for trying too. Practice makes perfect, honey. Just think about all you did accomplish. And if at first you don’t succeed…
      Try Try Again,

  10. Im a black male and most men in my culture would not admit to this they stuck on the porn industry of being the “Bull”. But I fantasize often about it and would love to have another man join us, I want to lick her while he does her doggy style. Im not gay or bi and not a cuckold just want my wife to have many O’s as possible and have extra hands, lips, and of course another penis for some hot fun. But she is very religious and feels she can’t do it bc its not “right”. I feel as long as I okay then it doesn’t matter what others say, I’m confident in myself and not jealous at all and I take care of home great husband, but i guess i have to live with it being just a fantasy.

    1. Keith,
      As you can see by the comments on this post, you are not alone in this fantasy. Two men with one woman is as classic a desire as one man with two women.
      For many, the idea of teaming up as non-sexual brothers to give a woman incredible pleasure is as primal as lovemaking. It’s in our bones, man.
      Religion and societal repression extinguish women’s sexual desires. Try and figure out how you might make it very safe for her to have this experience with you. Start just with fantasy questions such as, “Let’s just pretend. We won’t take action. But will you indulge me in the fantasy of completely fulfilling you with the help of a sexy friend? What would that look like for you? What would cause you to worry? What would be the most exciting part? What scares you the most?”
      Just getting her in safe dialog and starting very slowly might give her the courage to have the experience for real sometime in the future. And if not, well, you had some sexy and revealing conversations.
      Do this talking while you’re giving her a vulva massage and it might go even better.
      Never Say Die!

  11. My husband and I had a long term fling with a close friends couple. We swapped a few times a year and this was the only swinging we did. Her and I brought it up and convinced our husbands that it was right for us. For all of us, it was very up lifting and good for our marriages. We made love in front of each other many times and the guys seemed to love watching. I have often wondered how many other close friends trade, its so exciting and is like having two husbands !!

  12. I sort of tricked my wife into having a sort of mfm, we went to a adult club, she didn’t know it was, she thought it was a night club and it was fancy dress, then she realised and went mad, she eventually calmed down and got talking to this lovely couple they told my wife all about the club and was quite calm, he then started complimenting her he new what he was doing they also described what they did, I could see her getting turned on, he asked her what was the biggest cock you had she said big with a chuckle of laughter he then anything like this omg her eyes went very wide and bluster out omg no, he was nearly 9 he said surfice to say he did fuck her well after lot of coercion

  13. Hi,
    I am male 40, Sydney, I am interested to this topic and had a chat with my wife. She says yeah… and no…, yeah…. no….. I am thinking she will be ok at the right time.
    lets stay in touch.

    1. Mona,
      I’m interested…Easy going, white, normal, strong,sensual, with experience and endurance…are you interested…?

    2. We could start with sharing pics may be? It is amazing & so comforting to see likeminded people.
      Thank you

  14. I have been wanting my wife to do this for quite some time she fantasizes about it all the time but says she would be to nervous to do it to be able to see her being taken by another man is such a turn on

    1. I’m interested…layed back, sensual, strong, with experience and endurance…are you interested…Steve

  15. I have enjoyed my wife being with other men. I love leaving her in the pub and bringing men home. It’s been great I love it. I want her to find a long term relationship seeing her go out all the time, him coming hear and telling me to leave the room. I am currently trying to get her to find a man to move in.

  16. My wife and I have been married for 31 years. Eight years ago she was contacted by her old boy friend who works for the same company but in another city same state as we live. I asked her if she was still attracted to him and she said yes but he is married. I got pretty excited as she knows I have been wanting her to be with another man. Later that night she reached down and i was pretty aroused in my nylon panties (yes) i wear. She said what if Tom came onto me? I said kiss him deep and she slowly stroked me. She knew i was very excited and i blurted out take him to bed. She said really?…YES

    I said don’t just “F”uk him, take him to bed wrap your stockinged legs around him and make love to him. She was like I know you have been wanting this for ages, Yes.

    Its been slightly eight years and its been great for all 3 of us. Best thing we have done in our marriage.

  17. that is my dream to meet a couple an play. I watch porn where a nude cheating wife is doing a guy. I could understand both of their views or desires. it is that sick but erotic idea that gets me through when I find myself like now , after reading that, in those long lonely sleepless nights I use that idea an sometimes it lasts all night long. in fact, I have had friends who invited me over, brought a tooth brush drank beer an when she said strip I enjoyed being of service … wish those days were still here love sex parties

  18. Hi,

    I actually lived the fantasy several times over. And for me it was a huge turn on and it actually increased the quality of sex between me and my wife manifold.

    My wife was game for it as long it was good looking guy. One particular guy was invited at least three nights. My wife would insist she fucks with him without me watching at least once. And I didn’t have any issues.

    I am 50 and she is 40 and we are emotionally and physically attracted towards each other even after fifteen years of marriage.

  19. True that women are wired differently than men, but in the long run, it dosen’t really make any difference. I have found that if a woman has given herself to you – you posess her – and you have earned her complete devotion, she will let you do literally anything sexual with and/or to her. Including share her body with another man. If done correctly, and with the right woman, swinging with another person can strengthen the intimacy and trust in the primary relationship, and send the sexual connection and energy through the roof!
    There are certain women who may not allow a man to completely posess her and therefore she will not become completely devoted to him, and these are the ones who, if you try to share her, she will flip and you will lose her completely. These women tend to be excessively promiscuous, but lie, cheat, deceive and conceal to keep people from discovering what a brazen slut she really is. This type of woman is not very good relationship material anyhow.
    People is people and every one is different from every other, and there are as many different kinds of relationships as there are people. Take the time to get to know your partner, and don’t be afraid to discuss and explore each other’s kinky sides. And just because your woman says she does not want to try something, does not mean that she will never do it. She will when she feels ready, and it is your responsibility as a Man to get her ready and LEAD her toward exstacy. Women, especially in a new relationship, love to have the limits of their boundaries tested and gradually expanded. Things like ass spanking, genital shaving, dirty talk, anal penetration, mild B & D, and many other kinks and fetishes which are becoming more acceptable in our modern society, should be introduced early and often. Then be prepared to continue to up the ante and continue to escalate the kink factor for the entire duration of the relationship. The constant, gradual expansion of a woman’s sexual conciousness and capacity will keep her on edge, in a very good way, always wondering what kind of fun erotic sexual shenanigans her man is going to get her into next. This, of course, requires just as much devotion and commitment on the man’s part, so he can read her and know what to do next. A man who is truly devoted to his woman will be constantly checking in with her, without being a pest or creepy, you have to use all your Spidey Senses to feel her out and figure out what she wants and when. When your woman Knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you love her and that you are personally invested in her, it is amazing how many new and wild things you can get her to willingly do, simply by asking nicely, especialially when you let her know that her pleasure is your priority.

  20. Fantasies can be delicious.
    It’s wise to consider possible downsides too.
    Remember women are different hormonally to men; different in our sexual brain too. Sex and emotion are anatomically inseparable in women, the brain sex centre is within the brain emotional centre. So there’s always a risk in bringing in another man: she may get emotionally attached to him, as happens so easily with women and our sex partners.
    So go for it for sure…but better to consider possibilities in advance than be left regretful afterwards.
    Some fantasies are better left as fantasies.

    1. WHen I was in the Army I began thinking about my gf with other men and what she was doing. It turned me on and I masterbated thinking about it. Then she cheated on me. It killed me and we broke up. Today 40 years later Im married and my wife was a virgin. I still have those fantasies. Im older and things have changed. It takes a lot of work to get and erection. We have skinny dipped in our pool and we know our male neighbors have seen us naked. We were parking having sex in the car when a man dressed in black peeked in and was watching us. It was a turn on for me. Even on vacation we spend time in our room with the blinds open and were naked. She doesn’t mind and the thought of another man seeing her naked is a real turn on for me. Yes Ive changed a lot now that Im over 60. I do want to do a mfm and she isn’t ready for it yet. We have done a few things that are a little risky but that’s it. We went for a ride and I asked her not to wear a bra so she put on a sweatshirt. We stopped at a stop sign and I lifted it up allowing the man in the car next to us to get a peek. Her girlfriend came over and had a boob job. She let her lift up her shirt and let me touch them. The point Im making is I was just like many of you. Fantasize but do nothing. Now that Im over 60 it really doesn’t matter.

    2. Rosie, you give excellent advice. I had the same very strong fantasy with my first wife of her being with another man. We talked a lot about it and she began to get turned on thinking about it. She finally told me she would do it but did not want me to be with them the first time. I understood that and let him take her to a hotel on the beach. She came home a few hours later and told me every detail and I was so turned on. They gave each other oral sex and he made love to her and she had a strong orgasm. He also came inside her which is what I wanted. They held each other for a long time and then made love again and she had another orgasm, which she has never done with me. Then they took a shower together and continued to play with each other in the shower. That was all great until she wanted him again, and again without me. After that, she started meeting him for sex behind my back when I thought she was at work. She finally told me laying in bed at midnight one night that she had fallen in love with him and wanted a divorce. I never dreamed that would happen. That was many years ago and I have been married again for 25 years to a wonderful wife. Unbelievably, in spite of what happened in my first marriage, I still have that same burning desire but my wife will not even consider it. She warns me that the same thing could happen again and she does not want to take that chance. So, I am resolved to the fact that in my case, this will always be just a fantasy.

  21. Perhaps it’s the taboo of it all. Maybe it’s knowing the newness of a new man’s touch will increase her excitement. Whenever I imagine my beautiful wife (and she is VERY beautiful) actually wanting it and getting into it and going for it after all these years of me prodding, suggesting, encouraging. It blows my mind to even think about her being into it. To think about her letting go of all her fears f what people might think, or what religious implications it might have. There is nothing more intoxicatingly erotic than to imagine the lady you love in ecstasy receiving pleasure from another man. It’s just as erotic to imagine her giving him pleasure. Don’t ask me why it turns me so much. All I know is there is no other sexual fantasy that seems to get me worked up like imagining my wife getting sexual with another man. I just don’t know why

    1. looks like you have a very sexy intelligent site here. yummy ps i have experienced many of these playful activities with my wife

    2. Most men fantasise about there wife with another man I did and only because she had a fling she agreed it was a one off but wow

  22. Anna, my husband is like yours and turns me so on! The closest we have ever been to it is when a friend of us put me sunscreen in front of him. We were grilling by the pool with our friends, my husband busy at the grill and I needed sunscreen on my back. Guess what, I asked our friend to do it. And yes, he did do it, very cautiously by the way, but when he was getting close to my butt I asked him to put some on the back of my legs. WOW that was a daring move on my side. Your back can be touched without getting intimate but not your thighs. I closed my eyes and slightly spread my legs in invitation to rub as he dared. The though of my aroused husband watching made me wet.

  23. I agree totally with Sloane’s comments. Paul’s comment above was interesting and somewhat confusing. My thoughts are much better defined but not shared by my present wife. She absolutely refuses to consider being intimate with another man of my choosing much less to even consider choosing one herself. Nor does she admit that she is or ever was attracted to another female. That doesn’t surprise me since she has not (to my knowledge) ever been around females in sexually stimulating circumstances. Conventional wisdom is that 60% of women in the lifestyle are bisexual or are considering it. I read there is a biological reason for that. To leave the reader with the impression my wife is a non-sexual person would be incorrect. She acknowledges she was sexually active with men during the several years she was divorced and certainly continued being sexually very active with me during the time we dated and the first couple of years after we married. Like most couples our marital sex life slowed way down after that. My mission in life is to get it restarted and I have frequently suggested bringing another man into our bedroom which, in my previous marriage, was very effective in keeping our sex life as a couple very passionate, exciting, sensual and erotic. I fell in love with my wife all over again and adored her more and more as our relationship matured. It doesn’t get any better than that. To explore the possibilities get a free profile on for meeting a lot of next door neighbor type couples and singles.

  24. If love is true n it wnt changes.,then its nt bad rather it is lively enjoymnt…bt person shudnt get attached to other guy n keep love fr her hubby only:)

    1. This smacks of sex kitten programming. Where is the line between fun and damaging to others. Controlling others ? who runs this website and feels thats a good goal to instruct men. pimping out his wife, did that letter even fee real ? didn’t to me, seemed like some mans fantasy “as if” he had a sex-bot wife to order around. Stepford wives anyone ? I get exploring boundaries, but there seems to be no respect for others, and coercion is an ideal goal here? Doesn’t anyone else think theres something going south somehow?

      1. Ali your comment is flux paradox 🙂
        You are the one trying to impose your opinion. Try and free your mind and with same open mind cross validate your thoughts with your wife.
        Insha allah she would explain better than any of us.

      2. Ali. I’m a man and I agree and I also enjoy the thought of the wife having sex with a black guy
        She had 2 before we got married ,she told me they were hung ,I’m 5 and she don’t like having sex with me ,she would never admit it but she would .and the reason I hope she want is once she has a 10 x4
        In her again ,maybe not right off but it would break up
        Our marriage or would it be great if she has a steady friend .but go very slowly maybe I could
        I’m with you

  25. I have had the same sexual massage fantasy and for years have kept it myself . Up until yesterday in an email format . I will let her sleep on it for a few nights before I bring it up again

    Here is my entire email to her . Very open and would appreciate positive feedback and constructive feedback as well
    Felt I wanted to catch you up on a few things re above

    First . I fuckin loved it as per usual .
    2nd . In some ways there were some firsts about last night in the 10 yrs we have been together ( has it really been that long already )
    3rd . It’s awful nice to have fun firsts after 10 yrs . Keeps things alive and well .
    4th , request at the end . Not sure how ok you were it but seemed ok following the few requests in the end for your fingers to be inside , pull and let me see in . Was very nervous to ask but so glad I did . Put me over the edge . It’s one of my hidden turn ons I have never shared till now . You have the hottest pussy I have ever seen when she is cleaned up, slippery and open for business and most of all you are into it ( most important to me , you being into it ) I fucking love it .

    If I don’t share these things with you you will never truly know me and what makes me tick so I hope you don’t mind the info share .

    Being as on the sex subject I also wanted to plant a few seeds on some of my thought processes that turn me on for another day . Some of this will be repeat but only repeat bc none of it has happened .so bare with me here but save this email for future reference

    Turn ons and thought processes

    When I come to bed , and misc , some ideas

    Finding a surprise under my blankets as a hidden msg to look after
    1. A toy of ur choosing that you want me use with you
    2. When I pull into bed and get positioned as I usually do , take my hand and place it somewhere special .
    3 when I pull into bed and get settled as per above , slowly but not to slowly tuck that top leg up close to chest making it clear you want my hand somewhere else .
    4 when your legs are in this position your ass is so fucking firm and round it drives me crazy . It’s often what keeps me up half the time . Lol
    5 ask me to go to box and fuck you with toy of choosing
    6 ask me to go strap him on BC you want it .
    7 send me a tx asking me to do something to you when I come to bed .
    8 ask me once in a while to send you a vid I think you might like
    9 ask me to send you a vid of a specific something . Ie black guy white girl , two girls, girl friendly vid etc
    10 , send me a tx during the day telling me something hot . But all the truth . Ie , baby I’m : horny , babe I want to go off , babe I need to go play with myself .
    11 get comfortable in sending me pics , send and delete and I promise to do the same .
    12 take advantage of how easy I am to mind fuck . But never ever ever lie to me about what ya want , what ya did , or what you are going to do . Takes the fun right out of it all .
    13″. Try and loosen up on talking to me . Nothing you say during sex is ever bad . You say so little and it adds to the experience for me like 1000 times . For me to here you say things like and as simple as : that feels good , I like that , harder , faster , don’t stop , it feels nice , it feels good in my tight pussy etc are all very nice . But be careful when you say bc they will bring me closer to cumming very quickly

    I could go on but that’s enough for now .

    Now with regards to what you said to me at Casey’s the other night . Has never left my mind and I have purposely not brought it back up and waiting for you . It’s the only way to have it . But being as this long has gone by and I haven’t heard anything more I wanted to add this .

    I am still somewhat in shock to be honest . The fact that you would go this far in the interest of keeping me happy leaves me floored . Says volumes for how much you love me to be honest . I have done plenty of online reading on the subject and there is good and bad in it all as in everything in life and truth be told its a little scary . To be up front with you I am not so so sure it’s the best of ideas . As I sit and put myself in your shoes thinking of me being with someone else or sitting there wondering what I am doing , having sex with me and asking yourself , is she better than me , do I do it as good as her , who was he with last etc are all very hard things on the head and I am not so sure they are good for your mental health and ultimately our relationship as a whole . Understanding there are conditions and all ( unknown at this time ) and understandably so I am still a little weirded out on the subject . I simply love you too much to have you thinking these awful thoughts when having sex with me or sitting at home power thinking . Shit like this has wrecked relationships and it has helped others. All depends on the mindset and understandings of each person

    I asked you at the time when you brought this up if it was some way of balancing the books for some mistakes you may have made along the way at some point and you assured me that was not the case .i also asked if it was bc you wanted the same and you clearly also said ” No No . Never . I could never do that ” and I believe you 100%. But might you reconsider ? See below

    I will be honest and tell you know that I have fantasizes about you being with another girl and recently ( last yr or so ) done the same but with another man . The process mostly centred around an erotic massage that turned out sexual ( with me in room at times and not at others ) and just the plain old hook up sex from a bar pick up that night but me also there . Ie , we are out on the town having a good night , you pic the guy or I pick the guy and you agree . I table the question to him either with you there or not that my wife wants to have sex with you and we want you to come home with us etc . You two chat it up , get to know each other ,dance it up , get comfortable, get the mind going , get the thought process going , juices flowing etc . And it is always clearly understood that anything can be called off at any time either party feels uncomfortable about anything at all . What adds to my entire thought process of mine from time to time is being there in the room and giving instructions , ie fuck er from behind , I want to watch , pull your legs back baby to he can fuck you deep, asking you if you like the way he feels , do you like that baby etc . Very erotic and very very sexual . I know it’s a far reaching thought process but it’s a thought process I wanted to share . Have wanted to share with you for some time but couldn’t find the right time and this was as good as it was going to get .

    I wonder if you have ever thought anything of the same or similar ? Could you handle watching or being part of the sexual activity or even taking part and opening up your mind to encounters of sex with same sex partners with me there with you . I know there are girls out there that are attracted to you as I have been asked by a few and one only less than a mth ago . I will attach her photo just for you to see . She is guy , girl friendly and swings both ways but has an attraction to you . She has seen all your pics on FB and can not say enough about how much she thinks your sexy . I have made it clear that as much as the idea intrigues me it’s not in the cards at this time . Just saying and sharing here baby . When the subject did come up I kept it clean as you expect of me . Word !!
    Not that you would ever say but with where you may or may not end up with this whole thought process of yours you really need to get this communications thing sorted out . It’s the single biggest key factor in any of this ever working . The ability to speak openly and speak ones mind on sexual matters .

    I am not promoting this idea of yours nor am I suggesting that we rush into anything either way . I am only communicating . I trust you have done some inline research of your own before talking to me about this a mth or better ago and if not you need to . The next time I come across some info I will save a share for you to read . I will share the good and the bad as I will NOT nor EVER try and sell this idea to you .

    I will be perfectly honest with you . I love you even more for considering this in the interest of us and a healthy relationship . If it were up to me I would likely prefer it being an us thing as mentioned above . I think it’s safer and mentally healthier for each of us . I love you way too much to ever think or know that what you are tring to do for us is actually hurting you inside . You have a huge heart and I would never want to hurt or break that .

    I will not be bringing this back up and will leave in your court but will send info as I come across it and will not be much and will not be all that often . I do not want this to seem that in any way am I promoting this idea . It’s your idea, it’s your tennis game and the ball is in your court . You can throw it back my way when you are ready . A sex therapist can likely assist us on this subject should we choose to take it further . The next steps , whatever they are .

    I love you with all my heart and I hope nothing I have said or shared here hurt you in any way whatsoever . Was never my intentions .

    Girl who wants in your pants below .

    Have a good day . Be sure to save this email somewhere safe .

    Took me forever to type this . Over an hr and has slowed me down on forward progress with the homework but thankful inside to have shared my thoughts, concerns and comments on this off the wall thinking of yours .

    Again , I LOVE YOU and truly yours forever no matter what . I am the luckiest man on the planet . Most days anyways

    1. Paul what was her reaction to your e-mail? Can you please share with us what happened next?

  26. My husband fantasizes about me being seduced by a massager. I am supposed to lay on the table in my swimming suit and the massage is supposed to be professional. I am supposed to face down during the entire massage, keep my eyes closed in relaxation and be permissive to the each time closer touches of the massager between my inner thighs and allow him to fingering me to spasmodic orgasms. We role play it at home. While he does is I fantasize he is my boss.

    1. I think that is hot. I am dying to let my gf have sex with an escort or some random guy and listen over the phone. She is so hot that sharing her will be a privilege

      1. I’m.sure she is very flattered. But does ur girlfriend have.the. you do? Do you.share the same fantasy as u stated? BECAUSE ALOT of women have different family values, and only wanna be with you and to u only because I’m.sure she finds to u so desirable that NO OTHER MAN WILL EVER MAKE HER FEEL AS YOU DO Greg,,. P.s Greg enjoy ur women for.whom she is an how she’s there for you through the good, bad an VERY UGLY……

      2. I want to film my wife having a big cock cum in her mouth & an fat EXTRA THICK COCK IN HER PUSSY MAKE HER PUSSY LIPS REAL SWOLLEN AND FULL OF CUM

        1. Joe,
          This is an extremely common fantasy. You might enjoy reading the book, Insatiable Wives. Apparently this is a classic sexual construct throughout the ages.
          You are definitely not alone in thinking this is hot.
          Enjoy your fantasies!

          1. Wow everything you said ,was so true ,I go around well you know lm 59 ,she is 69 ,Jane Fonda body ,she hates sex ,But she dated with 2 black guys with large .organs .all the time when she thinks I’m not looking she’ll look at them and flirting,I think she hides the desire to have bigger cocks I’m 5 at most ,,what should I do ? Can everyone read this .what if we wanted to make it real?

      3. Me too with my wife. We’re a good looking couple. It’s both are fantasy. I love her very much but I would have no problem watching her pussy get fucked. With a random guy ramdom place

        1. That’s interesting. we are a couple as well. And my wife would enjoy watching me fucking another lady… she would be volunteer as well to join. But even watching turns her on.
          Where do you live?

    2. Anna that fantasy is super hot. My GF is very hot but shes also very conservative. Her weakness is she gets super horny when she gets drunk. I often tell her to go out and have fun. She called me the other night and told me she was drunk and feeling naughty I told her she was a bad girl and id punish her when she got home after. She said that she and her friend couldnt wait to get off his elevator and he entered her there and in the hall way with his fingers and tongue. She said she was too horny and forgot to ask him to wear a condom so he slipped it in without.she called me after and sent me a picture and her hair was all tossed around and she said he came in her mouth and pussy. After she came home and I punished her for hours for being so naughty and she loved it.

    3. Ana, I am the counterpart of your hubby’s fantasy. I’d love to give you a very good massage. While face down without clothes, I’ll cover your buttocks with a folded towel and proceed to apply oil to my strong hand and warm it up. I’ll gently massage your shoulders, neck and arms. I’ll ask if I’m doing it too hard. After confirming that it’s fine and saying “actually, it feels very good,” then I proceed to your middle and lower back, particularly paying attention to where you have your, hhmms, oohhs and aahhs and giving them special attention. I would then every now and then tease under the very top of the towel and grace to your upper cheeks of your buttocks. I will then proceed to massage your feet like you’ve never been before. I’ll quickly do your calves and thighs and gently teasing your inner thighs and lower buttocks occasionally darting in and out of you groin until I see you easingly spreading your feet apart. I will the ask you to turn over on your back and put a pillow under your head and proceed to your front shoulders to your abdomen reaching to the top of your pubic bone then to your breast until I sense a light squirm from you then to your lower legs and upper torso to both sides of your pubis again darting in and out of your groin until your oohhs become louder and your hips slowly meeting darting finger only then I will grace your swells and spread you and inhale your sweetness and ask you, “May I? And you’d say, yess pleeaasse!” Only then will I dive in to your flower and pearl until you begg…!!
      I hope this can raise your and hubby’s escapade!!

      1. Patrick,
        This is an extremely common fantasy. Many women also fantasize about being watched by their husband while another man makes love to them.

    4. Your husband is a total imbecile, with SEVERE sexual issues. he pictures himself unable to deeply satisfy you and his male ego dictates that he needs to somehow do “his duty”, therefore fantasies about this. Two issues here:

      1 – He will never change, if you will do it one time, he’ll ask for more.
      2 – His sexual drive will depend on this, so you’ll end being a slut for all your remaining life.

      My advice, make sure that he really wants this, then dump him and find a real man who actually can fuck you good and be confident enough to not need another dick in his wife. Your husband is the lowest of low, no need to loock back.

    5. I just seen my friend getting a blow job to my friend Keith she was sucking it so good that I just watched him and her Keith seen my coming to them and he told me wife to stop but she didn’t stop and I get so hot so now that’s all I think about how do I get my wife to fuck my friends with me there

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